Weekend Movies: Queen Sono, Possessor, Broken Law, Triggered and more

Looking for something to watch this weekend? We’ve put in some lists of movies you can watch this weekend, wipe away bored moment, and at least it will help you relax.

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Possessor 2020

Tasya Vos, an elite corporate assassin, uses brain-implant technology to take control of other people’s bodies to terminate high-profile targets. As she sinks deeper into her latest assignment, Vos becomes trapped inside a mind that threatens to obliterate her.

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Broken Law 2020

Dave Connolly is a respected member of the Garda Síochána but his loyalty to the law gets tested by his ex-convict brother Joe who is in desperate need of his help.

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Triggered 2020

Nine friends, all harboring a dark secret, go camping in the woods. After a wild night of partying, they wake up with suicide bombs strapped to their chests, all with varying times on their countdown clocks. They decide to work out how to disarm the bombs or find help – until they discover they can ‘take’ one another’s time by killing each other.

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Friend Request 2020

A successful family man is seduced by an ex-girlfriend who is out for revenge for a past wrongdoing.

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Kindred 2020

Plagued by mysterious hallucinations, a pregnant woman suspects that the family of her deceased boyfriend has intentions for her unborn child.

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Queen Sono 2020

Queen Sono is a Netflix Original movie… A highly trained South African spy takes on her most dangerous mission yet while facing changing relationships in her personal life.

Queen Sono Weekend movies
weekend movies: Queen Sono

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  1. Most 2020 movies are nothing to write about. Going through some reviews should help in knowing which ones to watch/download sọ one doesn’t waste precious data.


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