Top 5 Sites to Download, Stream Korean Movies (K-Drama)

This is selectively updated for those who love to watch Korean movies and series drama. I mean die hard fans across the world.

If you don’t do Korean movies, watch or love them, then this post is not for your… sorry and move on.

This are my top sites for downloading, streaming or reading reviews about Korean movies with engaging communities. I have a separate dedicated time for watching movies and I don’t joke with that.

korean movies


Myramalist provide you with a list of new Korean, chinese or Taiwan drama. They’ve tons of newly updated Korea dramas that can captivate you and you can watch the drama trailers.  You can easily browse upcoming tv shows, read review rating and lots more.

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Do you want addictive Korean dramas? Then this site should be your next door neighbor. The picture quality is in HD and the admin updates the site regularly.

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This site gives you all you in need in one place… Series, movies drama, upcoming Korean movies that will keep your mouth open. Episode updates are provided on time that is why I love this site.

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KissAsian offers tons of Korea dramas from all category such as action, love sequence and also has a highly engaging community.

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This site gives you in-depth reviews and analysis of Korean dramas. It is easy to navigate around the site, user friendly and also has a forum where fans come together to discuss

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So if you are a lover of anything K-drama, C-drama or T-drama the above link should be useful to you. Lets know your favorite Korean movie.

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40 thoughts on “Top 5 Sites to Download, Stream Korean Movies (K-Drama)”

  1. I make use of …..very good site for downloading not only korean dramas and movies but India movies and chinese movies too all their dramas and movies are English subtitled

  2. To those who are saying that they don’t watch Korean dramas, then I must tell you guy you’re really missing a lot.

  3. Best site to download Korean, Taiwan, Chinese and a little bit of Bollywood movies is www. dramanices. com

    Try it and get hook!

    Been working for my kdrama download since 2 years ago.


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