Airtel Bis 4GB For #1,500 Reloaded

Atleast if you are not eligible for MTN free 100MB, Mtn get
your 3times recharge promo or even the local free 11 sms to all MTN numbers,
you should be eligible for this Airtel offer. At-all-at-all  ‘na him bad pass’.
I must sincerely appreciate OKO Temple for this timely
information and I’m sure it will help us all. I must confess, Airtel NG is
actually doing a good job this season or is it because is ‘ember’ period? And I
really hope this come and stay for long and not just for a while.

Airtel just re-open Airtel Bis 4GB for #1500 (1+1 Bis offer)
and it is rocking on all device. The Android offer is still running 4GB for#2,000 & 9GB for #3,500.
Why Should I Go For This Plan?

==>It can browse on every device including java phones
==>When you subscribe, you get the next month
subscription free. Which in other words means that you can subscribe with #1,500
this month and get free subscription for next month.
==>You can have 10 registered email ads on that plan.
==>You have access to Blackberry protect. Read more about
it here
==>It doesn’t zap data on PC. To use it on Android,
deactivate every background app from running so that it won’t suck dry your
How Can I Get This Offer?

Before you recharge, dial *440*161# to know if you are
eligible for this offer. If you are not eligible, follow this guide on how to
be eligible here.
My sim is a prostitute sim, it is eligible for every offer;
I don’t know about you.
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53 thoughts on “Airtel Bis 4GB For #1,500 Reloaded”

  1. prof yomi, i just checked my facebook newsfeed few minutes ago, a cheat guru posted about etisalat unlimited free browsing, New mtn and airtel cheat on JWP, glo bis working for pc, #1500 for airtel 4gb and lots more related to that but the issue is that the guy demanding money before he releases it to me…so i want u to outsource for the cheat and post it here plssssss

  2. I'm not eligible, I tried that format u gave. It didn't work. I also tried calling customer care,they said they select eligible sim randomly.

  3. I know I shouldn't ask here but please pardon me My phone is Umi C1. An mtk Chinese android phone d process didn't work for me it said my device not supported currently. Its KitKat phone. I have also tried kingroot rootmaster iroot rootgenuie. Vroot android mark tool motochop srsroot both apk and PC version still couldn't pls I need help

  4. Cheapest data at the moment…

    250MB IS 600
    500MB IS 800
    1GB IS 1300 bank payment (1500 airtime)
    2GB is 2500

    1GB IS 1200
    2GIG IS 2200
    3GB IS 3000
    for data purchase or any info whatsapp or call 07060623338.

  5. Good evening Prof, please according to "traffic source" under stat in my blogger account, two porn site from Ukraine is linking to my blog and i have Adsense on it. Please will it trigger Google to ban me or how can i stop such sites from linking to my blog. I will be expecting your urgent reply. Thanks

  6. Sonme couple of weeks ago one ofe my friend help me change my phantom f7 imei num to bb imei, later wen wen i formated my phone everything clear of and the guy not around now, since then ghv been try too do it myself but it always show me "command failed to send instead msend. pls mr yomi kindly help me generate 1 or 2 new bb imei i think may be those imei am using is not new plssss in a millions reply into my e-mail we be honour i take God beg u o my dear broda ([email protected]) pls thou i don't give my personal info out anyhow but for this i don't hv choice than to do it this way but i will be appreciate if u can send me ur bbm pin/whatsapp num too so that i will not be able to published my info into public again thanks

    • Yes, it is working well on PC. That's what I'm using. No strange configuring ooo.
      But set your apn to
      password and username: internet
      save it as your default and connect.

  7. Boss I greet you. Tried using this airtel plan to download movies & it zaps double or more sef both on my android and symbian. Please should it do that or should I switch to mtn night plan?

    • If you want to download, use etisalat 15 naira for unlimited download. Airtel zapps on android but it doesn't on pc. But when it comes to d issue of download I advice u use etisalat unlimited download plan

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