Drop Your Blog Url, Device Problem Here Lets Fix it

Weekend is here again, and not just weekend but the last
Saturday of Jan, God has been faithful. I feel I should reviewed your blog
today, Why are you not approved by Google Adsense? Why are you not using
affiliate link on your blog? Why haven’t you make upto $100 on your blog? If
you know you have a blog you built by yourself and you are always turn down, or
it doesn’t rank at all on search engine,  drop the link let me help you review it. Why
are you on entertainment niche when you can build a Mini niche and do


Your device is like a second wife. The way you give your
wife attention is the same way you give your device attention. If you are
having any issue with your smartphone, or you always run out of memory or you
want to buy a new device  but you don’t
know which one to go for. Come in for advice… 
The flow is open, use the comment box, drop your device
problem lets fix it together. We are one big family.
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146 thoughts on “Drop Your Blog Url, Device Problem Here Lets Fix it”

    • Hello Olaoye,
      How you blogging from mobile? I can see you have been blogging since 2014 and you only have 5posts on dat blog, why did you stop making post?

      Your posts lack paragraph therefore making it tedious to read. Space your right ups

    • Hello Badmus,
      You have a very nice blog but you need to utilize your sidebar if you want ur readers to keep coming back.

      Add related post widget to your blog or Linkwithin. It help in displaying several similar posts to a post someone is reading just like I have in mine with this, you have more engagement on ur blog.

      Add recent post widget to your blog. You can easily get that from ur dashboard

      Add popular post widget to your blog sidebar.

      Add Home about us and privacy policy to ur blog. It makes u look more professional.

      Add contact us form to ur sidebar and fully optimise ur google plus.

      Fix the above before others.

    • You've crossed the first stage since you've been approved by adsense.

      Traffic is what you need at the moment. First question, how often do you post?

      Comment tactics: Commenting plays one of the major source of traffic to a blog.
      For a site like Nairaland, naijaloaded, Linda ikeji, Ogbongeblog, etc or some more professional tech blog like Marshable, AndroidCentral.. always drop a meaningful comment or contribution to an existing topic with a link back to ur blog. if ppl find your comment reasonable, deyll follow ur link.

      Link Juice… have you heard of link juice before? that's one of the greatest secret of SEO ranking.

      Give away: Organise some free ebook give away or some other things that you think ur readers will like… there are more but fix this first.

    • I don't know if you are good in editing ur blogger template but always back up ur template before you edit.
      Follow this link below to see how to move your header to d middle

      To get more likes on your FB fan page, you need to do fb adverts it's very easy to do.

      Your blog is ok, but you need to be creative in all your write ups.

    • You need to rearrage you blog… its extremely wide looking like Vanguard newspaper front page. Change your template and rearrage your side bar widgets.

      Make it to be more user friendly.

  1. Yomi thanks for all the tips. Please have you figured how we can use the new airtel complete bis ..the one of #1400 on non bb device?

    • Hello Prof,

      Thanks you for replying. Concerning the pop up that normal come out, am having a problem trying to remove it. Please, how can I remove it?

      I use Google adsense in monetizing my blog. Please you can check it.

  2. My backlight wont turn off. Ive explored everything I know but couldnt find solution. My battery drains faster than Panasonic plane. Prof please HELP ME!

    • Go to settings>>>Apps, and check for the backlight app then clear the data and app cache… do thesame for every other applications then reboot your device. it will solve your battery drainage problem and backlight.

  3. hello bros yomi.
    first I will like to commend your effort regards the support you render on here to Nigerians and more.

    well I am back again with my palava
    here is my mine

    the biggest issue I am having right now is concluding on the perfect niche that suits me.
    more so, I have been finding it difficult to monetize the blog o, though still fresh.
    so kindly review and advice me. thanks
    a direct mail to my email will be preferable.
    thanks a lot babba prof.

    • What do you love doing? This will greatly leads to the niche that will suite you.

      If you love entertainment or so, then it will be much more easier to blog on entertainment…. Just check within your self until you are able to discover what you love doing mustly. The moment you open your internet, what do you normally browse all the time?

      Don't worry about adsense until you've discovered the niche that best suite you.

    • Thanks prof.
      I will do more research on how to sort for entertainment news and gist.

      When I mention monetization for my blog, I was not actually aiming at adsense alone. I know the blog is still fresh to be approve by adsense.

      Please let me know how to add jumia,konga and kaymu adds on my blog. Please add any other affiliate means of earning.
      Thanks alot.

    • Add related post widget to your blog>>>
      Add Popular post widget to your blog>>>
      Always make use of the readmore, so that all the post won't display on your home page.

      Add share this widget to your blog so that your readers will be able to share your blog post on their social media.

      Do this lets me help you review it again for some more things.

  4. Hello, goodmorning, happy Sunday. Just came across ur site while looking for solution for my tab S, it's just 3weeks old, but recently I noticed the 3main keys on the tab seizes after a while of not pressing it, imean d taskmanager soft  touch d middle  button and d back key soft touch. When it seizes like that, I would have to use d power button to bring d screen on, the touch screen will work Buh once I press d back key 2 back something or d middle button, twont respond until after sometime. Please what do u thnk d problem is. I have a Lil suspicion tho, cld it be the pouch M using? Co's I had to study it well, d tab doesn't behave as such when it's out of the pouch. Buh really for safety reasons I can't be carrying a tab around without pouch. You are d expert tho, just my opinion. Please I really need u to reply with d disgnosis and solution. Thanks so much. 

    • Hello Friend,

      What Kind of Android keyboard are you using… Swiftkey?
      If it is swiftkey, remove your pouch for like 2days and watch if it does thesame thing or not. If its stable without pouch, then change your pouch but if its not, then you need to do this>>>

      go to settings from your home screen>>>Click on App>>> and look for the keyboard in particular (You should know the name of the keyboard)>>>>Clear it cache and restart your tab.

    • Hello Newman,

      You have a very nice blog. Just add some more touch of excellence by correcting the belo

      ==>You blog title image is too big… Aling it to fit in to the whole of your blog width.
      ==>Make your blog background color white.
      ==>Your chitika ads by the right sidebar is to big, go and generate another code like 300*250 and replace it with the current one.
      ==>Add share this scrolling widget to your blog so that readers can easily share your blog on every social media.

      Correct the above lets see the next.

      And for rooting your infinix x507 click here

    • For LG Android device, octupus box will work. But if you can't access octupus box at your location, then I'll recommend you go for an alternative cheaper plan for your device.

    • I love your blog. It is simple to navigate, clean and classic.
      You deserve 1 special PVC for the next election..

      Add scrolloing share this widget to your sidebar so that readers can easily share your blog on every social media
      ==>You need to start thinking of signing up for affiliate marketing
      ==>You need to also start thinking of drawing traffic to your blog.
      ==>Be creative in your write up. Have a style and your readers will recognize your style.

      All the best bro.

    • Hello Seun,

      Nice blog you've got there. Add the following to yoru blog
      ==>Add Home, about us, Contact us, Privacy Policy and some categories to your blog menu. It makes it looks more professional
      ==>Categorize all your posts.
      ==>Make more post and draw traffic to your blog so that your readers won't just come ones but over and over again.

    • Hello Stylist,
      Nice blog….
      ==>You need to complete your site menu. You already have home, add about us, contact us, privacy policy and some other categories to it.
      >>>Make your blog 2 or 3 column. the right or the left column will contacts your sidebar>>>Popular post widget, recent post widget, and related post widget, blog achieves etc.
      You can easily do that from your blog dashboard
      ==>Make more posts that are rich in content for easy seo crawling.

    • NIce blog you've got there. Your posts are rich in contents.

      However, do the following to make it more unique
      ==>Move your blog title and description to the middle instead of the current position 'left'.
      ==>If you can stay within a niche it will be more better and easier for search engine to engage your site. either tech niche or entertainment niche.
      ==>Let your content be you written. even if you are going to copy, you should always edit the write up.
      ==>Move your Share this to the right. Its currently at the middle of your blog upstructing readers reading your content.
      ==>Every other thing seems okay. You need to monetize your blog.

    • Hello Comrade Ibrahim,
      Nice to have you around. Your blog is sweet and okay.

      ==>Enable your sidebar widget…Add Trending or popular post. it will be eye caching to your readers as they will always have something to click.
      ==>Add related post to your sidebar.
      ==>Add Facebook, twitter widget to your sidebar
      ==>Add Share this widget to your blog for easy sharing.

    • Nice blog you've got spanzy.

      ==>Change your background color to white.
      ==>Your header title should read Spanzy blog or something else but not what is currently dir "wecome to the world of tricks games etc" this are just descriiption and not suppose to be on the title. Add something more unique to be your title name.
      ==>Add page menu after your blog description. Add Home, About me, Privacy policy, etc.

    • Femi nice blog you've got their.
      You need to add Share this scrolling widget. it contains different social media sharing like what i have in mine.

      Monetize your blog…

    • Go to your dashbord and deactivate Adult content if not your blog will never be approve by adsense.

      Nice blog you've got Professor Bayo
      ==>Add Facebook like button to your blog
      ==>Add twitter button to your blog.
      ==>You need to make more post prof.

    • Hello Jamilu,

      You need to edit your blog title, and make it more simple like "Welcome to Jamiu blog" What you currently have their is not a title..
      Then add blog description to your bl0g. You can easily achieve that from your dashboard.

      ==>Make your content be more that 300 words.
      ==>Make more post

    • Your blog is okay bro, but you need to remove the pages and search button you have at the beggining of your site. Your blog title should come first>>.follow by your blog descriptoion and menu which should contain 'home, about us, contact us, privacy policy etc.

      ==>Add share this widget to your blog. It will make yoru blog shareable on every social media.

  5. Hello prof. I can't install Airtel configuration code on my HTC. I called customer care. They sent d settings but it is asking for pin to install

    • Nice blog you have dir.

      ===>You need to review your image. Make sure its not too large and not too small.
      ==>Add recent post widget, related post widget to your sidebar.
      ==>Add Share this widget to your blog. It contains different social media sharing options.

  6. Sorry for dropping this late but i have a problem with my blog…… I have put adsense code on my blog template but its not showing on my blog… Do i need to add anything to my post to make it show while creating the post??

    • Have you been fully approved or still under review by adsense? if your blog is still under review by adsense, you will only see blank ads. But if you have been fully approved, your ads should display.

    • Hello Abu,
      I can see that your blog is a new one, and you already have some post in their. You color template is ok and perfect.

      But I noticed you don't have Social network share widget on your site. You need to add FB, twitter and G+ Share widget.

      Also make your header to be more visible… It looks faded.
      Now you must concentrate on drawing more traffic to your blog. What Salt is to soup is what Traffic is to a blog.

      Keep up the good work.

    • Nice blog template you've got Trust…
      But you didn't customise your template menu.

      I can still see some "uncategorize' menu options, Parent category etc. You need to remove them. You can see how to customize that particular template you are using from the link you downloaded it from.

      ==>Add About Us, Contact us and Privacy policy menu to your site.
      ==>You don't have any social media share widget. you can make use of 'Share this', it carries FB, twitter and G+ share widget. THis will enable your readers to share your blog post on every social media. with ease.
      ==>You need to adjust your blog header. Make the background color of your blog header " to be thesame with the custom background header color…

      Best of luck.

  7. Just desire to say your article is as amazing. The clearness in your put up is just spectacular and i could think you are an expert on this subject.
    I’m amazed, I have to admit. Seldom do I come across a blog that’s both equally educative and engaging, and let me tell you, you’ve hit the nail on the head. I’m very happy I found this during my search for something concerning this.

    • Hello Victory,
      You have a very nice blog… with great contents. I just visited your blog now and I love what I see.

      I can see that your blog is multi dimentional therefore, I'll suggest you create something like menu item… Home, about us, contact us, Privacy Policy, poem, Motivational, Love… With that, your readers will be able to navigate to a particular category with poems or love&relationship.

      You need to monetize your blog.

    • Hello Kelvin,
      I can see your blog is empty, it seems you just started making post this January. Are you really sure you love tech niche? Why not blog in the area that you love, you'll find it easier and sweeter to make post in the area you love than the one you just copy and paste because someone else is doing it.

      Create a menu item for your blog, so that it can look professional… like home, about us, privacy policy, contact us and Labels tooo….

    • I do visit your forum… It is nice and beautiful… I'll just advice you try and use difference monetization platform since its a forum.

      Have you tried applying for adsense, Konga or Jumia afffiliate? its going to help since you have alot of readers.

    • If they are on twitter, holla them on twitter, they won't want their name to be drag in the mood. Just check if they are on twitter and cuss them… I hate Scammers

  8. Your menu's are not filled… Enter a credible descritpion on your about us, and some of your empty menus.

    ==>Add Privacy Policy to your blog.
    ==>You don't have any social media widget. So I'll advice you add FB like button and twitter share widget to your blog.
    ==>Add your google plus profile to your side bar.
    ==>Go to your dashboard, Layout, add a contact form widget. Its very important.

    happy blogging.

  9. I signed up for konga affiliate and i havebbeen fully approved…please i want you to tell me how to get direct links to a product from the affiliate dashboard because i want to do a review on one of their product.

  10. http://Www.jidesdiary.com

    I request for google ads. I was giving a code to put in my site…. But I don't get were to put it……

    After I put it somewhere …it show blank

    I got dis reply

    It’s important for sites displaying Google ads to offer significant value to the user. As a publisher, you must provide unique and relevant content that gives users a reason to visit your site first.
    Don’t place ads on auto-generated pages or pages with little to no original content.
    Your site should also provide a good user experience through clear navigation and organization. Users should be able to easily click through your pages and find the information they’re seeking.

    After a week I reply again….. And I got same error…

    Please help.

  11. Please Prof, my blog readers are experiencing difficulties posting comments on any post, after asking thembto verify, it ask them to copy and paste a particular code under 2 mins, and this is not possible when post on mobile. I have tried editing comments options from my dashboard but problem still persist. Help me please. The blog is http://www.chelseanewspaper.com . Thanks in anticipation.

  12. Thanks for the response Prof am grateful , I made a mistake after i made this post on your blog, i have enabled the comments box now sir, but the problem still persist even as i have set word verification to "NO". Please help me.. You can check it out now sir.

    • When it comes to the issue of verifcation, so long your blog readers want to comment as anonymous, they must under go the verification process… But if they do'nt want that verification process, they should login with their gmail and comment on your blog as anonymous.


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