Better Alternative to Use Facebook App on Blackberry 10

We are not giving up on blackberry users so soon. Even
though the deadline Facebook gave is drawing close; some people are already
experiencing the dis-ease of upgrading to the latest Facebook app, while some are
yet to upgrade. To those still running on the legacy OS 7 and lower, you
can always downgrade your Facebook app to the older… see guide here.

To all Blackberry 10 users, there is a better alternative to
use Facebook app on your Blackberry 10 devices.
How Can I Use It?
Facebook lite a lightweight version of Facebook that consume
less data, less battery. Everything you can do with the normal app, you can
also do with this lite version of Facebook.
>>Download Facebook Lite here
>>Run and install it on your device. . . and you are good to
The good news is that it doesn’t lag. Don’t thank me yet;
just drop your comment if you are having any issues with it.
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8 thoughts on “Better Alternative to Use Facebook App on Blackberry 10”

  1. Nice one Yomi. I introduced Facebook Lite some years back to my neighbours and friends that are using phones with 512mb RAM and below and since then, they are still enjoying it bcos it is very fast, consumes less phone memory and works with fairly good network unlike the heavy Facebook app.

    Commenting from WIZYTECHS.COM


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