Ntel Network Speed is Now Sluggish Like Glo

Am I the only one noticing this, ntel network is now slow, not just slow but extremely slow like glo.

Is anybody else experiencing this? Or is it because a lot of subscribers are now on their awoof package probably because of the Wawu 12GB for N1000 and 24GB for N2000.


I can’t even stream successfully a 1 minute video without buffering… Gosh! This is so annoying. Downloading is now worst on ntel network. To even open a page is a tug of war. Who did this thing to ntel?

Initially I thought maybe it was a network glitch during peak period but even at night, the speed is now throttled. This is to tell you that it’s a purposeful act to slow down the bandwidth speed.

Is anybody else using n tel network experiencing this issue or it’s just me?


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37 thoughts on “Ntel Network Speed is Now Sluggish Like Glo”

  1. Ntel network has been sluggish for 2 months now. To the extent that i had to pay for mtn 2.5gb for N2000 to stream matches and facetime. Ntel network is horrible.

  2. Funny enough, they are just in 3 states (Abuja, Lagos and PHC). What if they are available in 10 states, it means snail will be faster than the speed of ntel. This is so bad.

    No wonder they are giving 12GB for N1k. #ntelScammingSubscribers

  3. I’ve had my eyes on this awoof plan all year long but can’t use it cause I school in the east. they should rectify it please, the holidays are near ?

  4. It seems everything nigerian is in the habit of messing up. I hope they get back to their standards that made them what they are

  5. Lolz……. Too many people using it. chai!!!!
    it will be corrected with time. Ntel of all people lolz

  6. I reside in Kano and glo is bae where I stay especially their 4g… So please that your comparison get as e b biko.

  7. Mine is not that slow, but Honestly it’s not fast like b4. I don’t want to download movies but streaming Hd tv channels is problem. The network speed is not stable. @ sir prof u can use any location changer app and see whether it will work for you . Change ur location to any other country and it will stop the throttling. It helped me. And not only that, there’s another secret thing u will notice.

  8. My own ntel is not slow,but sometimes dre network can just go off for hours and nt even cum back tilll d following day

  9. I just subscribed for one week night unlimited night browsing this and I have use up to 65GB. Anytime I do a speed test, I get around 650kb to 700kb. Same also apply to my download. I am just lucky at my location

      • Yeah I think so. Cause when I bought wawu sim to enjoy free 10GB. After exhausting the 10gb, the N1000 I recharge when buying the sim. I decided to add N500 to make it N1500 so that I can subscribe one week unlimited night browsing. Since one month I haven’t been able to purchase any data plan on the WAWU sim. But Thank God I still kept my normal ntel sim. I recharge N500 on it just to see if I will be able to purchase any bundle, to my surprise I was able to purchase unlimited night browsing for two days. And till now I am still struggling with the WAWU sim trying to activate a bundle. It’s not working

  10. Mine is fast, getting 1.3-2.1mb/secs when downloading.
    But overall there network speed has dropped, guess my location is good.

  11. 2G is even faster than that 4G when it comes to download. I even had to sub on mtn just to update a new playstation game. Online streaming is zero for hd. SD works for a while snd stop.

    Might dump thag sim soon

  12. Yomi try and Chat Ntel Cc on Twitter and complain to them… Also tell them your location…. I experienced that slow pace 2months ago, after my chat with them via Twitter its still fast in my location upto 1.5mb/s

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