Do You Know That Smartphone Can Now Test Sperm Quality

sound weird but when it comes to technology, nothing is impossible except it
has not been reasoned. According to US researchers, A new smartphone device can
analyze a man’s sperm quality and let him know in a matter of minutes whether
he suffers from infertility.

technology aims to make it easier for men to test their sperm at home because
40% of fertility problems are due to poor quality sperm which affects over
45million couples worldwide.

test, however, “can analyze a video of an undiluted, unwashed semen sample in
less than five seconds.”

works by using a combination of an optical attachment that can connect to a
smartphone and a disposable device for loading a semen sample, said the report.

tested the device using 350 semen specimens at the Massachusetts General
Hospital Fertility Center.

smartphone-based device detected abnormal semen samples — based on World Health
Organization thresholds on sperm concentration and motility — with an accuracy
of 98 percent.

cost of the materials used to assemble it came to $4.45.

device is not yet available to the public and is still in the prototype stage.

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