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Hello guys, its weekend again and not just weekend but month
end… and I’ll be doing another blog review. Blog review most times helps you to
pin point where your design mistakes are, or to see if you maintain the keep it
simple principle.

So if you’ve got a blog you want me to review, Kindly tell
us what it is about and it will be reviewed. Also if your blog have been
inactive or you haven’t updated your site in the last 3months, don’t expect it
to be review. Blogging is a serious business, and only serious people get into it.
Use the comment section, drop your blog url and it will be
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199 thoughts on “Drop Your Blog Url for Review Here

    • Chima,
      Nice blog with good design you've got there. You only need to adjust two things to your site.

      1. Your homepage is only displaying 3 Post. Increase the number of posts that display on your homepage to atleast 10.

      2. Add a share button widget to your blog in other to enable your readers share your blog post to various platform just like i have in mine.

    • Hello Mr Okoye,
      First of all nice blog, secondly, your Konga affiliate sign up form will do well on your sidebar than where it is currently located.

      I noticed that some of your menu are still reading sub menu, replace any name with sub menu with a valid name.

      Add a scrolling share button to your site. Its very important.

    • Your blog is superb, clean and simple. The only thing you'll have to do is to create a customized favico ico for your blog. Remove the old blogger favico ico image.

  1. Morning Prof. My site is not for monetization but to share class materials with my coursemates. But I still need a review since its my first site. Thankyou.


    • I love the simplicity of your blog. You need to start adding content to it.
      Also, you'll need to create a simple space on your hompage sidebar where your targets can easily see latest added materials or update.

      Keep it up man

    • Hello Stemar,
      Whatever encriptions you used in designing your site, I think it is not good. All I get is "Warning! This site has been marked as a phishing site"

      Fix it or else you'll loose your readers.

    • Beautiful blog… Simple and clean. You've done a nice job.

      I'll only suggest your feature post widget should come before Popular post.

    • Hello Micheal,
      I'll advice you build another site, get a domain name that ends with .com. Use blogger or wordpress to build a wonderful site that your blog readers will always want to visit again and again.

      What you have up their doesn't look like a site.

    • Hello Beejay,
      You have a sweet blog that maintain the KISS principle. However, I'll advice if you can add Social media scrolling widget button to your blog, so that your blog readers can easily share your post to various platform.

      Keep up the good work.

    • Hello Damian,
      Obviously you haven't define a niche for yourself. Settle down, think withing yourself, what are you good at? What is your passion and where is it geared towards? Is it in entertainment, tech, fashion or gossip? Until you have a niche for yourself, you'll never stand tall when it comes to bloggin.

      Your site background should be changed to plain or white. Black color kills the eye.

    • Hello Sam,
      You need a simple blog site logo. The logo you have their looks complicated. Just make it simple.

      Add contact us form to your site side bar.

    • Hello P. Nelson,
      First of all, Remove the whatsapp you have as a money on your title bar, that is why the css is lagging.

      2. I can see all your post appearing full on your homepage which is not suppose to be so. Go back to your dashboard, edit the post and apply the jump break features so that the full post won't appear, but part. Just like I have in mine.

      3.Add contact us form, Recent post and featured post widget to your sidebar.

      4. You need to add social media share widget to your sidebar.

      Do the above and you are good to go.

    • Nice blog, simple and unique… But;

      1. You need to align your colors to fit in well.
      2. Your blog logo doesn't align with your site color hence, making it faded. E.g you can make your blog logo write up white so that it can display with the color you currently have.

      3. Add recent and featured post widget to your side bar.

      4. Add contact us form to your blog.

  2. Xclusivetechblog.com

    This is a tech blog for tech lovers. Here we share various information and How to guides related to Windows, Android, Iphone, softwares, Blogging, new gadgets and much more which relate to modern technology.

    • Nice blog you have their solomon.No need of review. However, you need xlusive aggressive social media marketing.

      Try to be making use of Nairaland at times.

    • Nice blog you've got. it seems the placement of your top ads, makes your menu bar css to be lagging. Maybe your can change the direction.

      Add Social media widget to your site for easy sharing of your post to social media. Keep up the good work.

    • Hello Jades,
      Your site looks cool, it looks more of a static site than dynamic site.
      Let me ask you, is it a company site or a personal site?

      Do you have a physical office?

    • Hello Tomi,
      You need to add social media share widget to your blog sidebar for easy sharing of your post by readers.

      You also need aggressive social media marketing

    • Nice blog you've got there bro. I raise yansh for you.The only thing you need to add to your blog is sharethis widget for easy sharing of your post.

      And why did you disable comments form on your blog?

    • You made me remember my old blog template. Nice content man.

      The only thing I can't see on your blog is your blog header? Where did you hide it?

    • Hello Abdul,
      I noticed you still combine entertainment with tech. why not choose a niche instead of combining two together.

      Your header: You need to design a simple header for your blog instead of having a simple write up. It doesn't look professional.

      Also design a simple favico ico for your blog.

    • Hello Brown,
      Why is your Menu bar lagging? Why not create a simple text widget on your sidebar, and input that "change your blogspot to a dot com" instead of creating a menu for it.

    • Hello Mr Nath,
      You made me remember those those of NySc. Nice niche you've got their.

      But, when it comes to choosing a name for a site or blog, it mustn't be too long. you should be able to choose a name that your readers can easily remember. Your blogspot name is extremely too long.

      Maybe when you want to get a custom domain name, choose your domain name carefully. atleast maximum of 8 words.

      Finally, get yourself a well design site logo.

    • Happy Anniversary.
      First of all, redesign your blog header. the color should fit into your bacground color.

      second, your post background color shouldn't be black. make it white or something plan.

      Finally, if you love your blog, buy yinkatech.com

    • Hello Patrick,
      Nice blog you've got here.

      Add, recent post widget, feature post widget and random post widget to your blog sidebar.

      Add sharethis widget to your sidebar for easy sharing of your blog post.

    • Always apply jump break on your post. I noticed all your post are displaying in full on your homepage which is not suppose to be so.

      Also increase the number of post that display on your homepage to atleast 10

    • Hello Abdul,
      You've got a beautiful site but your site logo is too big, can you reduce it to something like 300×300. It occuply almost half of my screen.

    • hello Gideon, Nice blog you've got there. But I notice your site is purely CSS designed. Why go through all those stress when you can simply design it with wordpress, get a simple theme and you are good to go.

      However,It will be nice if you can share some of your side bar widget to the other column, since you have 3 column blog.

    • Hello Basicloaded,
      You've got a caching blog. By your sidebar, add featured post,

      Let your Label widget be the last widget on your sidebar.

      Add social media share button to your blog for easy sharing of your post.

      Get yourself a customized favico ico for your blog

    • Hello Blaze, Your site is in place but you need to redesign your site logo.

      Also you need to carefully select your colors. that red line sorrounding your post shouldn't be their.

      Your recent article should't be at the top of your site, but should be at your side bar.

    • My Oga, your boy is loyal oooo…

      Just check your blog now, it will be nice if you can move your Menus e.g Home , About us etc to be under your blog title and not your sidebar.

      Samething is applicable to some of your pages.

      Add contact us widget to your sidebar.

      Add social media share widget to your blog for easy sharing to social media.

    • Hello Boss,
      Can you handle all the niche you are in? I can see Tecnology, relationship, sport, health, entertainment and even a forum. Can you handle all?

      I'll advice you choose a niche for yourself that you know you'll perfectly fit in and compete well so that you can be an authority in that niche than choosing all manner of niche.

      Nice blog design and color optimization.

    • obviously you haven't started bloging. Your last post says March. Maybe you should settle down till when you are ready for blogging. Choose a niche for yourself and I bet you'll do well when you fully launch.

  3. Hello Sir,
    Your site header is too big… It will make more meaning if your can reduce the site header.

    Also, the bacbkround color and the post background colors are not matching. for a kind of site like yours, the post background color ought to be white.

    And let the sidebar background color be equally withe.

    • Hello MM,
      Your blog is on point. But two things you need to do;

      1. Add About us, Contact Us and Privacy Policy to your Pages in menu.

      2. Add contact us widget to your sidebar.

    • First of all, you are in Nigeria, and I want to believe your target audience are English speaking people. Your Menus items are not in English aside of your Home, About us, and Internet. Others are in Latin. Kindly change the language.

      Any menu item you are not making use of, why not remove it.

    • Hello friend,
      First of all, you need to change your wordpress theme. that theme is not good enough for your kind of niche.

      Just go to where you can get good free wordpress theme that are plan. Preferably 2 column theme and try it.

    • Hello Steve,
      I've reviewed your blog more than 3 times and now again.

      I'm glad your blog is now looking so beautiful. Nice work you've done on it so far. I'm also glad you now have adsense approved on your blog. Please, do not click on your ads ooo. Just leave it the way it is before google monitoring spirit will start monitoring you.

      Congratulations man!

    • Hello Eisteve,
      First of all Trend of the day is suppose to be a one line scrolling update and not a square stagnant update. If thats how the template or theme you are making use of rate it, then I'll suggest you remove it from your home page and add it to your sidebar as a widget.

      Secondly, Is "Lets talk about it" the name of your site? I feel you should have a unique site name well design but simple.

      Every other thing looks okay for now.

    • Hello Jerry,
      nice blog you've got there.

      1. Can't your menu e.g home, about us, contact us etc fits in into the row your search field appear? Instead of having a serate widget for it, put it in thesame row your search form appears.

      2. Give your site logo a simple touch of excellence. redesign it.

      3. Add ShareThis social media widget to your site for easy sharing of your post to social media platform

    • Hello Mr Confidence,
      You've got a great but simple blog out there. Don't abandon it again. You just need to keep posting. I can see you already have unique contents and lots of people will do anything to read contents like that.

      Your design is okay, everything is okay. Just do aggressive seo marketing.

    • Hello Ben,
      First of all, as an entertaninment blogger, your post background color must not be brown, cos it makes the eyes weary.
      Change it to whitel

      Secondly, Add recent post, related post and featured post widget to your sidebar.

      Thirdly, you have to marry social media media because 80% of your traffic will come from their.

    • Hello Harrie,
      Nice blog you've got there with nice niche. I'll advice you make your background color white

      Add Featured post to your right sidebar,

      Add sharethis social media widget to your sidebar for easy sharing of your posts to facebook.

    • Your blog ought to be 3 column… but I can only see one column.

      Add right and left sidebar to your blog. On your right sidebar, add Popular post, recent post. On your left sidebar, add contact us form, Google plus badge and featured post.

    • your site logo background is not suppose to be black. Make it plain.

      Opening a post from desktop automatically opened from another Tab which is not suppose to be so, its suppose to open from thesame tab. Try and fix it.

      Add scrolling social media SharThis widget to your blog for easy sharing of your post.

    • Centralize your blog description.

      Add Popular post, recent post, related post widget to your sidebar.

      Add featured post widget to your sidebar.

    • Just your site logo. Redesign it.

      I can see your blog from mobile device. Try as much as possible to be login in atimes to see how your post appear on desktop

    • First of all, you need to define a niche for yourself. I can see some real life post there and some tech post.

      Add recent and related post widget to your sidebar. And social media share button.

    • Background color should be changed from black to white. Black kills the eye.

      Redesign your header to fit into your background color

      Add ShareThis widget to your sidebar

    • Hello Nelson,
      Your blog is cool. Just add Popular post, Featured post and FB/twitter like button to your sidebar.

      Also if possible, add Email subscription widget.

    • Your blog is superb. Only that your post texts seems to be too small. Before you make your post, you can always set it to TimesNew Roman 12 in font size.

    • Hello Adamu,
      Nice blog you've got there. Why not move your share this buttons to your top right side bar. instead of appearing at the middle of every post.

      Add recent post widget to your sidebar and featured post.

      Design a simple customized favico ico for your blog and remove the old blogger ico.

    • Hello Bayu,
      Nice blog you've got there. I think you should make your blog background color white.

      Add popular post widget to your blog.
      Add Facebook like button and twitter share button to your blog.

      You should also monetize your blog. You've got great superb contents.

  4. Wooooow, was about to post my blog for review but opted to check my blog first.
    if you want to know how i did it?
    i followed all of yomiprof post step by step and was very patient.
    no jokes, first application and it was approved.
    thanks oga yomi
    but still review the thing sha.

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