How to Make Money Trading With This Bot Free of Charge 1% – 7% Daily Returns

The year is still fresh and once in a while, we should talk about profitable investments to embark on this year. But I’m going to introduce you to a trading bot I’ve been using since mid-December, 2022 and my money is solely in my account why I just withdraw my profit.

Cointech2u is a free Futures Trading bot that can make 1% to 7% daily for you in your Binance account.

It achieves this with a super-tested and proven HEDGING strategy that makes you money in any market direction (LONG/SHORT simultaneously).

Min to trade with $135 in USDT (120 dollars capital and 15 dollars minimum gas fee included) no subscription fee, and Max to trade with $250,000.

All funds are directly under your control in your Binance account.

Key Features Of The Cointech2u Bot

1. Your money stays in your account and under your control at all times without the need to give it to any company or Ponzi

2. No need to pay a subscription or activation fee just fill gas fee of at least 15 dollars to start.

3. The cointech2u layer hedging trading system is the first of its kind that trades the future’s market up or down automatically without loss.

4. Once you set it up everything becomes automated and you are not required to do anything else after that

5. The more your trading CAPITAL the more the profits

6. Once you follow my guide step by step and your bot starts Trading expect 20% to 50% ROI monthly on your capital

7. Cointech2u is unique because of its layer-hedging trading strategy that makes it impossible to blow your account

8. Cointech2u has the advantage over traditional Crypto Robots like ROYAL Q or even tafa bot because unlike these bots it’s a 2 directional trading bot

9. The Cointech2u system allows traders to make money when the market goes up and even down

10. Cointech2u has a delicious marketing plan

Kindly watch this video to understand more about this revolutionary new opportunity.

How to Register

You can register here and make sure you use the code Rm4yTE while registering.

Once you are done registering, Chat me up on WhatsApp here, and I’ll guide you through on how to set up your Binance account for the bot to start trading for you.

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