How to Recover A Hacked Facebook Account in Less Than 10Min

of the most annoying thing that can ever happen to someone if your Facebook
account is hacked. Its so annoying, and painful most especially when Facebook
do not leave you any simple option of recovery. The most painful aspect of it
is when the hacker keep posting disgusting updates, pictures etc on your
timeline and your friends think you are the one gone bad. But I’m going to show
you how to recover a hacked Facebook account in easy steps.
to this page
and you’ll see a comprise account

on my account is compromised button
your account’s username, email or phone number. Fill in the information and
click on “Search“.

your recent or old password that you can remember.

facebook realize that your account is genuine, they’ll take you through a few
steps to change your password.

will then review the email addresses attached to your account. Tick the one
that belongs to you and others will be deleted by FB.

next and you’ll have your account restored back to you. The teacher is done
talking… time for questions and answer using the comment box.

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36 thoughts on “How to Recover A Hacked Facebook Account in Less Than 10Min”

    • It means you have mistakenly given permission s to one app or the other, to stop it go to facebook app, click settings, click privacy and select apps…. now u will see a list of app and wat they do to yoir account, some even post on yoir behalf.
      disable any those apps, and you are good to go.

      it happened to my friend wjere one hootsuite app keeps posting nide pix and links on his behalf

  1. Thanks so much i used this to just opened my first ever facebook account not long ago now,more grace to you for your great job YOMI.

  2. yomi please sorry for deviating…I dont really know how to go about this vcom stuff.I downloaded it and etracted it but I dont know where to get device manager and the rest >click action etc
    1. Extract the downloaded vcom driver.
    2. Go to device manager>click action>click add legacy hardware
    3. Under welcome to add new hardware click next
    4. Select advanced option and click next
    5. Select ‘show all devices’ and click next.
    6. Click have disk
    7. Browse to your vcom extracted folder and select the driver setup up file and click
    open, then ok.
    8. Select Mediatek preloader usb vcom driver and click next.

  3. Nice info…most people always overlook the se urity of their facebook… you can always yo to facebook>settings>privacy to set up in different secure ways….
    I set mine so dat anytime someone logs in, facebook sends me a text to confirm

  4. My network service is fluctuating but thanks to YOMI for this update, and it is working for me. My account has been blocked like ten times and I am tired but this really helped!!!

  5. It didn't work for my own former account o……my facebook account usually bring out Facebook for business page where my newsfeed is supposed to come up

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