How to Buy, Deposit, Withdraw Bitcoin on YellowCard – Best Alternative to Luno

So I have been receiving different messages from different e-currency investors like complaining about the charges of Luno wallet, seeking an alternative. Without a doubt, Luno charges are scary and it is a good thing to seek an alternative wallet to use with fewer charges.

May I remind you that if you don’t have an alternative way of making money, you are in for a long walk.

Bitcoin on YellowCard

Though there are different alternative to Luno exchange like using blockchain, NairaEx, etc… but today, I want to exclusively introduce you to a better alternative to Luno exchange.

YellowCard is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to Buy, Sell & Store your crypto. Founded in 2016 in the USA by Chris Maurice, a crypto enthusiast, and entered into the African Market in 2019.

You can buy and sell bitcoin instantly, Fund your account with bank transfer with zero charges, Cash-out to your bank account and receive it instantly. No more waiting for your money.

How Do I Begin?

1. First of all, secure an account here.

2. Enter Your valid mobile number and password. You’ll receive an OTP code on your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP to login to your YellowCard account.

3. The first thing you’ll want to do is to verify your account to Tier 2 because your daily limit is N20,000. But with tier 2, your limit is N2M.

Yellowcard exchange

Click on “Limit” to see your limit per day. Enter your BVN to verify your account or upload a valid doc to verify your account (Note, your BVN doesn’t give them access to your Bank account)

4. In most cases, it takes 30 – 60 min to upgrade your account to the next tier. But allow it up to 24hours.

How to Deposit

Yellow Card allows you to fund your account with bank transfer, cash, and credit card. The availability of payment methods changes from country to country.

YellowCard Deposit

Using Bank Deposit: Click on Deposit and it will generate a virtual YellowCard bank account number for you where you can deposit your cash

YellowCard bank deposit

Copy the bank account generated, open your bank mobile app>> Scroll down to Providus bank and enter the account number. You should see your name attached to the account. Please verify before you hit the send button.

Your cash will appear on your YellowCard account after deposit.

How to Buy Bitcoin on YellowCard

Click on “Buy” from your dashboard

YellowCard buy

Enter the amount in Naira, and you should see the bitcoin equivalent.

Click to continue to get your bitcoin.

But if you are in places like Lagos, you can simply walk into their store and request for a YellowCard Pin.

How to Sell Bitcoin on YellowCard

Just the same way it is easier to buy, it is also easy to sell on that platform. Click on the “Sell” button and select how you wish to sell your currency.

bitcoin yellowcard

Click on ‘Sell on Platform’

You will input the amount you want to sell and click on ‘Continue’

Confirm the details you entered and click ‘Continue’

The fiat equivalent is then sent to your wallet

How to Withdraw to Bank account from Yellow Card

Click on Withdraw

Enter the amount you want to withdraw,

Carefully enter your bank account details and hit the next button to process your withdrawal. Withdrawal to bank accounts are instant.

Charges are pretty low on this exchange compare to the Luno exchange.

Supported CryptoCurrency

At the time of writing, YellowCard supports Bitcoin only. Other cryptocurrencies will be added as time goes by.

Fiat Supported

The fiat currencies supported are NGNZARBWP, and USD.

Countries Available

Nigeria, Botswana, South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho, and Eswatini.

You can easily reach out to their support team on Telegram here and WhatsApp here to rectify any issues you are having with the platform.

Let us know in the comments if you are already using them.

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39 thoughts on “How to Buy, Deposit, Withdraw Bitcoin on YellowCard – Best Alternative to Luno”

  1. I am just hearing about this exchange for the first time. I will try them out. If their charges is not high, then they’ve got a new customer

  2. Registered, as I have been looking for a cheaper yet convenient alternative to Luno. This is not as straight forward as Luno I must admit but if the charges are relatively low compared to Luno, why not? Maybe I would switch to them for the withdrawal from my Penny Wise account. But where do I get my bitcoin wallet address for receiving payment?

  3. Boss please how many minutes does it take to to credit a yellow account after payment with bank transfer …because I transferred 35k to my yellow account more than 3 hours now and it has not reflect on my account till now

  4. Boss please how long does it take for deposit to reflect on yellow card account ? I deposited 35k about 3 hours ago and it has not reflected on my account

    • Did u verify your phone number before submission?
      The first time I tried registering, I noticed the last digit of my number was omitted. I had to register again using a different email.

    • Wao that’s cool if it’s low but I can’t sign up…. can’t see the OTP they sent to my phone number and is not carry out for WhatsApp verification

    • Prof, is it possible to reinvest one’s return directly on Pennywise without necessarily withdrawing it? That is, adding one’s return to his/her investment to increase the amount without withdrawing.

      Thank you!

    • You mean blockchain wallet? No. But using YellowCard, you fund your wallet directly from your bank account, buy bitcoin and fund Penny wise wealth management account. You an also convert your bitcoin to naira, and send to your bank account from YellowCard… so easy.

  5. Hello everyone. Who needs Free bitcoin? I’m giving out some free bitcoin for those who are yet to start using bitcoin.

    It’s totally free. You don’t have to pay me or refer anyone.

    Interested? Simply message me on WhatsApp on 0906******9.

    N.B: if you are using LUNO already, please this is not for you. Except if you can create a New account. Thank you.

  6. i sent coin out from the site to another wallet but up to 12 hour i still didnt get the coin
    i checked the hash on blockchain and its confirmed on the blockchain network already
    still never got it
    anyone can help?


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