How to Trade Your Gift Cards/Greendot/Bitcoin And Other Funds


Golden exchange Buys Gift Cards and Bitcoins for High Rates. I have known the vendor behind it for years and he’s Tested and Trusted.

They pay fast and are reliable. He only Trades on WhatsApp for now, so avoid any fake copycat.

Here are his WhatsApp contacts. WhatsApp Number: 08121079672.

Check out their rates for different cards right now

$100 iTunes 31000

$100 Google 33000

$100 steam 32000

 $100 eBay 31500

 $100 Amazon 32000

 Cashapp 390

 PayPal  290

 $100 Walmart 33500

100$ vanilla 32000

Amex 35000

Sephora 31000

Nordstrom 33000

Best Buy 35000

Target 35000

Nike 34000

They also buy Bitcoin, Cashapp, PayPal, Zelle and Greendot as well.

Try them out and see for yourself. You’ll definitely come back with a testimony

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