Rippln – Next Generation Billionaire, Join The Ripple

This article is for the serious minded people, the future conscious people, and the next generation billionaire. Read it carefully.
Ripplin is a social media network that is yet to be launched
just like facebook but right now its strictly by invitation okay.

This social network is called Rippln its NEW! Right now to join you have to be
invited by a member that is already on Rippln someone like me that is already a
member you can’t register on the website for now until this app is launched for

Now You get paid to share,socialize etc on Rippln, Here is the catch there is
what you call inner circle, the inner circle are members that are going to
benefit from this new social media when its launched into the public in the
next 60days.

One of the key benefits is as a member of the inner circle you get paid 
for socializing!!!! There alot of other benefits like eCommerce etc.
Now Once you are a member or joined the inner circle you are giving 5 friend
request to invite

facebook am sure
people have more than 1000 friends, now Facebook pays you commission on the
 number of friends you have and friends that you add short all what you do on
your facebook like changing of status,commenting on friends walls,uploading and
sharing of pictures or video clips you get paid!

That’s what Rippln is all about they pay you to socialize in a nutshell!!! but
the window will be closing soon on joining the inner circle in the next 60 days
before the app is launched into the public to be used like facebook, tweeter
and the rest!

You may ask why do I believe in this program or company that is new, fine I
have did my little research one of the contributors to the success and made
facebook what it is today is the owner of
of this Rippln app!

His name is Adam Danglo!!!

If you are interested in been in the circle, I can send you an invitation to
register and you become a member of this inner circle.

I have two spots available for now already I have invited 3 of my friends
already, although once this two spots have been taken another 5 invites will be
give to me to invite more people so in short there is room for everyone here

Its totally free……it will only cost you to register and socialize end of
story! Note been a member of the inner circle are in three stages, once you
invite 5 people you move to the next stage, currently am on the first stage.

Once you register and sign in there is panel that has videos that explains
everything you need to do and know.

A friend just invited me last weekend and decided to share here with everyone,
this is a great and fantastic opportunity.

Note: From my research this was how facebook started! It was strictly by
invitation it was not open to the public way back, I joined facebook sometime
in 2008! And look at what facebook is now.

It was a private gathering at first then years after released into public for
people to register and use but this time Rippln is here to make us benefit also
while we socialize FOR FREE!

Dont think of now, think of years after the rewards of been a member of the

Okay if you interested I mean the serious ones that shares my vision and can’t
wait to see what Rippln has to offer, send me an email or message  with
your fullname,email address and phone number and I will send you an exclusive
invitation to join me in the inner circle.

Your email,phone number and fullname is required to send you an invitation and
will be used only for such.

”’Trust me am not the person that will waste time on such if I know its not
worth my time, but guys this is a silent gold mine” It will be a pity you miss
out this is gonna be BIG when this app is OUT!!”


friends and family that are interested in joining this
network, now think of it this way……You have 100 friends on

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87 thoughts on “Rippln – Next Generation Billionaire, Join The Ripple”

    • Mr Sam, you have chosen to be part of the next Billionaire.. Once the app is lunched, you will be paid for every of the invite in circle u completed, u will be given $20. I will send u an invite but the invite will expire after 24hrs if you don't activate it. Just keep in touch with your mail box. Along what will come into ur mail box is a personal invitation code take note.

  1. Please this invite is for serious minded people and it will expire after 24hrs. If you knw u are nt interested don't opt in please. Keep in touch with ur mail and I will send d invite soonest. Please feel free to ask me any question at all and I will answer you.
    @Prince, I will suggest u use the facebook comment box instead of this thread to ask unrelated questions and in minutes, I will enlightened you more about recharge card business. The software u need, ebooks and how much u need to start with. Tnks for understanding.
    @Enessy, ur number must be included please. If u dnt want to make it public, u can send me a private mail.

  2. @Sam Abey, and Enessy Baye, i have sent you guys an invite. Check your mail or Spam folder and activate it or else it will expire in 10hrs time. Once you activate it, post here that you have done that and i will tell you the next thing to do. Do it Now!

  3. @Sam and Enessy Baye, if you did'nt activate your account on or before 12PM today, i will cancel the invite.

    @Everyone, Don't worry, you will all get the invite so long you enter your email address, full name and phone number well. As soon as this two people activate their own. I promise.
    I will send the invite in order at which every one posted. First come first serve bases.

    @Inimbom, don't worry i will send you the invite

  4. @Justing Nwanchukwu
    @Akpan Inimbom
    @Amune Peter
    @Prince Yakson
    Please check your mails i have sent an invite to your and it will expire in 10Hrs time. Once you activate it, report here and i will tell you what next to do.

    • Once you type the invitation code on the ripples website, you will see a green button beside the field, just click on the green button and it will take you to the next page. Please do let me know when you face another problem.

  5. @Ahmed Ayoade
    @Olagunju Ayodeji
    @Martins Robert
    Please you guys will have to activate it on time. You've got 5Hrs to activate it or else i will cancel the invite and invite other people please.

    To my friends who have already activated their own, i want to say a big congratulation to you because you have just taken the Millionaire steps. I will update you with what to do next in a couple of hours from now.

    I cancel some invites a couples of hours ago because they where not activated… so if you noticed that you did not find the login page on the start my ripple site, know that your invite has been cancel.

    Get in the ripples guys..

  6. to profyomi the grate, few days back i requested on how to move from blogspot to dot com. tnks for your fulfilment. pls am i going to buy both domine and hosting package together?, or do i need only domine name? hope to here from you prof(tnks)

    • Mr Samuel, you fullname, phone number and email address is needed for someone within the circle to invite you please. Please fix it so that you can be invited.

  7. when i try to invite a friend to rippln it shows me this {The reCAPTCHA wasn't entered correctly) what will do?

    • reCaptcha code are automated generated code in order to avoid spamming. they normally come in stylish words or number.
      Maybe all the recaptcha you have been entering is not correct. Look at the recaptcha code very well and enter it the way they appear. Mind you some will be mixture of Capital letters, small letters and numbers. Just enter them the way they appear.

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