Blog Review – Drop Your Blog Url For Review

This is weekend and not just weekend but everybody is busy doing one thing or the other and I think I should do this one too for the benefits of those that will need it.

I’ll be reviewing some blogs this noon… if you have been mailing me for this and you didn’t get a reasonable reply from me, or you’ve tried applying for adsense and they kept speaking further English to you, just drop your blog url and I’ll help you review it, as well as telling you what to add or remove.

Please if you have an inactive blog that you don’t post anything on it all, or you last updated January, don’t bother droping it for review.

Use the comment box to drop your blog url let’s fix the problem.

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340 thoughts on “Blog Review – Drop Your Blog Url For Review”

  1. Tnx yomi for this wonderful opportunity.

    I've been an active commentor on this blog for a while now and I think I owe u an appreciation for the very little exposure you've given me and the little recognition

    But those exposure and recognition seems worthless because I'm unable to monetize my blog the blog is up since January and I've once posted this issue here before concerning AdSense disapproval.
    Always if I applied for AdSense I always pass the first test but the second test where I implement the ad code is where I fail.
    It keeps telling me I should my website didn't comply wit AdSense policy and that for it to comply I should not place ads on auto generated page, my website should be navigable and my website should provide rich content for users.

    That's the error I get all the time I reapply.

    Pls help me review the blog and tell me if what AdSense says are really true.

    Concerning ads on auto generated page I only use the default blogger adsense ads placement on sidebar and below post.

    Please help out I've changed templates like sanitary pads but still it says no navigation. I even changed the template 3days ago when I was disapproved again.

    Pls help brother.

    • Hello Sam,
      I must sincerely commend you consistency on this blog and I do always take into cognizance all your comments. I'm still looking forward to a special day I'll reward the best commenter on this blog.

      Back to the point… I have visited your blog and everything is intact without any error… Your content are rights, design is okay and navigation is much easier…

      The only problem I discover and this should be the reason why adsense is turning your down wtih big big grammer is because your domain is still much very younger.
      You register your domain February 5th 2015 which is pretty young… And according to adsense policy, your domain must be atlest upto 6months before you'll be eligible for adsense.

      So my advice, wait for atlest 4months, before reapplying back for adsense. I know it as I know my name that you'll be approve.

      Alternatively, use the youtube method of getting your adsense approve,… upload a simple video and follow the rest video…

    • Tnx bro I really appreciate your feedback.

      Wao six month is long but considering the YouTube method I will give it a try since Google search is there for me.

      I wish I could help out with some reviews here but I'm without laptop or desktop. Everything I do is through my phone but I know one day God will turn tables.

      Tnx so much bro

    • Forget about domain, there is something wrong you are doing or maybe due to being rejected severally Your Application is being replied by Auto Bots.

      I got adsense approval 2wks after i created my blog and registered a custom domain. You just need to play by some rules to get approved, all i did was change template after the 1st rejection the 1st wk… You can see the template on the blog i used and maybe download Nigeria Promo Blog.

      Secondly Yomi id like you review this blog Thanks bruh

    • akin i really thought abt wat u said abt those automatic bots responder.

      so i created a new mail like 4days ago ago an i applied for a new adsense with dat mail so im awaiting my result

  2. After waiting for a long time.

    My problem is mainly from my blog which is affecting some widgets on my blog, and my AdSense. Here are the problems.

    My linkwithin (related post widget) doesn't display thumbnail.

    Facebook comment box not showing

    And I don't know why Google keep disapproving my AdSense application with these points.

    *It’s important for sites displaying Google ads to offer significant value to the user. As a publisher, you must provide unique and relevant content that gives users a reason to visit your site first.

    *Don’t place ads on auto-generated pages or pages with little to no original content.

    *Your site should also provide a good user experience through clear navigation and organization. Users should be able to easily click through your pages and find the information they’re seeking.

    Is there anytime wrong with the template of my blog or Am not being patient enough?

    Please help Prof or anybody who can.

    • Let me start by answering your question in a sytematic order… starting from your last question.

      You adsesne was not approved because your domain age is just 1 months old… It must be upto 6months before adsense will consider you.

      Secondly… Every link within widget has thumbnail… check maybe the error is from your ends, or better stiill, play around differnt templates and see if their will be changes with your linkwithin widget.

      Thirdly, I'll suggest you follow carefully this Facebook adding comment on how to add it to your blog How to add facebook comment box to blogger

    • Thanks Prof, what about The blog?

      Please tell me if there's anything wrong with it, the design, the post, the anything
      Please I need your review just like a brother to his brother.

      I have changed the template But the problem still persist But I can manage without that.

    •  I just change my domain name from .blogspot to .com
      Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense. Unfortunately, after reviewing your application, we're unable to accept you into AdSense at this time.
      We did not approve your application for the reasons listed below.
      Site does not comply with Google policies: We're unable to approve your AdSense application at this time because your site does not comply with the Google AdSense program policies or adhere to the Webmaster Quality guidelines.

      That was the reply I got

  3. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity Mr Yomi, I own and its a tech blog have applied for AdSense twice the 1st one I passed the 1st test of placing a demo ads on my blog. Its was dismissed now have changed my wp theme and avoided copy and paste too. All my post if not all except news are original. Thanks once again.

    • hello Anthony,
      Nice blog you've got…
      Your blog menu's are not visible… I can see them from your sidebar below your post which will make it a little bit difficult for your readers to contact you…

      ==>I'll suggest you bring your Home, About Us, Contact privacy policy page menu under your blog title instead of your your side bar. Take some of your categories to your sidebar…

      ==>Your logo seems to be tooo big… but if you love it that way, you can leave it.

    • Very nice blog you've got…. And also, you are so lucky you got your adsense in two months.. Just in rare cases.

      ==>I notice you have upto 5 ads displaying on your home page, can your reduce it to 3. Ads forbid more than 3 ads on each page of your blog or site.

      ==>Can you move your blog title and discription to the middle inside of the left hand side where its currently located.

      ==>Always apply the read more tag before you make a post so that all your post won't have to display on the home page.

      Just this few… keep up the good work.

  4. Prof… Thanks for the Good work here… Help me review my blog

    The linkwithin widget I added only shows the posts I posted before I added the linkwithin whereas I have labels for all my posts.

    Also, I am find it difficult to add the code of the following widgets(home, about us, labels, privacy policy) on top of my blog.

    How can I add related posts to the mobile version of my blog…The link within is only working for the desktop version.

    [email protected]

    Thanks Prof God bless.

    • Hello Jerry Seun,
      First of all you need to add popular post widget, related post widget and recent post widget to your side bar.

      ==>Take your Related post widget located at the end of you blog post to your side bar..

      ==>See this post on how to add home, and other pages to the top of your blog here

    • Hello Yusuf,
      Nice blog you've got but you text are not united… they are so scatterd.

      ==>Try and maintain a uniform font style, font size and unified text without the bold key.
      ==>The reason why adsense is not approving you is because of all those dangerous ads and pop up you have on your site.
      ==>When next you want to apply, make sure you've adjusted the above and remove all the ads you have… before you apply. Your pop up are not even allowing me to stay longer on your site, just opening different pages on my browser by itself.

    • Nice gossip blog

      ==>Change your blog background color to white or plan instead of black

      ==>Add Home page, about us, contact us and privacy policy page to your blog under your blog title.

      ==>Have you tried applying for adsense before?

    • Your blog is a music entertainment blog…. nice concept but you what happen to your menu's? No home, about us, contacts and privacy policy pages…

      create a categories for you music be it blues, etc

    • Since your blog is not yet launched and its more or less stories of the heart for romantic novel readers… I'll suggest you move your blog title and description to the middle.

  5. This is d message they sent to me for three times now and my blog is more than six months *It’s important for sites displaying Google ads to offer significant value to the user. As a publisher, you must provide unique and relevant content that gives users a reason to visit your site first.
    *Don’t place ads on auto-generated pages or pages with little to no original content.
    *Your site should also provide a good user experience through clear navigation and organization. Users should be able to easily click through your pages and find the information they’re seeking.

  6. , , , and others but i have been approved for adsense but its not working cos it seems there is no account for it for now cos all i see is 0$
    pls y and help me

    • Your blogs are too much, I can't review all,, just choose one active one to be review. iF ADSENSE is not showing on your blog, it means you've not been approve… Yo've only passed the first stage. What blog url were you approved?

    • Your blog has two major problems…
      Firstly, you have a lot of copy contents which adsense detest..
      Secondly, your post must be 300 words and above.

      Also, choose a niche for yourself, if you want entertainment niche or tech or others just stick to your niche insttead of multiple niche

  7. Please review already got adsense approved as I linked it to another gmail of mine that already had adsense on my other blog I invited my other gmail addy as a guest author and linked the earnings to that.

    • Nice that you already have adsense approve on your other blog but you still need to work more on your blog design. It should be plain and too many colors.

      You need to add a contact us form to your blog should in case your readers want to get in touch with you…

      Keep up the good works.

    • Your blog content is totally against adsense policy… but it shouldn't be the reason why you are not approve.

      Your domain age is also too young which might be the major reason why you are not approved.

      My Suggestion: if you can create another blog or an existence blog with different content, get it approve and link your adsense to this one.

      Whats the last message adsense sent you?

    • You were turned down by adsense because your blog background is not friendly at all, you have insufficient contents and not enough post.

      Work on your background color… change it to plan, make your content to be atleast 300 words with quality genuine images…

    • Your blog is too wide… Adjust the width to 960… Its toooooo wide.

      Also try and align your text to fix into your site page instead of one sided.

      Adjust and keep up the good work.

    • Hello Engineer,
      Reduce the size of your images… they are too big and even bigger than your text..

      Adjust your menu' its just too big… You too should view it from PC and see how it looks.

    • Prof, when did you review my before? It's a new blog about 2 month, I currently don't use any ad platform because i keep getting thousands of page view on my stats with very few clicks and those ad service pays so little, sometimes nothing for that. I applied for adsense but after pasting the code i was told my site does not meet or follow their guideline, but since then i've not tried them. The ad i av on my page is manually placed or whatever terms they use to refer to that.

    • I tot I reviewed your blog in the last review I made…? Since your blog is new jsut 2months, I'll suggest you work more on your search engine visibility.

      ==>You don't currently have Home, about us, contact us and privacy policy… This for menu's are very important… It shows you are a professional

      ==>work on the above and inculcate Facebook fan page to your blog..

      By the way, I love your blog design!

    • Warricoded,

      First of all your background color is not friendly… Change your blog background color and your post background color shouldn't be black let it be plain.

      ==>Your contents are not genuine… they are copied… I can see some of my post on your blog… If you are going to blog, you must have your own style and way of writing genuine post.

      ==>Redesign your Blog title
      ==>Add a blog description to your blog…

      Finish this before other things..

    • Hello Akintoms, you've been consistent in this blog and I cant deny seeing your signature everywhere.. I really appreciate you for that.

      ==>Your blog is okay in terms of design and simplicity But I feel your blog title should be a little bit bigger and distinguished from normal text

      ==>Add share button to your blog so that your readers can find it easier to share your post on social media.

      Keep up the good work.

    • Hello Idowu,

      Your blog is okay in everyway… It is simple to navigate and rich contents for students.

      Google turn your down becuase your domain name is still young… Minimum before you'll be accepted into adsense is 6months.. You domain is only 4months old, I'll suggest you wait some couples of weeks, before you apply again.

    • I love your blog and your contents… already book marked.

      Your design is simple and okay… But you don't have blog description. I'll suggest you add blog description and Social media share widget to your blog

    • Adjust your blog title, its not visible, make it more visible or you design a logo title for your blog

      Your ads beside your blog title (720×90 is too wide for your blog) I'll suggest your reduce it to the next smaller one.

    • Change your blog background color… brown is not men't for blogs, its men't for bread.

      Add social media button like FB like, Twitter and google plus to your blog sidebar… its very important in promoting your blog.

      Add linkwithin to your blog..

      Keep up the good work.

    • Google keep turning you down because majority of your content are not genuine… You need to write your own content yourself and be real with it.

      You should have a style of blogging.
      ==>If you are going to apply for adsense, you should remove every other ads before applying including info text and konga, chitika etc.

      ==>Also, space your write ups. I just check your Privacy policy page and I'm sorry to say, its some how not readable because their is no paragraph in between.(This I guess is the major problem why google ads padlock their ads on your blog) Check mine and see how its space..

      l really love your blog simplicity… Keep it up bro! One Luv!

    • Welcome to the club… Your blog is rich and highly contentious. . . I think you need to rearrange your widget.

      ==>Use a 3 column templates with two side bar, and your popular, related, recent post can come by the side..

      Nice work you've done bro.

  8. I'm back again oo, Mr. Yomi. My blog Dammybas Blog is still yet to get adsense approval. It keeps disapproving me after the second stage, Please help me check why.

    For those who are having Adsense issues, you can use Revenue Hits for now. It is very good and the pay makes huge sense. I use it on my blog, the main thing is traffic. You can check their site at and register.

    Thanks Oga Yomi, keep the good work up!

    • First of all, you blog is new, you need to define a niche for your blog if not it may not rank high in search engine…

      Two, when making a post, make sure you always apply the read more tag so that all your post won't display on the front page,

      Your background color is not friendly, change it to another color and your post background color should be white,

      Add Related Post widget, Popular post widget, Recent post widget to your sidebars

      Add Labels to your side bar.

    • I can see that your blog too is new,

      ==>Add home, about us, Contact us and privacy policy to your blog
      ==>Your Blog title design is not too catching,, you can still work on it
      ==>LeARN to always make use of images in all of your post
      ==>Add social media widget to your blog.

    • Your blog background color is not user friendly at allllll, You can make your post background white but make sure it tally with your text.

      Add recent post widget and related post widget to your blog sidebar.

    • Finally! Thanks boss, one more thing.. I was rejected when I applied… Perhaps, i will just work on the header logo before reapplying. I sent you a mail, I sent you a copy of what AdSense sent to me. Mr Yomi, keep the good work up. Hoping to be like you some day!!!

    • Nice to have you around onyema,
      I just visited your blog now and its nice, but your site title though, if you can work more on it to tally with your site backgorun. As you can see, it appears as a stand alone image which is not men't to be so.

      Regarding adsense for your site, your site is not a blog, it is a static website and doesn't change over time. Adsense doesn't accept static website for adsense except a dynamic website.

    • Hello Traffic Tweettip,
      Nice blog you've got their, and I love your content so much, different from every other contensts have seen so far.

      ==>Can you make your blog title more visible, it looks faded, maybe you can increase the whiteness of the font color.
      ==>Add social media plugin like facebook, twitter and google+ so that your readers can easily share your post on different social media platform.

    • Hello Jerry, I thought I've reviewed your blog before, hence no need for another review. but it is adviceable you get a dot com domain.

      You can easily get a dot com domain from your blogger dashboard or go straight to domain King or Godaddy

    • Hello Ola,
      Nice blog you've got their….
      Your blog title doesn't seems to follow the content, I was expecting to see vacancy post, not until when I saw free mb etc….

      Add, recent post widget to your sidebar, Popular post widgets and Related posts widget

      Add Social media Share This widget for easy sharing of your blog posts on social media platform.

    • Add blog title description below your blog title
      ==>Your blog background color isn't friendly, make your post background color to be white
      ==>Make more posts on your blog
      ==Add Related, Recent and Popular widget to your sidebar.

  9. Mr Yomi, i don't why Google haven't approve adsense, i only requested it once. The msg i got was site does not comply with Google policies..
    The other time you check my site there was no blog description and social share gadget. Now i have it done. can i still request for adsense now.

    • Hello Badru,

      Nice blog but here are my observations below:
      ==>Y do you have multi colored text on your blog? It doesn't display a sign of professionalism.
      ==>You have different niche on your site, which in my opinion, may not be right for a start, because only you can't be posting health, tech, entertainment etc. You need to define a niche for your blog. If you are okay with entertaiment, do entertainment and leave tech alone.
      ==>Have you applied for adsense before, if yes, then its not showing probably because your blog hasn't pass adsense review stage. Once it pass it will display ads.

  10. hello bro, i just root my tecno n7, n instal mtk engineering on it so that i would be able to change the imei to a blackberry imei, but unfortunately , i couldnt input anything inside the "A+" bar, i.e keypard didnt display to input the new bb imei in it
    so what is it i didnt do right?

    • Hello Fristi Visuals,
      Your blog is okay but let me suggest you change your favicon ico, its still showing blogger favicon ico. It will make your blog look professional.

      Add a blog description to your site,

    • Hello Vstar, I just viewed your blog directly from pc and I'm afraid you need to redesign your blog title image, its too wide,

      Add popular, related and recent post widget to reduce the number of bounce rate.

      Also add social media widget to your blog so that your reader can easily share your blog on different social media platform

    • Hello Francis,
      I just visited your blog now and I must confess, I love the simplicity.

      Your blog is rich with content, but you need to focus more on SEO ranking and link building… Traffic and traffic, and traffic…

      Nice job well done.

  11. Please sir,have already got youtube monetization adsense with hosted account but i wanted to change it to non-hosted,but anytime i tried to register it with my url i always got disapproved,please help me reveiw my blog which is 2years old

    • Hello Ganiyu,
      Your blog is okay, but one of the major reason adsense always tell you disapprove is because you are not using a custom domain. You need to buy a custom domain for your blog, after that you can then add your youtube adsense to your blog.

    • Re – edit your privacy policy… Something is wrong with it. What message did adsense normally tell you after the disapproval message

    • Hello Kinsman,
      Your blog is okay, just adjust the following

      ==>Change your background color from bround to some more unique simple color.
      ==>You need to add related post widget, popular and recent post widget to your blog to reduce your bounce rate.
      ==>Add about us page to your blog menu.
      ==>Your blog list should be the last thing on your side bar and not the first thing on your side bar if not nobody will spend 5 seconds on your site

    • Nice one for even creating a blog,
      You need to define your niche, What can you blog about with ease without struggle?

      take your time and think before you start your blogging career.

    • Hello Amara,
      You have a very beautiful blog and content.

      Just adjust the following
      ==>Move your blog title header and description to the middle.
      You can easily achieve that by First going to TEMPLATE > CUSTOMIZE > ADVANCED > ADD CSS
      add this code below and save
      #header-inner img {margin: 0 auto !important;} #header-inner {text-align:center !important;}

      ==>add Recent post widget, related post widget, and popular post widget to your side bar
      ==>Create Labels for your all your post. They help categorize your post.
      ==>Add link within to your site to reduce your bounce rate.
      ==>Your blog is an entertainment site so you need to add blog roll widget.

    • Hello Amarachi,
      To add blog roll, Login to your dashboard>>>Click on layout>>>Click on Add a Gadget and scroll until you see Blog roll…. Drag it to where you want it to appear and hit the save button

    • OoOOO, I'm really sorry bro for this. I know how painful it is get block. The truth is, you can't appeal to google, they'll just turn deaf hears.

      Since you've got an approve adsense account before on that same blog, then the only thing you need to do is to get another domain, because your original domain is mapped to their server and your ip address.

      You can buy or another one, then redirect your current one to it so that you won't loose visitors.

      Open another email account and use Youtube Adsense approval method to get another adsense for your blog.

      All the best man.

  12. Your AdSense application status

    Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense. Unfortunately, after reviewing your application, we're unable to accept you into AdSense at this time.

    We did not approve your application for the reasons listed below.

    Unsupported Language: We've found that the majority of your site’s content is in a language we do not currently support. Right now, we're only able to offer language support and ad targeting for the languages listed in this help article. If you manage or own another site in one of our supported languages, feel free to resubmit your application as described below. While we look forward to supporting your language, we don't yet have a date as to when AdSense will be available for you. If you'd like to stay up-to-date with the languages we support, please feel free to check back with us at the above link.


    You can find more details and application tips in this help article.

    To update and resubmit your application, please visit and sign in using the email address and password you submitted with your application. Our specialists will review your account for compliance with our program policies, so please make sure to resolve all of the issues listed above before resubmitting.

    • Google can be so funny sha…
      I just visited your blog and your language is not harsh its just okay.

      ==>You need to add Privacy Policy to your blog, its very important.
      ==>You need to redirect to because its giving me an error page.

      ==>Your domain is just 2days old?

    • They said the problem is from MSword,because i do type in there and copy paste. i re-write everything in dashbord,domain old does not mean anything as far as you have have unique content,my friend got adsense account within a week .

    • That is the most hilarious error have ever heard. I do all my typing from msword. MSword has nothing to do with your Adsense rejection.

      Your friend is not you. Mind you, its not thesame person that review both you and your friends site. I had once got an adsense for someone within two hours. So fix what needs to be fix bro.

      Have seen someone got an adsense wiht just only one page, yours might be just diff

    • Hello Kelvin,
      You have a very nice site and I love what you blog about. It seems you are bloging on multi niche which to me is not adviceable. Android has nothing do with health.

      I can see some health, Doctor etc under your menu, Why not take your time to edit it and change what need to change. If you are going to blog on health cases, don't add android or techy issues to it.

      Also, Add linkwithin widget to your blog inorder to reduce bounce rate.

    • Hello Akin,
      You have a very unique site.

      But you need to adjust the below:
      ==> Your blog title and image is not too nice, can you make something simple that will make your blog title visible… If possible, make it to be plain.

      ==>Your Desktop site looks like a mobile site, can you fix this or use another good template.

      ==>Add social media widget to your blog site

    • You need to change your blog template completely… it slows down loading time.

      Use another blog template and add side bar widget to your blog like Popular post, recent post and related post widget.

    • HEllo Sir Sharks,
      Your blog is okay but why do you want to migrate to blogspot?

      Another thing is I'll suggest you use another template on your blog or do you want it to be like a forum site?

    • Hello Idris,
      Add blog description to your blog, under your blog title.

      ==>Add related blog widget, recent blog widget, and popular widget to your side bar.

      ==>Always apply the readmore tag ot all your post so that all your post won't have to show in full on the front page.

      ==>Add Linkwithin widget to our site… It helps you reduce bounce rate. you can get it at

    • Hello Emmanuel,
      I love your blog and I do visit your blog almost every day because of great content.

      Your blog is okay… But if you need to add social media widget like ShareThis, so that your readers can easily share you blog on different social media platform

    • Hello Jide,
      Nice blog you've got here… If I may ask, wetin that babe they do for your site closer to your blog title?

      I can see something like Developement… Instead of that why not use somehting like Write for us or submit a gist?…

      Add aBout us page to your site bro.. and finally, you need to always distinquish your titles from your normal write ups as some of them are all in small letters.

    • Ello Sonmight,

      You have a very exceptional blog. First of all, you need to change your Background image… the color no be here at all. Make use of something dark or more appealing color instead of univerasal colors.

      Your title is not visible probably because of your background color…

      Add popular post widget, recent post widget, and related post widget to your blog.

      Add linkwithin to your blog too.. its very important

    • Hello Ajayi,

      Change your blog template. Add Linkwithin widget to your blog.

      Add Recent and related post widget to your blog. EVery other things looks okay.

  13. Hello
    i dont know what went wrong o!……
    google dont want to approve my adsense .

    We did not approve your application for the reasons listed below.


    Site does not comply with Google policies: We're unable to approve your AdSense application at this time because your site does not comply with the Google AdSense program policies or adhere to the Webmaster Quality guidelines.

    my site
    help me out.

    • Can I tell you what is wrong with your site? Because your site doesn't comply with google ads policy.

      First of all, you have pop ups, google frowns at pops.
      Inshort those pop up ads drive blog readers away. fix it

  14. Please prof review my site after countless number of trials for adsense approval, I decided to use infolinks… I still need adsense and will remove infolinks when am ready to reapply. My problem is, why do they keep rejecting me? Check my site and tell me.

    Note: infolinks was not on my site when I was applying.

    • Your blog is okay….
      You need to create label for your blog. It help categorise all your post in one place.

      ==>I'll also suggest you blog in the area that you can find easier for you. You've only posted 10 times this year, which is not nice enough.

      ==>You need to also add, related post and popular post widget.

    • Hello Anonymous,
      Your blog is okay, you only need to add Label to your post. It helps in categorising all your posts.

      ==>You need to add Related post widget and popular post widget to your side bar.

      ==>Try and blog in the area more easier for you to update. I can see you only have 10 posts on your blog which is not nice enough. Try and be updating your blog regularly.

    • Hello Friend,
      First of all your blog is so empty and the first thing you need to do in bloging is to define a niche for yourself. Maybe entertainment, fashion, tech, or foodie. Which area do you think will be more easier for you so that you won't end up being a Ctrl+C blogger.

      Define a niche for yourself cos you don't have a niche yet.

    • Nice blog, cool template and fabulous write ups… Keep it up

      ==>Add Label to your blog, it help show the categories of the post you have,
      ==>Add Related post widget likewithin to your blog
      ==>Add Share this widgtet to your side bar. It gives your reader opportunity to share your post on social media.

    • The only problem I have with your blog, is the size of your Pictures… All your pictures are tooo big… Its just like sign board covering the whole of my PC.

      Try and adjust it.

    • Why did you go for .tk and not .com?

      ==>Add blog description to your blog under your title.
      ==>Add social media widget to your blog like FB button, twitter button and google+

    • OK thanks. But yomi I already have those social media share button in my post already.

      For .com I forgot to ask you I want .com domain but someone already have it which one did you think is better .org. .net. or and where can I get it in a cheaper rate.


    • Why don't you arrange your blog menu in Horizontal format instead of Vertical? Horizontal makes it looks professional

      ==>You've only posted 9 posts this year, what happened and why did you stop?

    • First of all, you need to maintain a uniform accepted text color in blogging which is black. I can see some of your post text green, blue yellow and it doesn't depict any standard of a professional blogger.

      ==>Adjust the pixel of your Facebook like button, its too wide, and even coming out of your sidebar.
      ==>Remove your Subscribe box cos is not doing anything there… just occupying space. Remove it and use Feed burner subscription
      ==>Add Popular post widget to your blog
      ==>Add Linkwithin widget to your blog… it helps display related posts on your blog to your readers.

      ==>You also need to maintain a uniform font size for all your post which is 11.

      Correct the above and keep up the good work

    • Hello Kelvin,
      Adjust the the width of your "Live Traffic Feed" its too wide and its coming out of your blog

      ==>Since you are an entertaninment blogger, you need to add blogroll or blog list to your sidebar, its very important, it makes your blog discoverable when others add you to their blog list.

      ==>You need to sign up for Konga Affilillate and make money with your blog.

  15. Prof…God will kuku bless you…I was trying to make my blog fit to any screen until I ruinated it …. visiting the blog through looks okay but through is an horror…

  16. Prof…God will kuku bless you…I was trying to make my blog fit to any screen until I ruinated it …. visiting the blog through looks okay but through is an horror…

    • Hello Rashbell,
      your both blog are displaying thesame thing at my end here however, your width is too wide,
      go to your dashboard, Click on template>>Customize>>>Adjust width. Set it to 960Max

    • Hello Moses,
      Can I make a suggestion? since your blog is more of an entertainment, change the layout. Its currently appearing like a box and its not appealing to the eyes at all. Arrange it the way a normal entertainment blog should appear.

    • Hello Christina, typearls,
      Welcome onboard this flight, so nice to have you around…

      You have a awesome business blog, simple and audience targeted.

      ==>Your blog is more of How to', 'training', and recipees', hence, I'll suggest you maintain a simple plain background instead of a multicolored background

      ==>Your image header isn't good enough. If you can't design your blog title image, why not leave it plan with title description

      ==>Make your blog background plain… so that it can be eyes friendly

      ==>Add google+ badge to your blog so that your readers can easily googleplus your blog to the largest community.

      In all, you've done a nice Job… keep up the good works!

  17. You have a very simple clean blog that maintain the KISS Principle.

    ==>Add Link within to your blog, it helps you display related posts
    ==>Add Share this widget to your blog, it helps your readers to easily share your blog accross every social media … you can get it here
    ==>You need to be posting regularly to keep your readers coming back.

    Why haven't you monetize your blog?

  18. Thanx Bro, I have been waiting for this opportunity.

    This is my blog
    It's new so I need a bit of expert advice on what to add and what to remove.

    And also I plan to change it to dot com I already secured a domain name at domainking.Com but I haven't paid for it yet do you think I should go ahead with it. I mean is domain king okay?

  19. Thanks proff for your correction, plz have changed the box in my blog and I need you to help me get a better template that will suit my blog, please check it you are the best boss.

    • Hello sir everything is okay bout your blog except that you need to fix the below;
      Change ur background color from blue to white and from green to plain. Asanhealth blogger, those colors are not friendly to the eyes.

      Add related post widget, recent post widget and link within to your blog. That's all.

    • Oga sir, that your header image is tooooo big just like foto album. please reduce the size or use normal text as blog title.

      Your Konga affiliate link is not properly copied. Login to your konga affiliate link and copy the right code so that ads can display on your blog

      Add recen, related, and popular blog widget to your sidebar. add linkwithin to your blog.

      Also maintain originality in your writing…

    • Hello Hammad,
      Your site is okay, I noticed that one can't comment on your blog no matter how they want to comment except you click on be the first to comment. Kindly check it and fix it.

      Add social media share button in your post so sthat readers can easily share your post to their social media anytime.

      Add Home, About Us, Contact Us and Privacy Policy pages to your blog… they are very important

    • Hello Bob, you've got a great blog and I was able to access the mobile view of your blog, it's okay but your mobile view shouldn't start with categories, you can take it down after your nomal post.

      Also add about you, contact you and privacy policy page to your blog.

    • You need to settle down to redesign your blog… all your images are tooo big, you ddn't edit the template after installation cause I can see something like Heal while your niche is not in any way related to health.

    • Hello Tryanzer,
      Your blog is okay… but I noticed your font are not thesame. Some are big while others are small, some bold others faint. Kindly maintain a uniform font in all your post.

      Also add Recent, Popular and related post widget to your blog

  20. @ Michael bro i fink ur blog design look very good an problem free. uv got a very responsive template. d only tin i will point ur attention to is, u ar not on any niche. u can just start posting any topic any how if u ar still on blogger blog server. if u want to own a website like then blogger will not be a good start for u cause google will never support u. happy bloging bro.

    • hello man,
      I just visited your blog… nice background but you images are too big, can you reduce the sizes to make it more user friendly.

      It seems you just design the blog, well, if you are not too familar with wordpress interface, why not move to blogger.

    • Your blog is okay… I'll just point this out…
      Add Popular post widget to your blog sidebar, related post widget and recent post widget.

      Every other thing is perfect. Also remember to maintain originality when blogging

    • The number one thing I'll point out from your site is that it has alot of unnecessary pop up ads which is the number one turn off for readers. Readers will come to your blog but may not return because of this pop up ads.

      Adsense won't accept you with pop up ads.

      Site design and every other thing is perfectly okay.

  21. pls i don't know how to add Recent, Popular and related post widget to my blog,i have tried but its not showing up…
    please help me on how to do that cuz it makes me not to be comfortable posting more articles..
    i will be counting on you, though i have your contact but i want your permission before contacting you…

  22. Please, review my site http: //www. techexposer. com after the countless number of trials for Adsense approval, I decided to use infolinks… I still need Adsense and will remove infolinks when I am ready to reapply. My problem is, why do they keep rejecting me? kindly check my site and tell me.

    Note: infolinks was not on my site when I was applying.


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