Get Paid For Displaying Ads on Every Incoming Call

MyAds is an app
that allows adverts to be displayed on your mobile during incoming calls. This
enables the mobile device owner earn points that can be converted to airtime. In
other words, you can earn more than N15 on a single call you receive.

This might go a
long way saving you of buying airtime since ads will only be display on incoming calls. Though it is a good initiative. It will interest you to know that MyAds
is the first solution that pays you for seeing or interacting with an advert
shown to you. You earn a minimum of N1 (One Naira) per point after every +
20secs call you receive that shows an advert on your incoming call screen.
Who Can use it?

All Android
users can download the app… iOS & Blackberry users should back off for now.

It is available
on the four major telecos in Nigeria presently which includes Airtel, MTN,
Etisalat and Glo

Where Can I
Download it?

You are
required to download your telecom specific version of the app
For MTN Users,
download here
Airtel download
Glo users here and
Etisalat here
==>Once you’ve
downloaded the app, you’ll be required to register with you mobile number
before you begin generate point.
Note that this
app is new and will soon be getting update soon. It is a good initiative but
some people might decide to play fast game on this. Imagine those that receives calls upto 20 times in a day, that cool airtime smiling at you.
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  1. I am still watching how the thin works, I receive a lot of calls that's am interested in this, I downloaded the app, and also registered as required, I see ads b4 and after each call I receive, of about 20-30 calls I received today, I can only see 6points on the app, I don't know if I am missing a step, pls put me through sir

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