Movies Launch Delayed Due to Covid-19, See Alternatives to Watch Below

Due to the current state of the Covid-19 outbreak, lots of movies that were supposed to be launch during the cause of the year has been postponed, and you need to just get your hands on alternatives before the actual launch date.

Here are the lists of movies that were supposed to be launched this year but has date has been postponed indefinitely.

1. A quiet place Part II: This movie was supposed to launch  March 20th but has been postponed indefinitely. See the trailer below;

Alternatively, you can rewatch the first one or download it directly from Netflix Premium Mod app

2. Mulan: Disney’s live-action version of its hit animated film was due to be released to theaters on March 27. Now, the film is a victim of the coronavirus movie delays.

Alternatively, you can watch IPMAN 4. Download it from Netflix premium mod app

3. Peter Rabbits 2: The Runaway

This movie was supposed to be launched on April 3 but has been postponed till August 7. Alternatively, you can download the first one from your Netflix app.

4. The New Mutant:

Marvel Comics superhero-horror film was supposed to have been released nearly two years ago. When Disney finally set to release it on April 3, Coronavirus said no, move it to the future. No release date for this at the moment.

5. No time to Die: This movie supposed to be the 25 official James Bond film, scheduled for launch April 10, but has been postponed till November 25, 2020.

Alternatively, you can watch “Goldeye”, “Tomorrow Never Die”, “Die Another Day”, directly from your Netflix mod or use filechef app to download it.

6. FF9: Fast and Furious 9 expected to be launch on May 22 but has been shifted till Apil 2021 due to the massive outbreak of the Covid-19 outbreak.

I’m sure we have many more which can list below if you know any.


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