Call of Duty for Mobile crosses 170 million downloads in 2 months

If you are not playing this game Call on Duty for mobile, then I wonder what you are using your mobile phones for.

Launched barely 2 months ago, the game has achieved a massive 172 million downloads. The known game publisher partnered with Chinese gaming studio to bring the popular first-person shooter title to smartphones which has since become extremely successful.

So far, Call of duty has 28.5 million or 16.6% of all downloads in the U.S, 17.5 million installs or 10.2% in India, and 12 million installs or 7% of total downloads in Brazil.

call of duty for mobile

On Google Play store alone, the game garnered up to 89 million downloads accounting for 52% of all installs. On the other hand, iOS version saw 83 million downloads or 48% of the total share.

Call of Duty Mobile generated most of its revenue in the first month in October 2019. It grossed over 55 million US dollars compared to 31 million US dollars in November 2019. So far, the US has accounted for the largest share of the revenue with players spending 36 million dollars (or 42 percent of the total player bases’ expenditure).

Meanwhile, Japanese players were the second-highest spenders in the game with 11 million dollars or 13.2% of total player expenditure while Great Britain arrived third with 2.6 million dollars or just 3% in total share.

It is currently ranked in the top 25 grossing titles in its key markets. If you don’t have it yet, you can download it from play store.

Are has been your experience so far with the game?

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6 thoughts on “Call of Duty for Mobile crosses 170 million downloads in 2 months”

    • Call of Duty doesn’t come close to PUBG. They’re entirely different. In PUBG’s Battle Royale, you don’t just run around and win. Never. You must strategise, study and understand the maps unlike in CoD where you can win most games by simply bumping into enemies without having any true understanding of the map
      Sure, CoD has the better Multiplayer mode, but it’s Battle Royale doesn’t come close to PUBG at all. In fact, I know an awful lot of people, myself included, who went straight back to PUBG after the initial excitement of the CoD launch


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