How to Download Free Movies & Stream Live TV Show on iPad/iPhones With Movie Box

This tutorial is for iOS users who are
movie lovers, your device can be so boring without movie at times its good you
get clues on how you can download free movies on your iPad or iPhones.

Movie Box is a popular app that
lets you stream or download almost any movie or TV show on your  iOS devices for free. You no longer need to
pay a ridiculous amount to rent a movie on iTunes or buy when you can simply
download them all for free with movie box.

This method works for iOS 8.4, iOS
8.3, 8.2, and 8.1.3.

How Can I Download Moviebox on My iPhone/iPads?

==>Visit this website on your iOS device:
==>Once there, tap the button on the left that says
“Download (if your device is jailbroken click on jailbroken) and if its not
jailbroken, click on Unjailbroken)”

==>A message will pop up
asking for your permission to install vShare. Tap “Install.”

==> Once the vShare app
finishes installing, open it and tap “Trust”.

==> Once the app is open, tap
the Search icon in the top-right corner and search for Movie Box. It should be
the first result.

==> Tap “Install” and Movie Box should
start downloading. When it’s finished, the installations should begin
automatically. If it doesn’t, you can go to the “Download” tap at the bottom of
the app to monitor its progress and start the installation.
==>At this point, Movie Box should
appear on your homescreen. 
The movie ride on your device just got
a new turn. With this app, you can stream download movies for FREE. This app is not just good but keeps you in Hollywood even though you are in my neighborhood.

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9 thoughts on “How to Download Free Movies & Stream Live TV Show on iPad/iPhones With Movie Box”

  1. Hello prof,
    Pls can jailbreaking an iPhone 4s ver 8.3 solve it's problem of not being able to recognize Sim card and if so, what is the best way to go about jailbreaking the phone.. ..

    Thanks for always

    • No. There are many ways of fixing issues like this but try this below
      Restore your iPhone on iTunes. Click on your iPhone icon when plugged into iTunes and go to restore. If you do this make sure your iPhone is backed up as YOU will loose all data, media, contacts, pics, and so on. This puts your iPhone back to factory settings.


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