Have You Been Getting Your Free NBX Crypto Coin Daily While Using Netbox Browser?

A few weeks ago, we shared with you a browser that rewards you with its NBX cryptocurrency coin each time you used it. Netbox browser rewards its users, and some are loving it while some others have one or two complaints.

I have been using this browser for weeks, and the crypto rewards come every day. Netbox.Global cryptocurrency coin (NBX) is already listed on coinmarketcap, and coingecko for price monitoring, and for trading, it is listed on Hotbit, Crex24, and Stex. You can trade it for BTC or any other pair easily on Hotbit.

nbx browser

We want to hear from you what has been your experience so far, have you been getting your daily rewards? Have you gotten your first-timer free 20NBX coin for joining?

Kindly share your experience so far, if it is good or bad.

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31 thoughts on “Have You Been Getting Your Free NBX Crypto Coin Daily While Using Netbox Browser?”

  1. Highly interested! In fact am getting my coin daily. Even I have sent part of it and convert it in stex to bitcoin.
    Thanks boss.

  2. Anyone knows least amount of nbx i can sell on hotbit? I have about 0.4xxxxx but i notice the system doesn’t allow me type it

  3. I think it’s just good if you tell us how to send this thing to our wallet.

    I’ve read all the post and there’s clearly no clear solution. Some of us are newbie, just tell us exactly what we need to do if we truly can transfer this NBX.

  4. that browser sucks data like mad, is that how the thing works? i lost 5gb of data within an hour, yet i got no bonus

    • Hello Steve, this is not true. I have been using this browser for long and it has never sucked data like the way you analysed it above. Maybe something else is sucking your data underground.

      • Mr Yomi. What Steve said about the browser sucking data is quite true. This mostly happens on the desktop app as the mobile app doesn’t suck data. I gave it a good observation. So, he is right.
        The desktop app sucks much data because its trying to sync with the blockchain data. Cant give a good explanation though aside this.

  5. Dear yomi, I got a new phone, I transfered the app and logged in…
    But I can’t complete the process because I was asked to either create a new wallet or select I have a wallet already.
    Which I selected (have a wallet already) the I got the message below

    Mnenonic phrase (delimit with space chars)
    Does this mean that i should type all my phrase?
    Secondly I don’t think the bonus is offered anymore cause I have used the app over a month and wasn’t credited.

    • First, enter your phrase keys to connect your wallet to your existing wallet.
      Secondly, the bonus is still being offered. Some get their bonus after few hours, some a day, some few weeks. Just keep using the browser normally, your bonus will come.

  6. Yomi Prof, I know my question is not related to the topic. Pls I need live streaming tv app to watch sport (football matches, etc) . My Yaccine tv app was uninstalled by android play store, telling me it will affect my device. I am waiting for your response. Thanks.


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