Rippln Lunches To The Next Stage – Please Don’t Miss Out

There are three types of internet users that visit this site;
the information seekers, the information users and the browsers. It baffles me a
lot because the majority of the people visiting this sites falls within
information seekers and browsers.
The other day, I insight-fully updated us on Rippln and only minute individuals responded. For your information, Rippln is about to lunch to
the next stage and if you have been invited but has not invited anyone, am
sorry to say, you can’t benefit from Rippln. Some people still believes that Rippln
is a scam but tell me how is it scam? When you are not paying any dime to
anybody, instead you will be paid for your activities on Rippln. You facebook daily, tweet etc but you are not being paid for your activities on these social

Maybe I should enlighten us  a bit again about the benefits of Rippln
Few Benefits Of
Once the app is lunched, you will be paid
We will have the benefits of owning an
e-commerce account, meaning you get to sell stuff internationally across the
world that’s just one benefit that interest me aside that we the users will be
paid a commission.

Imagine advertising or selling products or services such as an eBook on Facebook
without paying a commission or a fee to own a merchant account. There was a
particular time I  advertised an old site
on Facebook, to do that alone cost me 5k for just three days. Do you know what
it means to advertise on Rippln for free since the whole world is involve?
Please don’t miss out.

A new mail was sent to everyone within the circle  yesterday, open the mail and watch the
2minutes video. Please if you have been invited but you did not invite the slot
you have, you can’t benefit from Rippln. And for those who are just seeing this
for this first time, your name, phone number and email address will be needed
for someone within the circle to invite you.
 I just felt I should
share it with us again today. Common friends opt into my boat lets ripple
together. Keep Rippln up!
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54 thoughts on “Rippln Lunches To The Next Stage – Please Don’t Miss Out”

  1. Yomi I am neither an information seeker nor just ordinary browser. But I love being sure of what I'm doing. So one won't just have accounts all over the internet but useless.
    You have spoken much of this rippling and I am interested.

    Anjorin olanrewaju
    [email protected]

  2. Well, thanks so much our Prof, now that i am in the ripple, please what next am i to do to benefit, please tell me.

  3. I have 2 more invite code, if you haven't been invited, let me knw so that I can invite you. Or you ping me on whatsapp 08052154433.

  4. @Oluwasakin Mayowa
    @Sunday Duutura
    Go and check your email you have been invited, hurry now before the code expires

  5. Oga yomi, how the hell on earth can one sign up with the ripple site many people ve inviting me but I ve been having this issue with sign up.
    The 'enter code' textarea on the homepage doesnt come up with submit button and when I put the invite code it will start loading and after sometime will return the same page.
    I dont know but seems the site has alot of bug but I wonder how all of you who has succeeded got about it cuz I've been trying for close to a week now without success, I though may be it's because I'm using phone(opera mini 8, Uc web 8 & even the so called onebrowser) for the sign up but yesterday I also tried it out on my laptop(internet explorer) I got something like a raw php script thus, if I can still remember, – { success: true & your referral code=HQ… You're invited by…bla bla bla}. I was not directed to any sign up form or link. I refreshed the page and it went back to ,have you been invited page', then I put the invite code again it told me the code is invalid. I'm fed up! Someone pls help. What could the problem be and how should I get sign up. Mean while my phone model is Nokia 300.
    Your reply is most welcome. Thank you.

    • Mr Chuks, good morning to you, sorry for what you are passing through. It's not all mobile phone that has javascript coding embeded in them. So i will advice you to use a system with Firefox browser. The moment you enter your invite code, by the side a green button will appear; just hit it to go to the next stage.
      Should in case you still have issues with it kindly let me know.

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