Post Your Blog Url For Review & Redesign Here

All my friends in blogging especially the newbies who what their blog to be
reviewed, or redesign, I think today is a good day for doing that. You can drop
your blog links below and i’ll help you in reviewing it. And if you want a
simple redesign of your blog, kindly drop it using the comment box and I’ll
help you out. 
Remember that the way your blog look will determine if
visitors will stay longer on your blog or not.

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114 thoughts on “Post Your Blog Url For Review & Redesign Here”

    • Hello Smartnetworkonline
      You site is okay but you need a share widget at your right handside and a Linkwithin widget.

      You need to add privacy policy on your menu item, and also, you need a facebook fan page and twitter handle

    • Ayobami, you have a very nice blogging. I love the color mixtures. You deserve a cold bottle of Skelewu drinks after a hard day job.

      However, i noticed the following errors with ur blog as listed below;

      –>Your need to replace your fb badge with ur fb fan page.
      –>insert a contact form widget at the side bar of your blog
      –>Create a twitter account for your blog
      –>Download Linkwithin for ur blog as a whole.

    • Elija you have a very nice unique site with very nice posts.

      However, i noticed the followings in your site
      ==>Try to define a niche for your blog (Which area do you blog about… entertainment or football)
      ===> i noticed that your menus "Bio, Football, Pelex tv etc" are empty becaue most of your post are not been categorise. Try and section your posts under this menu items
      ===>And finally, add the share social icon widget to your site so that readers will be able to share ur post on their social network.

      You've done a good job on your site bro… Keep it up!

    • Mr Femi,
      You site is cool but you need to define the niche you are blogging about.. Is it tech, entertainment, etc

      I noticed that your left sidebar is empty and dark, try to ==>add recent post gadget and label if possible to that sidebar make it white so that writing ups displaying dir can be easily read.

      ==>Create a facebook fan page and twitter handle for your blog

    • Just like the way your name sound, your site is actually coded, insightful and educative.
      But is dir away you can marge the backgrund color of your header with you site background color? I mean the black background apperring in ur header..

      And try to apply the read more tag on your first headline. You site is WOW! A must visit for everyone.

    • hello Lukman, You have a great site and i must sincerely commend your effort creating a blogging site like that. However, i noticed some bug you need to fix on your blog as listed below;

      ==> Your site background need to be changed to white in order to maintain the KISS principle (Keep it simple and smooth).

      ==>Adjust your blog achieve widget
      ==>Create a Facebook Fanpage for your blog
      ==>Before you make your post public, try and apply the read more tag instead it displaying the whole post on the homepage
      ==>Try to blog in the area you love. When you blog in the area you love, you won't struggle to make a post.
      ==>Your posts are very scanty so try to post often.

  1. Please I have this event tab that runs on android 4.0.4 os but suddenly it just start to restart after booting please I need urgent help cause I can't operate it at all

    Please you can reply through [email protected]
    I have also sent you an email through the contact form

    • Hello Giftedworld,
      I just visitedn your unique blog and more kudos to you for even setting up a blog for yourself.

      I notice some issues you need to fix on your blog and i will list them below.

      ==>Your site title should be seperate from the description; the title can be something like this "Welcome To Giftedworld", while your description can thus be like this 'Jokes, lifestyle, etc'.

      ==> Change your theme templete to something like Picture window or Awesome template. And also make the Layout 3column if possible.

      ==>You hide your blog achieve gadget cos it's too long.

    • Hello Pius,
      How are you? Your blog design is okay couple with the fantastic plan background, and educative post you have their.

      However, i noticed that the ads at the top of your site is not displaying

      ==>Always apply the readmore tage on every post you make so that it wont display the full post on the home page. The read more tag only allow you to display some part of your post at the home page and not full post.

      ==> You need to create a Facebook Fan Page and link it up to your blog so that you can get more likes and fans.

      ==> Try and apply for adsense perhaps they might approve you since you have enuf post.

    • Celebrity spook all the way. i love your blog so so so beautiful. Nice color mixture and fill.

      The adsense ads appearing at the top of your site is suppose to be 720 by 90 ads instead of the current one you are using now. So try and generate the ads code and replace the present one dir.

      ==>Add recent post widget to your right side bar and popular post widget to your left side bar.

      ==>Also create a Facebook fan page and at thesame time get Linkwithing that will display related post for your blog post.

      Keep it up bro… and handle your adsense with care. One Luv!

    • hello Amy,
      Your site is so so great with current updated news. I love it and will keep visiting.

      However, your site title color is currently appearing on red color but will be nice if you can change the color to white.

      ==>Your site menu is not displaying in full, is it the template you used that is cutting it or what? if it's the template, kindly change the template so that everything can be well viewed.

      ==> you need to get a Linkwithin widget so that it can display related post to readers.

      ==> You also need to get a share this widget for easy sharing on social network

      ==>Create a facebook fan page for your blog and twitter handle for your blog

    • Wow! i never knew when i read the 16 tips for your total health. You've done a great job dir on your blog friend..

      is their a way you can bring the "Tips" appearing at the top of your site to the same line with "health and beauty"? It will be fully unique if you have something like thison the same line "health and beauty tips".

      ===> I think you have a rich unique post therefore i will suggest you monetise your site. The look and fill is okay.

    • Thanks Prof, for your very constructive criticism. I do appreciate. I will modify the title as you suggested. Do you advice i approach adsense now?

    • Your site is great and unique. But you will need to adjust your right side widget for ads displaying beyound the boundaries and you Jobberman widget. you can just reduce the width to something more smaller.

      Remember you need a Fan page to keep the site lively.

      Concerning automatic posting to all social media, you can try Networkblog or Onlywire bookmarking. I have used onlywire social bookmarking before and it's great.

    • Hello Mr Sunday, sorry for late replies.
      to apply the readmore tag on your blog, kindly follow this link and study carefully the graphics in their. Read More

      ==>How To apply Facebook likes directly to your blog, open the link below Facebook like box

      ==>I just visited your blog and firstly, you don't need to apply for adsense now until you fix the bugs below;

      —>Remove the g+ gadget displaying at the top of your site and put it on the right side widget.
      —>Change your site template to Awesome or Picture template with 3 column. you current one seems to be to small and your posts are not orderly. I want to beleive you are posting from a mobile device; if so,what kind of mobile device are you using to post?
      –>Reaarange your sidebar gadget adverts to fit into the size of your gadget. As you can see, that some of your ads are displaying outside of the box which means that you need to rearange them all.

      –>Once this is done, we can then talk about adsense

  2. Mr yomi,i still av sme little problem with my blog,how do i apply the read more tag to my blog when viewed on web version and how do apply facebook likes to my blog directly also i av problem with google adsense,i av been reviewing my adsense registation but keep telling me i still av insufficient content

    just take a look @ it www

  3. Thanks sir.
    Actually, i've try my best on dt so called adsense several time wtout numbered bt all ws 2 noavain bt i neva tired, am stil goin abt it.

    As for d fan page, i've done dt bt i have nt linked it 2gether, so i wl quickly gt dt done.

    For d readmore tag, i dnt tink i knw d code nd hw 2 apply it 2 blog, so plz sir, cn u plz help me for d tutorial on hw to apply it + d code? Plz sir. U cn snd it 2 my mail @ [email protected].

    Best Regard:
    Pius @

    • I can't but to say WoW! when i got to your site. You've don a good job. Your site seems to be more or less for mobile users and the color combination seems to be okay only that…

      ===> If your text can appear in white where white background is not applied, it will be more readeable.

      ===> Your header is quite unique but the "welcome" is to big. don't you think it will be nice if you have something like "Naijamarts" with a description under like your home of cheap, free and easy browsing"? I'll therefore suggest you remove the Welcome and put your site title their.

      Keep up the good work Abu.

    • Hello Chuks my man,

      To be candid with you, you've done an exceptional work on your blog despite the fact that you are new to this stuff.

      However, i noticed some little adjustment you need to make on your blog.

      ==>Firstly, You menu looks blur, why dont you make it more clearer. I also noticed that you have your navigation standing alone at your side bar, why don't you add those navigation menu that contains "Home, About us, Pc/mobile etc" to the main menu.

      ===>Add a recent post widget to your site so that your currnet post can be displaying.

      Nice work you have done bro. Kudos!

    • Damilola,
      I love the look and feel of your site, Its a perfect combination of simple colors. Nice blog.

      however, i notice some little issue you need to fix with on your blog whc includes

      ===>Your description is missing. After your site title "Lautechgosip website" you are suppose to have a littel description under neat your site title e.g "your home of latest online entertainment information". Just a simple site description that describe what the site is all about in brief.

      ===>Your side right sidebar widget is empty. I believe it should be an oversight. Why don't you move your Recent post, comment etc widgets appearing at the tail end of your site to your side bar to make the site complete.

      ===>For site securities, you need to remove your meta tag widget completely from your frontend

      ===>Create a favicon ico image for your blog. that is your identity.

      Nice looking simple site bro.. keep it up!

    • Nice looking blog bro..
      ==>first of all, try to define a niche for your blog. A niche had to do with which area of blogging do you wana center on entertainment, tech, health etc.

      ==>Add side bar widget to your blog
      ===>I noticed that your text font are bigger that some. try to maintain a uniform text font
      ==>Also always apply the readmore tag when ever you making a post so that you won't have all the post displaying on your homepage

    • I am right on your blog surfing and enjoying what i am reading on your blog. You've done a good job and deserve a big bottle of palm wine.

      First of all, you need to remove the music image appearing at the top of your site and replace it with a befitting title like "Oisjam" couple with a nice description of what the site is all about.

      Secondly, create a site menu for your site where you have Home, about us, Music jams, downloads if possible

      Thirdly, add a recent post widget to your blog sidebar

      Fourthly, create a facebook fan page and connect it to your site.

      Fifth, always make sure your write up is more than 150 words so that SEO can crawl it.

    • Hello infonubia,
      Your blog is great, unique post, nice design and killer logo. I love everything i see their.

      I was going through one of your post "Nigerians have the fifth sexiest accent in the world" and i wanted to share it to my fb fans but could not find the share widget until i scroll up. why don't you get the floating share widget to ur site so that no matter how your readers scrolldown, the share widget will follow them.

      Your ads, i notice you only have one displaying at the top of you site, while don't you add like two more ads to your site within post or Medianet only allow one?

      Nice design and interesting post. Keep it up friend!

    • Thanks Yomi. I really appreciate it. AdSense recently disabled my account. I'm still battling it out with them since I didn't fradulently click on the ads. As at 2 days I had medianet at the 725×90 at the top of posts and a 325×250 on the side. I removed them pending the outcome of my AdSense appeal.

      I used to have the floating share widget just like yours but I removed it. Maybe it's time to add it again.

      Thanks for your candid review. I really appreciate it! Thanks to, I found your blog through her blogroll and I promptly added you to mine.

      I'm following you on Twitter too. I'd appreciate if you could do the same.

      You just found another follower in me. I'll be sure to keep up with your blog. You are doing a fantastic job!

      Thanks again for the review.

    • So sorry about your adsense… i believe they will re-enable it back just be patient. My friend had a similar experience and his was re-enable back after some weeks.

      I really appreciate your presence here and i have followed you back on twitter.

    • Your site is great and i love what i saw my God, your site navigation is simple, perfect and exceptionally unique…

      Seriously your site is okay 2blessed. But is their a way you can add latest post widget to your side bar? I beleive the Trending post had to do with the most viewed post on your site.

      I also noticed that you need to add contact us menu and privacy policy page to your site.

      Your site is rich with good content so it's high time you think of monetising your site.

    • Thanks Yomi. You really motivate me. well as for the contact us, if u check well u ll realise i had it in the about page. and for the trending post, that is my most recent post widget. Well i guess i would have to add most viewed post in my widget soon Tanks for the reminder of private policy. Speaking about monetising well i love to, but i really don't ve much user. Can u pls help me out Yomi. Thanks again Yomi. U are truely a prof.

    • Wow…! Your site template is so so unique and i must sincerely commend your work on that site.

      However i noticed some bug you need to fix as stated below

      ===> Your ads is appearing too below which may lower your earning. Why don't you add 720 by 90 ads after your menu items
      ===>Add a contact us gadget to your side bar
      ===>Add a floating share widget to your blog if you can so that readers will be able to share your post to various social media
      ==>Add a facebook fan page to your site g00gle.

      That is it friend.

    • Hello Fabian nice to have you around. I just visited your blog and i must commend you for what you are doing their. However, you need to check this out

      ==> Your site background is not friendly, if you can change it to plain white or other catching color just to maintain the KISS Priciple (keep it simple and smooth)
      ==>Add a recent post widget and popular post widget to your side bar
      ==>Add a contact us gadget to your sidebar. It can easily be located from your dashboard gadget
      ==> Since your niche is majorly on entertainment, you need to be posting everyday so that your readeers can keep coming back.
      ==>And finally, you need to add a facebook fan page to your site so that it can be liked by your fans or followers.

      Keep up the good work bro!

    • Hello Mr Femi,
      You have a very unique site with insightful post. Keep up the good work.

      ===> I noticed that your header is so big, can you reduce it into two please. You can reduce it and still have a very nice looking header.
      ===>Add a facebook fan page and twittle handle to your site navigation

      ==> Add a share widget so that readers can easily share your blog post to various social media.
      ==>It's also adviceable you update your blog atleast once a week so that your readers can always come back for something fresh and sweet.

    • Kudos to you for what you are really doing on your blog. It is wow. You deserve a bottle of wine for refreshment.

      I noticed a little issue with your blog Kemmy, as listed below

      ==> You site background will more beautiful and user friendly if it is plain instead of dark background.
      ===>Can you move the two ads displaying at the top of your site to the middle ?
      ===>I'll suggest you remove your email add and phone number appearing below your site title. You can have them display at your sidebar by simply adding a new gadget>>text/javascript. and they will apear at ur side bar.
      ==>It will be nice if you have facebook fan page so that readers can like your blog on social media.

      Keep up the good work Funmi Kemmy.

    • Hello Namesake, sorry for replying you review late. I just visited your blog and i noticed some little things you need to fix below:

      ==>Your background image is not friendly. try and change it to plain or any other friendly color.
      ==>You need to have a blog title e.g Starbuzz with a description" we create the buzz.." blog title tells your reader what your blog is all about.
      ===> Define a niche for your blog. Is it entertainment, tech or etc
      ==>Before you make a post, always apply the readmore tag. This will prevent the full post from displaying on the homepage.
      Create FB fan page and link it to your blog so that readers can easily like your post and share it on social media.

    • Buchi,
      I have no choice but to say WOW! I love your blog. It is clean, clear and enticing. Keep it up.
      However, if you can adjust the following errors below

      ===> Move your blog title to the middle
      ===> add a share widget to your blog so that readers can easily share your post to social media.
      ===>Try and monetise your blog bro. You have rich content. It's high time you start making money with your blog.

    • Wow…! Gloria did you design that blog?
      You deserve full bottle of Pepsi for what you've done on your blog. It' clean, smooth and it maintain the kiss principle.
      However, can you adjust the following?

      ==> Your blog title is too long "You Have Just Arrive Promo Blog By Gloria"… Why don't you reduce it to something like this "Welcome To Promo Blog By Gloria" or Gloria Promo Blog" or Promo Blog By Gloria"

      ==>Create a favicon icon for your blog. It like a badge that people associate with your blog.. Just like the F that normally display on your browser whenever you log on to facebook.

    • Thanks Yomi for the compliments. Yes i designed it myself and it will be two years in April this year. Skills acquired in two years lol from google. You have just arrived is my Unique identity. I have changed it before to Promo Blog by Gloria but it seemed as doh i lost something. so i put it back. My search traffic shows people search on google for arrived blog. I will create the favicon Icon. Thanks for that recommendation. Also check out its mine too. Cheers.

    • I must really commend you for what you've done on your blog, however, i noticed some little bug

      Your header image is extremely big and it will be nice if you can reduce the size.

      Change your template from Picture window to something more better. I noticed the current template you are using make some of your post climb on each other.

      Some of your images seems to be too big, adjust some of them to maintain a better size that will not extend outside of your post page.

      You surely need a Facebook fanpage and twitter handle so that readers can share your post on social media.

      You've tried and you need to take i bottle of Whisky for night. Nice job bro!

    • Hello Sandra,
      To apply the readmore tag, just open the link below and scroll down to 'Creating a Jump Break in Blogger'
      Here is the link How To apply ReadmoreTag in blogger

      I just visited your blog and i must passionately confess that you are really doing a great job in your blog. You can take a look at the following perhaps you might want to correct them

      ==>Your blog title is too long, can you modify it to something like this "Sandra Oyetayo's blog!" or "Welcome To Sandra Oyetayo's blog.. With your blog description – 'Exclusivity is our watchword, credibility is our other name, and much more…'
      Just a suggestion though

      ==>I noticed that your side bar widget post is not visible enough and you can easily rectify that if you change your blog background to plan or some other color.

      ==>Add related post widget to your blog. You can make use of LinkWithin. Related post widget help display similar post to a particular post

      ==> Add a popular post widget to your side bar.
      ==> You need a Facebook Fanpage that will help readers to like you on social media
      ==>Add a floating share share widget to your blog so that readers can easily share your post on various social media platform.
      ==> You need a bloglist
      ==>Don't forget to always apply the readmore tag to every of your post so that it wont be too long on your home page.

      You've done a great job and you deserve a big bottle of mirinda to ease your stress. Keep it up!

  4. My darling Prof Yomi, you are indeed a life saver. I have corrected some of the observations you noted here and still battling with the rest. Lol. I don't find it easy designing, even though I would have loved to upgrade the look of the blog to attract more visitors. Tried the suggestions on how to attach the break tag in the link you sent but still couldn't get it done. *sad face* As the site suggested that it might not work if a link on my blog is broken or something. I am still dying to fix this. Any further help from u my prof would be seriously appreciated. I cherish you and must sincerely commend you for the superlative work you are doing here, you are one of a kind, may God continue to bless the work of ur hand.

    • Hello Sandra,
      don't worry it will be fixed. Just position your mouse pointer where you wnt to apply the read more, open this image below carefully look at the where the arrow is pointing at, the click that place from your dashboard and it will apply. Once done, click on update to save your changes. This is the link to the image Readmore Image

  5. hi prof..I need ur blog is new and a business blog to advertise my service but I want a page like that will show about us, what I do, gallery, contacts and the likes in a vertical line, I don't want it to be like a post, i also want to be able to attach pictures on each pages..pls how do I go about it.

  6. Our Prof, good morning. Despite all ur efforts to help, still didn't get thru to d 'jump break' stuff. Each time I apply it with d aid of d link u sent, d post remains same with just some space at d spot I placed d jump break. I'm still flustered but thanks so much for ur help bro. And is deer anyway u can let me have ur email Addy? Mine is [email protected]. God bless u greatly.

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    • You have a very nice blog, good write up and exceptional designs.

      However, i'll suggest the following
      ==>Make your blog design 3 column since it's an entertainment blog.
      ==>Before you make a post, always apply the read more tag so that the full post won't display at the home page.
      ==> You need to add a contact us gadget to your blog so that people can easily contact you
      ==>Add a blog description to your blog just after the blog title. You can have something like "Your home of entertainment, celebrity gossip and current news"
      ==> Send me your email address.


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