How to Fix Show Box Movie App Not Available

For quite sometimes now, most of us
using Showbox has been experiencing video not available or  not working or some movie channels not loading…
but I must confess, I love show box because of the HD movie display clear as
crystal, and the latest TV series. The movies on “showbox” are downloadable and
I guess those of us experiencing this problem must have missed it a lot. . .but
here is the fix

Thanks to Menebari for this timely

==>Download this version of show box
==>install>>>Clear data and
cache but don’t update it.
Your showbox movies should be back to
base after then… Any question, use the comment box.

Those of you using the Etisalat stuffwith psiphon and you discover that your connections are very slow… Do this and
it will be faster than you think
==>Don’t use IP & Proxy roxy
settings… as seen in the image below

Enjoy it while it last.
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14 thoughts on “How to Fix Show Box Movie App Not Available”

  1. go to Settings > General > Apps > Show Box > Force Stop then Clear data & Clear cache and restart or re-install Show Box.

  2. I think they hav fixed the problem. The latest update is working well. Download the latest update >install it>go to the app settings and clear the show Box data before opening it.


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