Top 5 Best Apps For Watching Streaming Movies on Blackberry/iPad/Android/Windows

Its weekend again and I guess we are
all having a nice time, rocking your device, while planning ahead. Personally,
I can’t do without music because it makes thinking easy for me. What data is to
modem is what music is to me. However, something is dynamic about movies, it
refreshes your mind while music inspire your mind.

Today, I’ll be sharing with you The
best free Movie app. You’ll be able to stream live movies, live channels and
much more on your device; not only will you be able to stream them but also
download them if you want.
==>Popcornflix: Popcornflix is a
free movie app that lets you watch free movies away from your computer. It
gives you different array of latest movies. I bet you won’t regret having this
app install on your device.
Popcornflix has free apps for: iPhone,
iPad, iPod touch, Android, Amazon Kindle, BlackBerry, Roku, Xbox, Samsung TV.
And if all what you want is for your kids to watch kid movies, then there is a
kid app for them here.
Choose your device and download  here
==>SnagFilms App: This app is simple
to use, and lets you share films over social media. It is a free movie app and
available for almost all devices. On the iPhone app, you’re able to scroll
through the genres in the Categories section and view popular, recently
added, and other sections of movies on the main page.
It is available for iPhone/iPad, iPod
touch, Android, BlackBerry, Roku, Boxee, Windows 8, Xbox 360, Amazon Kindle
You can download it here
==>Yildo: Yidio’s free movie app
works on only a few devices, but it’s actually a pretty handy app that shows
you exactly where you need to go to find free movies.
You can filter the movies in numerous
ways, such as by premiere date, MPAA rating, genre, source, and even hide
the ones you’ve already seen.

Most of the movies on Yidio are not
actually hosted on Yidio’s website, which means you will be told to install
other apps to watch the movies.
For Android download it  here
For iPhone/iPad, download it here
==>Viewstar: With this app, It’s
easy to find movies and TV shows in any genre, you can filter the language of
the films, and even sort the results like you can on the desktop website.
You can also use the Viewster app to
browse through the biography pages of actors, watch movie trailers, and read
celebrity news. I must tell you, it is a great app.
For Android, download here
For iPhone/iPad, download here
==>Crackle: It supports just about
every device imaginable, including all popular mobile devices, most smart TVs,
streaming players, and gaming consoles, in addition to a regular web browser.
However, this particular app is
available for some selected countries. Just make your choice and leave the
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