How to start a POS business Profitably in Nigeria / First Money Agent

Let me guess… You must have been seeing posters of First Money POS Business in some strategic locations but don’t know how to about it. Is it viable? Should I venture into such business?

POS business can be otherwise known as agent banking business. It involves the transfer of funds, withdrawal of funds, sale of recharge cards and bill payments like GoTv, DStv, Startimes, and PHCN Bill services.

POS business in Nigeria
First Money Agent

This business is an extension of services offered by financial institutions like banks through which customers get convenience. Therefore the fee you charge customers for these services is called convenience fee.

The central bank of Nigeria in a bit for financial inclusion has thrown opens this opportunity. An avenue to create wealth.

The truth is, if you are in a location where no banks, or ATM point, this business will thrive because people will always be in need of money and won’t hesitate to pay the additional minimal charges on top.

Why is it Profitable in Nigeria?

It is profitable because you as the agent will make money from the extra fee charged on every transfer, withdrawal, bill payments and lots more. You must have readily available cash to give out because customers will come more for withdrawals than fund transfers.

What You Need to Set it UP

You can start POS business in Nigeria by getting a HOST. A host is a financial institution through which you extend their services to your customers.

This includes; First Bank, Quickteller, PAGA etc.

Getting POS Machine:

Getting a POS machine in Nigeria is absolutely free of charge, provided you get yours from one of the reputable commercial banks in the country.

In case you’re wondering what the bank stands to gain from giving you the machine for free, get this clearly: the issuing bank makes money on the long term by charging a fixed commission (between 0.25% and 1.5%, depending on the bank) per transaction done through each POS terminal issued.

To get a POS machine from any bank, all you need is to have an account  with the bank.

Note, however, that there are now some other organizations issuing POS machines at a one-time fee.

Location: A location where they are limited or no ATMs or Banks will do. Apart from that, there should be enough room to contain your customers, a furniture divider between you and your customers. Create a place where customers will feel free to carry out transactions.

Get Quality Banner: For your business to be known and the people within that vicinity to be aware that you create such services, you should get a banner with the inscription boldly written “POS Withdral and Fund Transfer”.

Breakdown /Commission Structure of POS Agent Banking Business

Transaction Amount             Fee paid by Customer

1 Deposit (own FirstBank A/C)

  1- 5,000                                                             N50       

  5,000-30,000                                                     N100     

  30,000-100,000                                                N150     

  100,000 +                                                         N200       

2 Transfer to FirstBank

  1- 30,000                                                            N100     

  30,000-100,000                                                N150     

  100,000 +                                                           N200     

3 Transfer to Other Banks

  1-20,000                                                             N100     

  20,000-100,000                                                N200     

  100,000 +                                                          N250     

4 Cash Withdrawal

  1-10,000                                                            N100     

  10,000-100,000                                                N200     

  100,000                                                               N300     

5 Bill Payment                                                    N100     

To become a First Money Agent with First bank please check this link here

Are you into this business already? Let us know what you think.                                               

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34 thoughts on “How to start a POS business Profitably in Nigeria / First Money Agent”

  1. Its a business i have always thought of setting up in remote villages but didnt actually know one could get the machine for free. Thanks for sharing

    • Hello I’m interested and I bank with Access. How do I get it and how much is likely to be involved in starting up after getting a free pos??

      • Getting POS Machinge from your bank is free, kindly walk in and request for one. Atleast you need a small stand and a shop where you can be carrying out your transactions safely. If you already have a store and a stand, then you are good to go.

        • Nice talking about POS business in Nigeria! And we are new generation POS equipment maker and supplier, and provide innovation POS system and solutions to the market. And we welcome any merchants to join us for POS distribution in Nigeria or other countries you can reach out. Definitely, Hintel new Innovation POS solution with benefit you and bring more sales growth.

        • Good to go you say how can one get the money to pay to customer after a transaction is made. maybe a customer withdraw or make a transaction of 100k and all you have both at bank and at hand remaining is 50k how do you balance up can your bank give you extra money and how do you get guide lines on how to operate Pos in paying bills and printing Recharge Card

  2. I saw bank commissions , but I didn’t understand what the agent stands to gain.

    Major factor is security,
    So that you don’t make gain if 1k and loose 10k to invaders.

    • Hello Temi, just walk straight to the bank, customer care unit and make a request. Or contact Ur account manager, if you have their mobile app, you can locate his or her number or mail address. It doesn’t take the at all.

  3. thanks for this writeup sir, its indeed a motivator to me. i proceded to my bank after reading this post . the problem now is that i was told that the minimum charge is 100naira for every transaction from 1k, but here in my intended business location the charges ranges between 20 and 30naira. how do i go about it?


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