How to Make Money Online by Liking Pictures Using This App

The truth is that the internet is filled with a lot of ways you can make money online, you just got to choose the right one. A lot of you are on instagram, so I’m going to be discussing with you today a way you can make money on Instagram by liking photos using Insme.

With InsMeApp you can be making from atleast N3000+ or more daily from this platform if you are really interested to learn how.

Before We Begin, Make Sure You Have The Following;

>>A Smartphone or a PC

>>Instagram account

>>Nigerian Sim Card

>>Patience is reading and following

What is Insme?

InsMe is an Authorized Affiliate Platform of InsHeart in Nigeria. In 2015, with the strong support of IG, dozens of the most popular European and American Internet celebrities has jointly founded InsHeart, an international online interactive community for IG users”.

After the formation, InsHeart is focusing on bringing global IG users together, enhance communications with each other and give the best advice to IG so that they may also continue to improve”.

During October of 2020, InsHeart opened its platform for the people in Nigeria by appointing InsMe. The member of InsMe can now earn extra income by helping to promote the ads of IG through InsHeart”.

Insme Affiliate certificate

InsMe is a registered promotional Platform in Nigeria, which works in partnership with Instagram to promote the various ads being placed by various internet celebrities on the Instagram social media platform.

This is an Income Program where you do some tasks and get paid. On this platform, IG (Instagram) is the social media mostly used.

How Does it Work?

InsMe has two different business models. This first is that InsMe members can get rewards by just clicking like on the influential marketing contents in IG.

For the second, InsMe aggressively augments promotion of internet celebrities who have talent but are still anonymous due to the lack of network resources.

When you do these tasks you get a reward depending on the package you are in.

Insme Packages

Insme has different packages, but registration is absolutely free. As an Insme registered member on the free plan, you’ll be given N28 on successfully completing a Mission. You are limited to 2 Mission per day.

But as a paid member, you can have as many missions as you want depending on the package you subscribed to.

InsMe also rewards her members for referring new users to register and perform tasks on the platform. InsMe rewards her members up to the 6th indirect downline.

How do I Begin my Registration?

Click here to register and use the below invitation code

Carefully fill in your details and submit when you are done.

You can choose to download the insme app to login or use your browser to login

Login again, click on the ME tab and carefully fill in your profile which includes your Nigerian bank account details.

How do I Complete a Mission.

To complete a mission, click on mission, and you’ll see all the mission available,

Insme Mission

Click On RECEIVE on any mission, then tap Open Video Link and it’ll Direct you to Instagram profile of a celebrity. Like the Profile or product displayed and screenshot it.

Go back to the InsMe App and click on “add screenshot”. Upload the screenshot you took earlier and then click on Submit.

You’ll be credited within some few minutes with #28 for the free plan. Repeat the same steps to complete more missions.

How Do I Upgrade?

Click On The MEMBER tab, located at the bottom of the screen.

You’ll see the available upgrade plans there, check the price of each packages

Click On The SIGN UP button at the top of the screen.

Click On “Pay Via payment gateway” or any other available options.

Enter your ATM card details to make payment for your chosen plan.

Once your payment is successful, Go back to the Members Tab

Click on the plan you make payment for and click upgrade below it.

Insme Packages Available

By signing up for the free membership, one can get up to 2 missions or tasks daily for the next 10 consecutive days after registration. Below is a summary of all the packages;

Free Package

Subscription fee: Free
Mission daily: 2
Validity: 3 days.

First Package

Subscription fee: N1680
Mission daily: 3
Per Pay Mission: N28
Validity: 60 days.

Second Package

Subscription fee: N6888
Mission daily: 5
Per Pay Mission: N69
Validity: 60 days.

Third Package

Subscription fee: N62888
Mission daily: 25
Per Pay Mission: N125
Validity: 60 days.

Fourth Package

Subscription fee: N148888
Mission daily: 38
Per Pay Mission: N195
Validity: 60 days.

Fifth Package

Subscription fee: N298888
Mission daily: 70
Per Pay Mission: N213
Validity: 60 days.

Sixth Package

Subscription fee: N638888
Mission daily: 140
Per Pay Mission: N228
Validity: 60 days.

Seventh Package

Subscription fee: N1488888
Mission daily: 290
Per Pay Mission: N256
Validity: 60 days.

Eighth Package

Subscription fee: N2988888
Mission daily: 580
Per Pay Mission: N258
Validity: 60 days.

Ninth Package

Subscription fee: N6388888
Mission daily: 1238
Per Pay Mission: N283
Validity: 60 days.

How to Make Withdrawals

You can make withdrawals at any time, the minimum amount you can withdraw at the time of writing is N200

>>To withdraw your earnings, Click On the ME icon located at the bottom right hand corner of the app.

>>Click On Personal Info

>>Click on Banking Info and then update your bank details if you haven’t fill it before

>>Go back to the personal info and Click On security code.

>>Set up a secure withdrawal code of your choice.

>>Go back to ME tab again and click on ENCRYPTED WALLET beside your available balance.

>>Click On withdrawal, fill in your bank details and security code and Submit.

>>Your Bank account will be credited within 24hrs.

Is Insme Legit or Scam?

As at the time of writing this article, The InsMe is confirmed to be 100% legit and paying.

InsMe is also an authorized and registered Company in Nigeria and other countries of the world.

The platform is also in partnership with Instagram and derived their stable source of revenues from the Instagram Platform.

Make your choice.

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97 thoughts on “How to Make Money Online by Liking Pictures Using This App”

  1. Good article
    I have been earning for almost 2 months on InsMe and it is very good platform and pays as written here, I have already made withdrawals on InsMe upto 4 different times now. For more enquiries you can reach me on 08063939*** or chat me up on WhatsApp with same number. InsMe Truely Pays…

  2. Ok thanks..but I try making payment via payment I didn’t receive an otp..Am trying to run the transaction again bt it’s telling me that I have a transaction under review since on 14th.

  3. Pls how can I cancel… because I have made a payment yesterday night with the P2P payment method, after the successful payment..I clicked on I have make this payment but it’s still telling me that I have a deposit under review..
    Feeling sad ryt now.pls any solution for me.

  4. Please bro yomi please help me out I made a payment via p2p and I upload the screenshot with the transfer code and it has been under review since almost 3 hours now, I cancelled and do it again and still now still saying the same thing

    • Hello Mayor,
      I believe you paid to a bank account allocated to you. And there is usually a code you are supposed to remark when transferring… Did you remark the code?

      Since you have contacted customer care, they’ll ask you to present your case like this:

      Invitation code:
      Telephone number:
      Recharge time:
      Recharge date:
      Recharge amount:
      remittance account holder:
      Recharge Channel:Pay via P2P

      Kindly fill it appropriately including the code, with screenshot of payment, then send to cc.

  5. Secondly, is it possible to use two different account details of you on two different accounts?

    Like using, say GTB on one, and Zenith on the other. All in your name.

  6. Hello sir, please I don’t know what is going on with the app currently. After upgrading for the first time I’m unable to complete my mission. Kept getting this error message that Screenshot upload failed. It’s been happening for 3 days now please what do you suggest I do please help me

  7. Hello sir, please how do I get my details from the old app back into my new account because it seems the New one doesn’t recognize my psswd. It’s requesting me to create a new account. Help please

    • All your details in the old app, is available on the new app. Just login using the below
      Username: Your phone number
      Password: Your bank account number.
      But if you haven’t attached your bank account number, then your password is 123456.
      Once you login, go to Me>> Information>> then change your password, and update your bank account from billing.

      Completing your mission is same with the old, just that this one the link will lead you to facebook. Though they are still perfecting the upgrade, so you need to be patient. But task can be completed much faster now. You can read the announcement from the old platform notification.

  8. Thanks so much sir for your help and guide. Please one more thing, can you help me with the link to download the app for the new update of this insme app. It’s faster with the app.
    Thanks so much sir

  9. Please sir, can I buy the 6888 package twice so as to get 10 tasks per day @69 naira since I don’t have money for the third package(62888)
    … Please reply

  10. Pls is there any charge attached to making withdrawals, like will they charge me for each withdrawal? I want to start the INSME3 package and I want to be withdrawing everyday

  11. Please prof, have I signed up for free on insme before but have upgrade to insme 2 and they have deducted 6888 naira, they keep showing me 28 naira for the free one instead of showing me 69 naira now since have upgrade to insme 2. Please help me out

    • Hello friend, since they’ve deducted 6888, check your balance, the money should be reflected in your balance. Go to vip, choose insme 2 and click on join now, choose to deduct the money from your balance and you’ll be upgraded to insme 2.

  12. I have done it but it is showing insufficient balance, I don’t know if I can have your wattsapp number to put me through more about it sir

  13. Hello Prof,
    Each of the packages expires after 60 days. What happens at expiration? Do I renew the same package or is it mandatory I upgrade to a higher package.

  14. I want to know if I can register two or more accounts with different phone numbers, same or different bank account numbers but the same name sir

  15. Am so Much afraid of joining this insme I want to join,but I don’t really know the day they will end it so that it won’t be like MMM

  16. Prof, I want to begin by commending your efforts 💪 more grease. If I register for insme2 today , didn’t receive any task bcos I changed my mind to go for insme3 instead, how can I change the package seeing that the upgrade button is missing showing only Join Now n if I tap on insme3 Join Now again, do I lose my insme2 activation which I didn’t use?

  17. Hello Prof,
    In trying to complete the billing details there is a column that requested for bank card account number. What specific number should I put there, is it my Master card number or my bank account number?

  18. Please sir how long does it take for insme pay my withdrawal request because my request is more than 24hours now am yet to receive my payment

  19. hy sir, pls when the other options of paying will be back because right now i want to buy insme 3 and am seeing only one option and i dont know how work with it. pls help me

  20. Am a Nigerian, but I lives in the UK, I have a valid Nigeria account and I registered with my UK mobile no. Pls hope am still safe.

  21. Hello Prof, someone on a radio station talked about making money with INSME on Facebook, not Instagram. His explanation is the same as yours. The only difference is that he used Facebook not Instagram. Does INSME work with Facebook too?

  22. Hello prof good morning sir, please what exactly is happening to the insme app currently? Can’t login to my account and it looks like the app name has been changed. Please is there anything you need to update us about.
    Thank you sir

    • Tried using my account No. as my password on the new site called uwork but it didn’t login. Hope this upgrade is for good oohhh!!!

  23. I tried to login but it’s not responding even after using my acct number as my password. I went to forget password and after putting the code sent to my email it’s saying verification code error. I really need help pls..

  24. [UPDATE]
    Hello Everyone,
    At this point, Insme website is no longer opening. They went for an upgrade of the Withdrawal and deposit channels few days ago and as the time of writing this, the site is redirecting users to Uwork.

    Uwork is another site on its own which I don’t think it’s related to Insme. I tried to reach their Customer Care but no respond yet. You can also try to reach them via the numbers below if they’ll respond to you.

    Site isn’t opening…


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