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is going to be different this morning, if you’ve got a blog you want it to be
review, just  drop the link, tell us what
your blog is all about and it will be reviewed. Blog review most at times helps
you to pin point where your blog design mistakes are, it helps you to see if you
maintain the KISS principle or not.

Please if you have an inactive blog that you don’t post
anything on it at all, or you last updated it last year; don’t bother dropping it
for review because it won’t be review. If your blog has been reviewed before
but you want people to know what you do, you can also go ahead drop your blog
url, tell us what it’s all about using the comment.

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158 thoughts on “Review Your Blog Here”

  1. Hi Yomi, thanks for the opportunity and your kind gesture.

    WizyTechs is a Nigerian tech blog that provides affordable Internet solutions, free browsing Tricks, latest phone updates/reviews, tweaking guide, tech news and overall optimization of phones for better usage.
    Prof you can review it at

    • Hello Steve,
      Nice, sweet blog you've got with rich content. Can you redesign the background of your blog title img to tally with the general menu background which is black. You can easily do that using fireworks.

      I love your blog bro. Keep up the good work.

    At you enjoy the ultimate news experience. We offer timely news update while we try not to bore you with outdated news.

    For the latest entertaining, fashion, and political events going on in Nigeria and around the world, you couldn’t have arrived at a better destination.

    • Hello Ayodeji,
      You have a very nice entertaining blog. But it will be more entertaining if you can make your blog header to be bolder and bigger.

      I noticed that your site right bar is lagging. I think you need to adjust the width of the entire blog so that your right side bar car fit into the top. You'll notice that your "Job vacancy", "Most viewed today" etc are displaying at the tail end of your blog which is not suppose to be so. Adjust the width of your blog and it will fit into the right position.

      Keep up the good work.

    • Hello Yusitechs,
      I love your blog template… so smooth. Your blog header is too small, can you make it a little more bigger and bolder? Perhaps 350×100 will do.

      Your footer blog widget is lagging, you'll notice that your "Like us on Facebook" jumped down. The easiest way to fix this is to readjust the width of your Facebook widget size, reduce it by 10% and you are good to go.

      And finally, in all your post, try as much as possible to be applying link juice principle. It will help boost your seo ranking.

    • Hello Prof,
      Nice content you've got on you blog. How old is your blog? You said you started recently… if you are truly the genuine owner of the 15 post on your blog, adsense will accept you one hand application.

      Before you apply, remove adblabla ads and other third party ads from your blog.

    • Hello yomiprof thanks so much for taking time to reply me.My blog is barely 3 weeks old,And i'm the genuine owner of my posts..I will keep what you said in mind.THANKS AGAIN

    • Hello Tomi baba,
      I just checked your blog and I noticed you are in more than one niche, you are in tech, entertainment and education niche which I think might not really give you an edge in the blogsphere. You need to choose a niche you are good at. Be it tech, entertainment or education; but you can't actually be in all the 3.

  3. Helo yomi, is an infotech blog that deals with phone reviews like IOs, android, windows and Java phones, it also provides tweak of the above devices, just take a review of it.

    • Hello friend,
      You have a very nice blog. But you don't you just buy a domain name and change from blogspot to dot com? it will make you look more serious in blogging. Blogging is a business and not just hobbies.

      Also, your blog is filled with so many ads which can confuse a first time visitor. Why not reduce the konga jumia ads and make your blog look more professional.

      Finally, Your color combination will be more beautiful if you can change that red and purple color to something like light blue or so. Site colors matters a lot to the eyes of the reader wether they will come back to your site or not.

    • Hello, I love the simplicity of your blog, easy to navigate and user friendly. Nice work you are doing. However, Regarding your adsense placement…

      1. I'll suggest you move your large rectangle adsense placement displaying at the footer end of your blog to the beginning of your blog "before the post". It will help increase your earning.

      2. Add AdSense code inside your post after post title and after the post. I can see that the only ads displaying after your post title is ADQUET but I'll suggest you replace it with your AdSense; move your adquet code to your sidebar.
      If you don't know, you can make in a day with Google Ads what Adquet will give you in a month.

      3. I can see an empty widget on your sidebar displaying nothing at the beginning. I'll suggest if its not useful, remove it or add another useful gadget their.

      4. You enabled your share widget on PC and mobile. I suggest it should only be enabled on desktop and not on mobile. Edit the html of your blog and set that particular widget not to display on mobile.

      Finally, the reason why you are not making enough with your adsense is simply because you haven't been displaying adsense code properly on your desktop and mobile blog. Do the needful and you are good to go.

    • Hello Lanre,
      First of all I love your responsive blog template but I'm thinking if you can rearrange your widget it will looks more responsive. Take a look at your Random post widget, its lagging and some how clustered on PC.

      Secondly, your domain name is too long. Why not get a custom domain instead of blogger domain. That will make you know that you are in business.

    • Helo Bugsy,
      Nice blog you've got. You need to add blog title or redesign the image their. Its only showing a logo without title.

      And also, google adsense code is displaying on almost all your post from PC. You need to check it out and fix it.

    • Hello Adetola,
      You need to work more on your SEO ranking, that is the best source of traffic. page view is different from numbers of unique visitor. Link your blog with google analytic, webmaster tool.

      When last did your blog got index by google? You also need to apply link juice principle. If you want easy adsense approval, verify your blog with google webmaster tool and remove all copied post you have on your blog. Adsense will approve you if you have genuine posts.

    • Your blog hasn't been updated this month, why? Why did you stop posting on your blog? You need to rearrange your blog gadget and add recent, related blog widget to your sidebar

    • Thanks prof. My challenge has been school work o. But I'll be through by next week. So I'm going 2 bounce back. Thanks 4 even checking it..means alot. I'll try and rearrange den give u an update.

    • Your blog is okay bro, you just need to post more quality content on your blog so that Google bot can index your blog. I can see majority of your post are only on cheats and tweak which is not nice enough. If your readers can get thesame thing elsewhere, do you think they'll come back to your blog? You need to seriously explore the tech world if that is what you wish to blog about.

      Your blog design is okay. Keep up the good work.

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    • Your blog is not active. Why did you stop posting? It seems you are yet to figure out which niche you want to settle for… Seat down and access which niche you are best at. Maybe entertainment, music, education etc but I'm sure its not tech niche.

    • It's a tech niche bro…I stopped posting because v bin so busy here but right after my pop on 14th next month m facing this squarely I just need hint from you regards what I can to get indexed by Google quickly…Thanks sir!!!

    • Hello Chigoz,
      Why are you making use of and not blogger or custom domain? I think you should switch from to custom wordpress or blogger platform.

    • Hello Techmiller,
      Nice blog template you've got here. The first thing I think you should correct is your blog header color, change it from blue to something like white so that it can fit into ur color black.

      Can you also add floating share widget to your blog sidebar to enable your readers share your blog post to various social media platform.

      Also you need to apply Link juice principle to enable your blog rank high on SEO. Google more info about link juice.

    • Hello Emeka, Nice blog you've got but why are you using bitvertiser? it pop ups different ads making your pc looks as if it has a virus. There are so mnay ads on your site which makes even a normal reader confuse on what to click and what not to click.

      My Suggestion: since you have adsense on your blog or other ads, check for the one that pays you the most and remove orders because you earn the same amount from the 3 ads brands you have on your blog.

    • I love your blog design. It looks so smooth and Tosh. Since you are more into entertainment, I'll advice you should be more active on twitter. Its very important.

    • Hello Pikazo,
      I just visited your blog and it appears you don't have more than 3 post on it. First of all you need to find a niche and stick to it. Maybe its an entertainment, tech, education etc I don't know but find a niche you are good at stay with it.

      I've attached a link below for you to download Ogbonge blogger guide. It will teach you everything you need to know about blogging. Downlod it here


  6. I no even remember my blog password again abeg how i go take retrieve am and how can upgrade my blog to domain. Com

  7. I remembered when i dropped my blog for review 2 years Ago… Yomi You re the Boss.. May God Keep blessing u for introducing me to blogging.
    I will mary your daughter

    • First of all I'll advice you get a .com domain, its not expensive maybe you should just check DomainKing or web4africa for the domain.

      Secondly, you can align your header image to tally with the green color of your header background using png format.

      Thirdly or perhaps finally, why do any of your blog post always open as a pop up ads on a new page instead of the same page? Don't you know it consume your readers data and can be annoying atimes; Try and fix it. Also you need rich content on your blog before google will index it to search engine. try and write rich post. The real blog traffic is from seo.

  8. Prof happy Easter, nor eat the chicken leave me oh, no kidding oh my Easter chicken is this review please help any way you can.

    have been your number 1 disturber and you already know me and my blog

    I have a shared AdSense am using for my blog but I recently applied for my own but AdSense chase me away.

    I know how it works at least I have been on it for quite a long time now and these are the things I wanna edit.

    ==> A nice picture header and a new tech name for the blog
    ==> A new 20 long and educative posts with my own pictures

    but I don't know if they will approve my application after that.

    You see I got frustrated after the disapproval of my latest application but I will get back to work after Easter with full force.

    But what do you think my blog is missing Prof?
    I think there is something the Prof is seeing that am not seeing, what do you think I should do to perfect the BLOG so AdSense won't be able to reject me anymore?

    • Hello Idowu David,
      I've reviewed your blog several times and I think it doesn't need any review again. You already said what you need to fix which includes your header. Your blog header and menu shouldn't be compounded with so many things. Make it more simple. If you are not good in with graphics design, just use normal text but make it visible to your readers.

      Regarding your adsense, it depends on the last message adsense sent you.

    • Hello Abubakar,
      I love your blog, simple design, and great seo optimization. I can see some empty gadgets on your blog probably or maybe your blog is under review by adsense; but if its passed review stage, why not replace the empty gadget with something else more occupying.

      Add scrolling share widget to your blog for easy sharing of your blog post by your readers to various social media platform.

      Also learn how to be applying Link Juice principle for easy seo ranking. You can read more about that from google.

  9. where do bloggers like you get cheats to upload in your blogger… i mean where is the major root before a blogger copies from another blog…

    2. How are cheats created?
    These two questions are just a few i have to ask for now before kicking off my blogging job.

    • Happy Easter bro. Your blog doesn't need review because its not active. As a matter of fact you don't post on it. Meaning you technically abandon it; emotionally neglected it and physically, if you want to go back to blogging, you'll consider changing your template to a more simpler template with easy navigation.

      Also, you'll need to choose a niche you want to be in. I can see tech post and also music tab. You can perform well doing all. Just settle it within yourself on the niche you want.

    • hello friend,
      Everything is right with your blog except one. Your color combination is eye killing. You need only two colors on that blog. Your background color shouldn't be brown at all. . . make it plain and your post background color should be white and not blue.

    • Hello Kensat,
      Yours is not a blog per say but more of a company site. I'll only advice you install a corporate business template on your wordpress site and add a well designed logo to it.

  10. Hello Prof my blog is
    I have applied for adsense like a million times, always stucked at the second review. So frustrated. I stopped applying sometimes ago. maybe i will apply, if you can view it, and give me a go ahead

    • Prof, Thanks for taking your time to review my blog. As you've requested, this is the last message i got

      As mentioned in our welcome email, we conduct a second review of your AdSense application once AdSense code is placed on your site(s). As a result of this review, we have disapproved your account for the following violation(s):

      We did not approve your application for the reasons listed below

      Site does not comply with Google policies: We're unable to approve your AdSense application at this time because your site does not comply with the Google AdSense program policies or adhere to the Webmaster Quality guidelines. It's our goal to provide our advertisers sites that offer rich and meaningful content, receive organic traffic, and allow us to serve well-targeted ads to users. We believe that currently your site does not fulfill this criteria.

      Here are some recommendations to help you improve the user experience on your site and comply with AdSense criteria:

      It’s important for sites displaying Google ads to offer significant value to the user. As a publisher, you must provide unique and relevant content that gives users a reason to visit your site first.
      Don’t place ads on auto-generated pages or pages with little to no original content.
      Your site should also provide a good user experience through clear navigation and organization. Users should be able to easily click through your pages and find the information they’re seeking.

      Looking forward to your reply. Thanks in advance

    • Hello Daily admin,
      You have an excellent wordpress entertainment blog. Easy navigation and maintain the kiss principle.
      However, your blog header need a touch of excellent. If you can redesign your blog header to something more captivating and visible, it will make your work near perfection.

  11. Techmzy is a tech blog in Nigeria, dedicated in offering tech gist, tips & tutorials, unbiased reviews on electrical and electronic gadgets and simple ways to make life even easier you can get. Site »

  12. hello sir,

    Please can you help me go through … Rated Mobile is a very simple and educating blog which focuses on mobile specifications, tutorials and also proper usage of your phones and where to buy them.
    We are trying to build a Nigerian mobile base website which will have all necessary database of phones in Nigeria and Africa in future.

  13. Nice one…

    I will be more than glad if my site is considered to be reviewed on this blog. Site URL is is a multi-author technology site that focuses on latest Mobile Phones – we cover the best smartphones to buy at top shopping stores In Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana, Gadget Reviews, Tech news, Apps, Startups, and lots more. We are also dedicated to stimulate startups, reviewing new Internet products, and providing breaking tech news.

  14. Yomi prof, kindly help me review my blog, a lifestyle blog , diys, crafts, tutorials and fashion tips. I recently had an experience that made me agree with one of your recent posts, free hosting on google blogger, is better than self hosted wordpress site anytime, i wanted to give my site a professional feel, and after reading so many reviews of how wordpress is better than blogger, I contacted one social media strategist to help me build a wordpress site, it turned out to be a costly mistake, the site will shut down 2 weeks on end citing bandwidth expiration, infact so many times the site was down limited user experience, it was hellish. Now my question is why should all these web managers insist on providing unlimited hosting when it is a lie,no one tells you the pros or cons, they are all out to make money. After paying for design and site hosting, should the web manager also hold on to the domain cname details? My dilemma is i want to move my domain to blogger but the guy wont give me details. Is this fair?

  15. Prof please how can I move some of my tabs to the bottom layout of my blog just as you did with this new template of your blog?

    is the changes only for your blog template? if not, please how can I do the same thing for my blog.

    I wanna move some of my tabs to the bottom just like yours, please how.


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