All Privacy & Control Features like Timed Messages, Retracts etc Are Now Free on BBM

Prior to this update, BBM Privacy and Control such has
Retracting messages, timed message & photo have always been available to only
those who subscribed but an update has just been released that makes privacy and control features now free… 

The free Privacy and Control  is available to
Blackberry 10 & Android user’s latest BBM version The feature is
already active on Blackberry 10 immediately after update but some people are
reporting that its not yet active on Android as at 1st April 2016.
What is New?
>>All Privacy and Control features are now FREE –
Timed messages & photos, Retract, Private Chat, and Edit
>>Forward messages from one chat to another
>>Ability to mute notifications for a multi-person
>>Scroll through all pictures shared within a 1:1 or
multi-person chat
>>Choose if you want pictures taken within BBM chats
saved to your device
>>Improved BBM Voice call quality
>>Marshmallow (Android 6.0) support
>>Performance improvements and bug fixes
If you are using Blackberry 10, you can update it directly
from App world or here
Android users can download the latest version here.
Though Blackberry has been hit badly by the withdrawal of
Facebook and WhatsApp for Blackberry 10 users but they’re not giving up yet on
their users. #I Love Blackberry!
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  1. I have Infini zero Android 4.4.2, been trying to upgrade, but it's.been upgrading for over 3 months now, what do I do? Any way to cancel and restart the upgrade?


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