MultiChoice considering job cuts as DStv struggles

MultiChoice DStv is considering Job cut, laying off staffs due to increase in competition from the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime and other streaming giants.

According to what Businesslive reported, MultiChoice asked employees to reapply for their positions and up to 200 jobs could be affected.


The news comes at a time when DStv – particularly its Premium satellite service – is under pressure, due to declining subscriber numbers.

Earlier in March, MultiChoice lost 41,000 high-end subscribers who use the DStv Premium decoder from the video entertainment and Internet Company.

Naspers -Multichoice parent company – revealed that high-end subscribers have declined from 1.962 million to 1.921 million over the last year.

Despite the loss in high-end subscribers, lower tier subscribers continue to grow. MultiChoice further states that Netflix poses a big threat to its business.

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20 thoughts on “MultiChoice considering job cuts as DStv struggles”

  1. DStv time is long overdue in Africa after 23years of existence.

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  2. Is it cheaper to stream with Netflix or Amazon Prime?? Poor internet service is a major hindrance of online streaming service.
    I wish mr president does something to prevent this imminent job loss

  3. And Kwese TV and the likes still have much potential to grow and disrupt the market further for them. I wish Multichoice good though.

  4. dstv were busy before hiking dia price when dey dont have competitors but just this few competitors like tstv,netflix and co…they re shouting…let the competition begin …i like it that way.

  5. In my country I have a problem with them the Nigeria elite has one or two shares with multichoice so it is difficult to chase them out of the country…
    I so much dislike multichoice because of their monopoly but with stronger competitors they will hit the rock bottom…

  6. DSTV increases, when the quality of their services decrease. What happened to Nokia will soon happen to them. They will soon “cry” for customers.

  7. What a pity for the staff that will be laid off, but frankly speaking DSTv should be get rid of in the country. Enough of their modern day slavery, they extort us and we keep giving our hard earned money to them all in the name of “we have no option”. They should just park off and go back to SA jare.


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