Spectranet Introduces New (Spectra-cular) Data Plans

This has been a major topic of discussion in Nigeria that data is expensive and subscribers are not taking it likely. To be on a safer side, follow our previous cheapest data offer guide.

Spectranet , as part of efforts to make Internet connectivity affordable and accessible to subscribers, has introduced Spectra-cular data plans.

Spectranet office

Whether you are a casual users, moderate users and heavy users, these simple easy-to-understand plans named as Unified Value, Mega Value and Always On plan, singularly focused on delivering value to the subscribers resulting in significant savings.

Spectra-cular Data Plans empower subscribers to “do more” and “save more” with reliable and affordable internet.

Unified Value: The Unified Value Plans offer free night bonus along with main data bank. For instance when a customer buys N3000 Unified Value plan, he gets 4GB anytime data plus 4GB night bonus for 1 month. This pack is specially designed for moderate data users.

Mega Value Plans: The Mega Value Plans offers unlimited night browsing along with main data bank. For e.g. when a customer buys N8000 Mega value plan, he gets 15GB anytime data plus Free Unlimited Night browsing for 1 month. This pack is specially crafted for heavy data users.

Always On Plan: This plans makes sure you never run out of data.  For example, when a customer buys N18000 Always on plan, he/she gets 100GB high speed data and post consumption of 100GB data customer is still connected to internet with Always on 512kbps speed. This pack is designed for data lovers who can’t live without data.

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7 thoughts on “Spectranet Introduces New (Spectra-cular) Data Plans”

  1. Spectranet still retain customer solely because of the unlimited night browsing. 10k for 25gig, 12500 for 40gig…. All with unlimited night

    And this has been so since they started…. So they just spreading the words for adverts……. No new thing in the plans nor cost of it.


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