How To Add Multiple Contributors to Your BBM Channel

Most admin on BBMchannel with larger subscribers will find this useful and meaningful. Though
this is one of the highly most anticipated BBM Channel features for blogs
earlier announced in Match and it has finally made an appearance in the BBM
Channels Web Portal.

I personally know
that managing BBM Channels is not easy and quite stressing but its worth it
anyway. I know of people who make a lot of money from just operating BBM
Channel since they have larger subscribers. And not just only that but you can
grow your blog visitors through BBM Channel.
With this new
feature added, you can add more than one admin to your BBM Channel which will
ease the stress of ‘one man posting’ all the time.
Earlier today, we
received several reports that BBM Channel owners were starting to see the
option to add “Administrators” to their channels.

How Can I Add
Contributors to My BBM Channel?
Here are the
steps to add additional contributors to your BBM Channel:

==>Just access the BBM Channels
manager portal on the web or here
==>From there pick a channel to allow access
to and then click on the person icon in the top right.
==> Fill in the info
for the user you wish to add such as their name and email.
==>They’ll get sent
an invitation email that they must click on and sign into their BBID with.
==>Once accepted,
they’ll be able to see/select the BBM Channel from the dashboard of their
Channel Web Portal.
If you are any
challenge with this, kindly use the comment box and it will be fix.
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