Blackberry Ghost With 4000mAh battery Coming Soon

We are expecting a new blackberry device from the company dubbed Blackberry Ghost.

Blackberry Ghost, supposedly bezel-less BlackBerry device is going to be a high end device and extremely pretty slim. According to tipped dropped by a tipster Evan Blast shows that Optiemus is making sure the device is well equipped in the battery department  featuring a 4,000mAh battery.

Batteries this large are almost never found in flagship-level devices – batteries this size are usually seen in mid-tier handsets. Apparently a battery this large would be among the largest in a flagship-class device – which says a lot about flagship devices and priority on battery life.

blackberry ghost

This will make a lot of sense if Blackberry can continue to leverage on great battery life as a major selling point for it smartphone business.

No details about the release date yet but earlier news suggested that Optiemus had plans to announce the “Ghost” and “Ghost Pro” within the next two quarters, but it appears we’ve all been ghosted by Optiemus when it comes to details.

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18 thoughts on “Blackberry Ghost With 4000mAh battery Coming Soon”

  1. Exactly the have ghosted us about The Spec. Just hope it will come with good spec.
    Lets wait and see. Blackberry Blackberry

  2. I hope they won’t improve battery life and flop in other important areas. if not when the phone is released, the world at large will ghost them

  3. Massive battery with an equivalent price tag… I hope they achieve what they are looking for as everybody wants to compete with Apple in the high end devices.


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