How to Send SMS & MMS on Facebook Messenger App For Android

Despite the deadly blow on blackberry users, Facebook got something
more interesting for Android users.  Facebook had planned to reintegrate SMS and MMS into its
Messenger app for a long time, and the good news is that it’s finally live and only if you meet
the requirement below before you see the features.

>>You must be a Facebook beta tester (see how you can
be part here)
>>You must have the latest version of the app (
download here
>>Note that neither of these could matter as this may
be a server-side update directly from Facebook.
Once you’ve successfully met the requirements, open FB Messenger
and head to the Settings  (far right),
tap SMS, and toggle on the feature.
If this is the first time you’re doing this, you’ll be
prompted to set Messenger as your default SMS app.
Messenger will sync all your SMS and MMS messages, then
integrate them into your conversation list. You can distinguish between
Messenger and text messages with color; the former in blue, the latter in
You can even explore Facebook Messenger app unique features
like stickers, voice memo, thumbs up and lots more… as text messages.
What do you think about these features?
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    • Don't mind blackberry. Its the web version they are talking about which is in no way near good. you only have the shut cut to the web version.

      Seriously Blackberry sucks without the Facebook app.


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