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Hello guys, it’s a wonderful Sunday down here,  and few days to Black Friday where you’ll need
to pick items and gadget at a more cheaper price compared to normal. I’ll be
doing a brief blog review for some of you that needs it badly.  Blog review most times helps you to pin point
where your design mistakes are, or to see if you maintain the keep it simple

More so, those of you who have been continually rejected by
Adsense, you can also drop your blog lets do a quick review.
So if you’ve got a blog you want me to review,
Kindly tell us what it is about and it will be reviewed. Also if your blog have
been inactive or you haven’t updated your site in the last 3months, don’t
expect it to be review. Blogging is a serious business, and only serious people
get into it.
Use the comment section, drop your blog url
and it will be reviewed.
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116 thoughts on “Drop Your Blog For Review Here”

    • Thank you prof, i applied for adsense, and i keep on getting rejected for Copyrighted material. i am so confused, i do not copy peoples content, even if i do i will rewrite everything. what do you think i should do?

    • Hello Isah,
      Nice blog you've got there bro but you need to add About Us page, Contact us page and Site map.

      Submit your blog to google webmaster and you are good to go

    • Hello Mr Kayode,
      Obviousely you don't post on your blog. your blog is an entertainment blog that demands you to be posting atleast 3-7 post daily.

      You'll need to figure out if you actually want to be in entertainment niche or not. Settle down and blog in the area of your strenght

    • hello Chibueze,
      Your blog don't need review, you last posted on it over a year ago. That alone must have discouraged some of your readers. Can you stay for 11months without eating?

      Blogging is a serious business… only those who are serious about blogging go into it.

      I can see your blog is all about movies. the question is do you love movies? If you do, you'll update your blog all the time.

      Take your time, find within you what actually you wanna blog about before proceeding.

    • Hello Saliu,
      Add Social media share widget to your blog for easy sharing of your blog to all social media by your readers.

      Add contact us, About Us widget to your blog.

      Add recent post widget to your sidebar.

      Every other things looks okay.

    • Hello Emmy,
      Nice blog you've got… But it will be nice if you can add Popular Post, related post, recent post widget to your side bar.

      Also add social media scrolling share widget to your blog for easy sharing of your blog to various social media platform by your readers.

      Keep up the good works

    • I love your niche… absolutely different from what I usually see. However, you need to add About us, Contact us and privacy policy page to your blog…

      They are very important

    • where you kept them are not visible. Put your Privacy policy page, Contact and about us page to your top menu and not that hidden corner where you kept them.

  1. Yomiprof my own is about review. My is how will I get traffic to my blog. Go to google looking for how to get traffic some websites will say write a guy content when you write content when no one is seeing how will they no that it is gud

    • Hello Tobi,
      First of all when it comes to traffic generation to your blog, you need to

      1: Write Quality Content.
      2. Make your content search engine friendly.
      3. Maintain the Link Juice Principle (google it)

      4. Nairaland is one of the easiest way to generate traffic to your blog. You can make a quality post with a link back to your blog as the source.

      5. Always share your blog post on social media.

      6. Depending on the niche where you are, you can also advertise your blog, sponsored a post and do give aways.

      …just to mention few.

    • Hello Bro,
      Nice blog you've got there. The only thing I'll summoned you to add is social media share widget to your sidebar to enable easy sharing of your blog to social media.

      You are mostly turned down because your Privacy Policy doesn't agree what Adsense Privacy Policy. Fix it

    • Hello Nuel,
      Why not design a custom header for your blog instead of having it the way it is now. If you can't do it yourself, you can simply higher a graphics designer to do it for you.

      Also, move your floating share widget to righ or left sidebar. Where it is right now is not good enough.

      Add a facebook like page, and twitter like page to your blog.

      It is time for you to start implementing ads on your blog

    • Hello Yusuf,
      You designed your blog like a forum, the question is, is it a Forum you want or a blog?

      Your blog Facebook Page is lagging, why not adjust the width and height.
      It is difficult to comment on your blog/forum.. try and fix it.

      Make your blog navigation to be user friendly.

    • Hello Clickz,
      You've got a great blog. You only need to implement these;

      >>Add a blog descriptiuon to your blog
      >>Add a floating share widget to your sidebar.

    • Change your blog template. Entertainment blog shouldn't carry that template you are using right now.

      Sort for more rich content, daily happenings from other notable blogs and add to yours.

    • Hello Johnson,
      You've done a good job on your blog. Two things you'll need to act to promptly…

      Design a beutiful header for your blog with blog description and also try as much as possible to get a dot com domain for yourself.

      Leave .tk alone…

    • Hello Victor,
      Your blog is awesome but the ads you put in between your menu is making your css lagging with the menu. If you can change the ad position at the middle, your menus will be normal.

      If you are good with coding, you should be able to directly put your ads directly from blogger html code from your template.

    • That's exactly what i did. I inserted it directly in the Template HTML. The thing is, the Ads JavaScript is the cause.

      According to Google Page Insight and ThinkWithGoogle, the JavaScript is responding quite fast and has no impact on my Page speed.

      Coding Blogger Template is my Gig and profession.

    • Hello Chuks,
      May I suggest you enable more posts on your Homepage, or is it the template you are using? More posts on your home page makes it looks attractive and tempted to open.

      why are ads not showing on your site?

    • Hello Madrid,
      Fist of all you need to work on your header… It is a completely turn of for a football fan.

      Your blog niche is unique, hence you need to keep your blog design and write up absolutely unique if you want readers to always come back for more readership.

      Adjust the size of your images, they are too big.

      Give space between your write ups, seperate paragraphs from sentence. It seems you have more work to do.

      Or should I send you simple bloggers guide?

    • Hello GentleBoss,

      First of all work on your header image. it is not good looking.It is too big, make it simple.

      Fill your sidebar with recent post, related post, popular posts. Obviously, it seems you also need the bloggers guide

    • You did a nice job, just work on ur optimization, server response time is much, ur subdomain tv
      i don't understand whats happening there, it's just empty..
      Think u should finish with it before taking it public

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