How to Remotely Block Your MTN SIM With USSD When Stolen or Missing

In one way or the other, so many people have been finding it difficult and stressful to block SIM cards especially when stolen. Your SIM card carries vital information including your banking information.

But MTN has made it easier to block your line remotely when your smartphone is stolen without visiting any MTN office. Before now you’ll need to rush down to the nearest MTN office closest to your location with some evidence of ownership or contact MTN customer line 180. But the latest development allows you to remotely block your line from the comfort of your home.

How to remotely block your mtn sim

How does it work?

1. Dial *123*7*4* from any MTN phone, or dial *123# (MTN’s self-service USSD dial) and follow the prompt of inputting ‘7’-Self-Service, then ‘4’-Block Stolen or Lost SIM to access the service.

2. You will get two options available to access this service can block your SIM by using their MTN Secure PIN OR by Answering Security Questions

Block Your Line Through MTN PIN: You would be required to enter your MTN Secure PIN (The same PIN used for MTN Share)

Answering Security Questions: You will be required to correctly provide answers to 3 questions to validate ownership of the line, after which the line will be blocked, if your answers are incorrect, the customer will be advised to visit the nearest MTN Store to block the SIM.

3. However, if your SIM is successfully locked, no activity can be carried out on the blocked SIM except when you visit the MTN Office for reactivation or SIM swap.

Note: The service is free, and it is available on the Self-service platform via USSD.

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