Friendly Reminder: Swap Your Old Phones to a New One of Your Choice for a Token

This is more like a friendly reminder, I know you’ve got lots of used phones and you desire to get a new phone. Instead of dumping your old phone, you can simply swap it to a new phone for a token.

It has been posted before, but for the sake of those who are not actually aware, you can swap your old or current phone for a brand new smartphone of your choice.

smartphone swap

Here is How to do it;

SLOT Trade-in: is a service provided by SLOT NG powered by Matrix that allows you to upgrade to a brand new device of your choice without you breaking the bank.

Slot Trade-in Service offers you the opportunity to swap your used device for a new device.

Simply take your device to any of the designated Slot stores where your phone will be assessed and valued by Trained Personnel, then you simply add the balance to get a brand new device of your choice.

Note: For Now, this service is available for IPHONE, SAMSUNG, TECNO, INFINIX, GIONEE AND NOKIA ANDROID users only.

1. Slot Computer Village 1(Medical road)
2. Slot Computer Village 2 (Ola Ayeni)

3. Slot Ikeja City Mall

4. Slot Surulere

5. Slot Yaba

6. Slot Saka Tinubu

7. Slot Warri

8. Slot Owerri 1

Or any other SLOT outlet closer to your location for a swap.

For more info, please contact  09031851673 OR 09031854807

Calcare Swap Plan or TradeIn System: Launched few months ago by Tecno Mobile, and it allows you to swap your old phones for a brand new one of your choice without digging a hole in your pocket.

You can Swap Your old;

  • ITEL
  • OPPO
  • VIVO

And Get a Brand New;

  • TECNO Camon 11
  • TECNO Pouvoir 2 pro
  • TECNO Pouvoir 3
  • TECNO Pouvoir 2 Air
  • TECNO Spark 2
  • TECNO Spark 3
  • TECNO Y2
  • TECNO POP 2 Pro

Conditions Before You Swap Your Old Phones to a New One

Before the swap takes place there are procedures to take note of: Your device will be evaluated first to determine its current value; after which, you proceed to select your choice of our available devices and pay the difference.

For now, only two maintenance outlets, DS and Opebi will offer this service! See their addresses below –

Lagos-Computer Village Carlcare Service Center, located at 1st Floor, No.5 Oba Akran Road, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. Call: 08138615848

Lagos-DS Carlcare Service Center, located at 2nd floor, Digital Square, No.20, Obafemi Awolowo way, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.
Call: 09036003533.

MTN Trade-in:

Alternately, Simply walk into any of the designated MTN stores, hand in your old Blackberry, iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Infinix or Tecno phone in good condition and pay the price difference to get yourself a brand new phone.

Let us know if you’ve successfully done this before in comment.

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450 thoughts on “Friendly Reminder: Swap Your Old Phones to a New One of Your Choice for a Token”

  1. When I had issues with my Tecno Ponvoir 2 Screen and wanted to swap it, this was the reply they gave me after contacting TECNO CarlCare.

    1] We collect any brand, but, swap to only TECNO, Infinix & iTel devices.
    2] #BeforeTheSWAP takes place we’ll assess your phone first to determine its current value.
    Once this is settled & a price is given, you’ll select your choice of our available devices & pay the difference.
    3] The Assessment process & SWAP is only available at our Branches within Ikeja in Lagos State for now.
    You can swap your current device to any of the following models:

    #TECNO – [Phantom 9, Camon 11, Pouvoir 2 pro, Pouvoir 3, Pouvoir 2 air, Spark 2, Spark 3, Spark 3 Pro, Pop 2 pro, Pop 2]

    #INFINIX – [Note 5, Note 5 Stylus, Zero 6S, Zero 6, Smart 2HD, Smart 3, Smart 3 Plus, Hot 6X, Hot 7, Hot 7 Pro, S4]

    #ITEL – [A22, P33, A14, A15, A16, P13, S13, S33, A33]

    For Repairs, it’ll cost you N12,500 only & you can get it back the same day. Thank you.

      • Where can I swap my infinix smart 5 for a new iPad ….I’m in Abuja please i need direction,and my phone is in good condition……………Can I swap my infinix smart 6 for an iPad

  2. Sir i have a two month old tecno pop1pro i want to swap for tecno pop 3 pls sir can u give me at least the average amount i need
    I meant tecno pop 3

  3. I have a one month and ten days tecno Pouvoir 3 plus. Can I use it to swap the new Camon 15 Air. Did I need to pay any money before I can swap it.

  4. Hello good morning sir I have a Infinix note 4 in a very good condition and neat, Can i swap it for Oppo or Hot 8,
    and If yes, how much will i be adding

  5. Please can I swap my itel S15 to infinix hot 8 and how much did u think I should add to it. It is just 8 months old no scratch.

  6. I want to swap my tecno f1 to Infinix hot 9 how much will I balance to take that one …and also hw can I reach this company carclare

    • Yes you can, it depends on the current status of the smartphone. Take it to the center near you, CC will examine it and tell you the current wort of the phone

  7. Good Evening sir
    I want to swap Infinix X551 to another one smaller than it
    Will it cost me anything sir?
    I live at Osogbo Osun state

    • If your phone is in good condition, it may not cost you anything to swap or maybe little. Is there SLOT outlet or TECNO, Infinix Experience Center over therein OShogbo Osun State? If you can locate any, please kindly go there for the swap. I’ll update this post with the locations and addresses of where you can swap your phones.

  8. How much will it cost me to swap itel S13 to get techno pouvoir 3 plus. I have not loose d phone for once,no problem at all

  9. I want to swap my tecno w3 for a new tecno w3 with just power button and volume buttons removed.
    how much will it cost.

  10. Hi my phone Is redmi 8 pro I would like to swap it to mi note 9s the phone was bought from slot may this year how much am I looking to add

  11. I av a new infinix smart 4 with it’s charger and earpiece,I wanna know how much I will add to it to swap it to spark 5 in ota ogunstate

  12. Hi prof, Please can I swap my new oppo A53 phone to infinix note7 or any other infinix? It is just 2 days old. It still very intact and in good condition

  13. I want to swap my Tecno pop 4 pro to a bigger one than it
    And the phone is new and in good condition
    Just got it last year ending

  14. Hello, thanks for this post. It was very helpful. Do you think I can swap my Camon 11 Pro (in excellent condition by the way) to Camon 15? I think it’s high time for an upgrade, lol

  15. Please I want to swap my Infinix Smart 5 to iphone 7 plus. My Infinix is just 5 months old and it’s neat and in a good working condition.

  16. Good evening sir
    I want to swap my tecno spark 2 to collect tecno pova 2 or infinix note 10 but my phone has a little scratch
    How much would it cost

  17. I want to swap my itel s17 to Tecno povouir 4…how much will I add…the phone is in good condition just like new one …and is just 4month old

  18. i stay at Ikotun Igando, whats nearest examine center for Tecno pouvoir 3 plus. I intend to swap it for Xiami or Tecno or sansung

  19. Please,do they swap phone in SLOT in Aba, Abia State?
    I want to swap my itel s16 (8 months old) to Infinix Smart 5 with 5k. Is it possible?

  20. I want to swap my Infinix Hot 7pro with iphone x
    I have been using the phone for 8 months now
    If you are interested contact me or DM me with 09131272213

  21. Hello ✋
    I want to change my phone (pop 3 )(it’s in good condition).I just used it for 3month, and I want to change it to pop 3 plus

  22. Good afternoon sir I want to swap infinix smart 2 and collect smart 3 it is just six months old and how much will I put

  23. Pls I have techno pova 2, 6gb 128Gb
    It has already been losed but just once
    Will it b possible to swap it to an iPhone of (x or 11) with same value of Gb ??

  24. Hello,
    I want to swap infinite Smart 5 RAM2GB, ROM32GB for infinite Smart 7 RAM3GB, ROM64GB Where can I swap it in Abeokuta and what is the cost difference for swap or exchange?

  25. Can I swap Infinix Smart 5 with RAM 2GB and ROM 32GB for Infinix Smart 7plus with RAM 3GB and ROM 64GB.
    Where can I swap it in Abeokuta and what is the cost difference?


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