Browse Unlimitedly With Your Glo Line Using Chocolate

I guess we are all surfing the Mtn bis plan through the
various VPN. But my concern passionately goes to the iPhone users. It’s obvious
that some people are still unable to connect via their iphones due to influx of
ip address on that particular TunnelBear server; should in case you fall in
this categories, just chill let me carve out another way out. 

Kudos to the brain behind this tutorial FreeGiver. I have
tested it and it works for me well. I just felt it will be nice to share with
the house so that we can all enjoy it while it last. 
This tutorial will tamper with your imagination because you
are about to learn how to browse with

#0.0 on your Glo line. And how will you
feel if you are able to browse with this Glo line free for life?

No much stories, let’s go straight to the point.
How Can I Browse Unlimited With My Glo Line?
software  will be sent to you by
Download it and unzip it to your desktop
All the settings will be attach to the software.
System Requirements
You must have installed on your PC
the latest version of Java runtime for this tweak to work.
Can It Work On Phone?
Currently, it doesn’t work on
phones except PC. Efforts are being put in place to make it work on phone.
How Can I Get This Unlimited
Browsing Tweak?

Drop your email and I will inbox
Remember, I am not the brain
behind it. All thanks goes to FreeGiver.
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370 thoughts on “Browse Unlimitedly With Your Glo Line Using Chocolate”

  1. after inputing the pw(yomiprof)…after clicking the chocolate.jar,,i just open like 20 files i.e about$1,main ui, image and their extentions is not something one can open,it only display image….pls help on what to do here…….

  2. Prof, Thank you so much. It is working on my Window 8 like madt… You are the bomb. How can i ever repay you and freegiver..OnlyOgaAtTheTop

    • @prof, thanks alot. i ve received mine. the modem connected but i cannot browse. the choco didn't show the colour u said it will. what should i do? thanks alot for making life easier for us

  3. Are we expected to delete server address and the script path for it to work, cos the red eyes doesn't turn green. Thanks prof.

    • Yomi I got dis same msg, I did as instructed, d eye turned green. When I try to browse its says "sorry you are not authorized". Plz help me out

  4. @smularf pls so did u connect urs cos mine Iisn't working on win 7…..did u connect chocolate first or modem? And did u leave the choco setting as it is or uu changed it

  5. Message sent. Please make sure you input the settings as contained in the "choco settings" file. It's very important. that is what i used in posting this comment here. It is still working ooo.

    I Retire for the Night.

  6. prof, dunno ao to thank u though, this thing is crazily fast in my area….. i really appreciate this.. will always visit your site. thanks so much

  7. Woooooooow… i can't beleive my eyes. It is so fastttttttttttt. Please can this tweeak work with etisalat? If yes please i need the settings toooooooo. I have never seen this kind of choco choco in m life. tnx boss!

  8. For those using iPhones, iPad u can now run the apps on ur device. All u av to do is
    Download izip apps,
    Download iCloud or alwaysOnPc apps at the rate or 2.4$
    Install the jar file n run it.
    You will enjoy it

  9. Please if you are among those who lunch the Chocolate.jar and it refuses to lunch, download jirfix. But make sure you have running on your system up to date Java runtime.

    I am still using it and it's working fine. If problem still persist, thier is still an alternative to that choco software and i will be releasing the alternative in due coause. The most funniest aspect of this software is that it works with etisalat and Airtel. Just a little change in the server address.

  10. Yomi, tnx a mil. It connected and browse for like 5hrs but this morning. it connect and disconnect or is my network?

  11. Prof pls answer my question…… 1.Do we have to change the server address and path in the software or leave like that…….2. Am i to connect the choco first or the modem?……. 3. I will have to wait for how many mins b4 the red turns green?……. 4. Give us the server add and path you're using Ƒσґ uurs cos mine isn't turning to green pls…… I will b glad if my questions r honoured…. God bless u

  12. Mine turns green browse for like 50min. And latter display your access to this server as expired. Please what should i do or is it because people using my own server are too much?

    I want o kill glo yomi do something plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  13. Not been able to connect at all dunno if am to click start before connecting the modem or the other way around and I have tried the different server addresses 🙁 🙁 🙁

  14. Which of the server addresses are you using u r even lucky its connecting I haven't been able to connect @ all

  15. Prof yomi I posted this message this morning but to my surprise notin was posted.

    Anyway for the love of imparting just like you. Had to repost

    If you are using iPad and iPhone and u wish to use this trick
    Kindly download apps
    iCloud browser/ cloud browser
    And alwaysOnPc apps sold for 2$

    Once u get this u will be able to unzip the file and extract.
    Then it will prompts u to open the apps in other apps then chose the cloud browser or alwaysOnPc then install the java file on it.

    This trick will surely work if u take ur time


  16. Prof, I tried but the Start button gets grayed out when I click and it the eyes never turns green, but my modem connects.
    What could be the problem and what can I do to fix it?

  17. @YOMI…Tnx for D Stuff u sent,,bt am a bit confused…shuld i erase d numbers in the Server Address and Script Path,den wot shuld i put?…or shuld just leave it d way it is without changin anytin….Pls ReplY

  18. @YOMI…Tnx for D Stuff u sent,,bt am a bit confused…shuld i erase d numbers in the Server Address and Script Path,den wot shuld i put?…or shuld just leave it d way it is without changin anytin….Pls ReplY

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  20. My Brother, i will call you my brother, because by giving us what will make life better for us, you have turned to a brother, i appreciate your care especially the new updated MTN free 3gb stuff, Please i hereby submit my email: [email protected] for the free glo browsing stuff, All your enemies will regret being your enemy IJN. Amen. John

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