Android 11 Adoption Rate Growing – What Android Version Are You Running?

One of the best things that can ever happen to Android smartphones is constant updates. Constant updates keep your android phone running smoothly. Unfortunately, some android devices have been void of an upgrade for a very long time; some are even running below Android 9.

However, according to the latest update from StatCounter, Android 11 now boasts the fastest adoption rate out of any Android version to date in the US. As of this month, Android 11 holds over 25% of the mobile and tablet Android version market share just 6 months after its official release.

Android 11

Coming to Android 10 is still leading with over 41% market share compared to any other version of the software. Breaking this down into regions shows that the previous Android version is also on top in Europe and Asia, where Android 11 has failed to capture a significant share until now.

Overall Google and its partners are doing a much better job with fighting Android fragmentation with each new release.

If we may ask, what Android version are you running, and is your android smartphone running smoothly based on your current version Android operating system?

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