Introducing New MTN 4GB for N500 Data Plan

How I wish other telcos can follow in the direction of the leading telecom provider in Nigeria. MTN NG has not just slashed down data prices but has also introduced mouthwatering offer to subscribers.

Just few weeks ago, MTN data prices were revisited and now, a new offer has been introduced in which if you fully utilize it, will be enough to cater for your downloads.

If you are not eligible for the 1GB for N200 offering, then you can simply opt in into this new package that gives you 2GB for N500.

MTN data

According to MTN, “People’s data needs have changed, we recognize that. Our customers need much more and we are delivering that for less,”

But why get 2GB for N500 when you can simply get 4GB for N500?

How to Get MTN 4GB for N500 Data Plan

Simply get a new MTN SIM registered and you’ll be automatically eligible for double data offer for 4 months.

Dial *131*1*1*5# to get the package or dial *131#… You’ll be given 2GB plus extra 2GB summing it up to 4GB.

Validity for this package is 2 days.

Note: Double data offer is only available to New subscribers

It is good for downloading if you have something urgent to download. Interestingly, you can also get N50 for 50MB depending on your data usage.

This can be compared to Glo weekend plan that gives you 3GB for N500. The only difference with this is that you can subscribe to it at any time and get your 4GB data.

Let us know what you think about this new package.

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14 thoughts on “Introducing New MTN 4GB for N500 Data Plan”

  1. Been flexing this MTN 2GB for 500 since last week. It’s a 2day plan though. I think some people may misunderstand if it’s not stated, it lasts 48hrs.

  2. MTN is currently leading in data with good reason. This 1GB for one week that was sim selective alone displaced other telcos, with this one that is no longer sim selective they will steal whatever data hungry users remained on other networks. Others must wake up and follow the lead for survival purposes, all to our delight. If this trend continues it will soon solve our limited data cap issue, now let us hope for the speed issue to be addressed next.
    Prof, great share as always.

  3. Am surprised how the mtn line am using for 1gig for 200 suddenly started saying not eligible again. Luckily my another sim is still working. Thanks for this information. Nous allons acheter une nouvelle carte SIM

  4. I want to really appreciate you Prof have been always following your work for years keep it up – I love this info I consume 4GB within a 2 days so I spend alot on data so this is really nice and one of the cheapest right now. Was using the *131*65# but they said am no longer eligible for that. Thanks and keep the good work up

  5. Prof.


    DOUBLE DATA is only for customers that have spent 30 – 180 days on the network without performing any chargeable activity that are eligible to enjoy the offer.

    Dialling *131*65# won’t tell if a sim is eligible or not.

    To check sim ELIGIBILITY, dial *559*65#. You will get a response from MTN.


    • See you
      When I bought a new MTN sim recently I was told am eligible for double data.
      Try and buy new sim before you conclude oga

    • Baba, na lie o. I just bought new sim like 2 days ago. Double Data is available for the next 3 months or so.

      It just pained me I’ve subbed already before seeing this. Let me start the 500 naira gang now.

      Thanks for the info, boss Yomi. You dey try, sincerely.


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