Drop Your Blog Url For Review Today Only

This is going to be my first blog review for 2017 and I know
that some of you have some blog unanswered question with reference to your blog
in which I’m willing with some other experience bloggers will provide answers to
this morning. 

First of all, if your blog has been reviewed before and it’s
doing well, no need to post it here again for another review. This review is
meant’ for those blog that have been active and has never undergo review
So if you’ve got a blog you want us to review, Kindly tell us what
it is about and it will be reviewed. Also if your blog have been inactive or
you haven’t updated your site in the last 3months, don’t expect it to be
review. Blogging is a serious business, and only serious people get into it.
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90 thoughts on “Drop Your Blog Url For Review Today Only”

    • Your header is too jam-packed, You need to remove or take some of those customize ads like buy your data, download our free app to somewhere around your sidebar.

      Make your Site header visible. I also discovered that you have pop up ads which adsense detest. I'll suggest your remove any other third party apps you have on your blog and wait for Googl ads to reply you.

    • Hello Bro,
      Your blog is awesome but I noticed that you didn't activate the blog sidebar widget or is it that it doesn't supports sidebar widget placement?

      It will be more nice if your sidebar are active and you have tabs like recent post, most read post and even some of your ads can seat in the sidebar.

      In all, I love the simplicity of your blog

    • Thanks, YP!

      Yeah, about the sidebar thingy, I purposely removed it.

      I split tested with/without sidebar and I noticed CTR and email Optin was the same (and sometimes even better) with the sidebar. Not to the mention the increase in site speed due to the removal of sidebar widgets which make additional external http requests.

      90% of the site visitors are mobile, so almost no one noticed the sidebar was missing. 😀

      Thanks for the review, YP.

    • Hello Mayor,
      Your blog is fabulous on mobile, design, simplicity is just too awesome.

      But on Desktop, you need a little rearrangement. I noticed that its 3 column blog. if you can remove the top categories column it will be nice, its just wasting away space.

      Kudos to you

    • Lol! Callis, you've got a good great adsense ready blog, why haven't you monetize your blog?

      Also add sitemap and Privacy policy to your tab

    • Hello bro,
      Your site is more a company static site aside of the forum attached to it. There is a usual location permission browser pop up, can you remove it and permit only the notification permission for newer post via push notification.

      If you can add privacy policy to your site, it will go a long way.

    • Three things you can do to improve your site viewership and readership;

      First, Make your header visible and simple, it is somehow hidden right now

      Secondly, your blog will do well on white background instead of multiple colored background

      Finally, Add a scrolling share widget to your sidebar for easy sharing to various social media platform.

    • Hello Gideon, Nice work you've done on your blog… but instead of placing your ads banner at the middle of your blog below the fold, I think it will do well on sidebar.

      In all, why haven't you monetize your blog?

    • Your blog is awesome and simple to navigate. just make sure you maintain consistency in posting. I can see its been a while u updated your blog.

    • Your blog background color, text color and header color is not user friendly, it strains the eye.

      If you are going to run a prediction blog, it should be simple, plain and maintain the KISS Principle. Kindly work on that

    • Hello Jeff,
      I can see you are on free wordpress. Why not migrate to blogger for easy costomization of your blog?

      Also I noticed you are running a multi niche site which in most cases add to maintain. I'll suggest you blog a niche site or in the area of your passion. blogging is not just a hobbie but a real business

    • Hello Joe,
      Nice blog you've got there. I think you'll do well and rank well if you maintain just educational aspect blogging and not mixing it with entertainment news or so.

      I can see some entertainment news on your blog which isn't ideal for a niche site. Just maintain the edu aspec just like the name Exams.com.ng and I bet you'll rank well.

      Also, try and add a scrolling sharing widget to your blog. I will help in fascilitating easy sharing of your blog to social media platform.

      Finally, monetize your blog

    • hello KMart,
      I love the simplicity of your blog. It maintain the KISS Principle.

      You need to add the following to your sidebar;
      Popular post widget

      Your header background should be plain. Try and remove all those blue coloured write ups so that your header can be more visible.

      Finally, add social media share widget to your blog. It is very important if you want to command traffic from diff social media

    • You have a lot of contents on your blog… too much for a two weeks old blog. Try and maintain originality on your blog and writeup.

      Try and maintain a niche blog and not multi niche other wise you will find it hard to survive in the blogging sphere.

      Black is a bad background color… it kills readers eyes. Change it to something plain.

      Happy blogging bro

    • hello bro,
      Nice blog you've got there. Your simple background color is awesome.

      Redesign your blog header… Keep it simple and beautiful

      Your text title shouldn't be italize, make it a normal text header.

      Instead of having Pages as your Menu title, you can edit it from your back end, remove it so that it won't be visible on the front page.

      Finally add a social media share widget to your blog

    • Your blog design and look is superb. I love the look and feel.

      Add share widget to your sidebar and monetize and publicize your blog. You have what it takes

    • Your header is not visible. Make it more visible

      The blog design is okay. But you need to add social media share widget to your sidebar and also maintain originality in writing.

  1. Change your blog template… You need a plan background and not color mixtures. When you change your blog theme, Just make sure you maintain the KISS Principle

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