Android 6.0 Bug Fixes Update is Available For Infinix Hot 2 X510 – Update Includes Ram Booster

Infinix Hot 2 users, an update is
available for you for those that don’t know. Sometimes in January, Infinix
released Android 6.0 Marshmallow for Infinix Hot 2 devices and a lot of people
upgraded their devices only to discovered that it came with lots of bugs such
as; not seeing your memory space, faulty camera, contact name not displaying
etc which prompted some users to downgrade back to Android 5.1 Lollipop.

The good news is that an update is
available that fixes the bugs of Androiod 6.0 Marshmallow on Infinix Hot 2.
Added to the update is a Ram booster and lots more.

If you are already running Android 6.0
on your Infinix Hot 2, no need to downgrade again, just go to your system
and you’ll see  Android 6.0 update version (852MB) available, March
edition. Download it and install it. Make sure you have a good internet
Before You Upgrade… Do this;

>>In case you are rooted, kindly
unroot your device before you upgrade it in order to avoid stories that touch.

>>If you have your back up documents
in your SDcard, leave your SDcard inside your smartphone while you perform the
upgrade or else your documents/files won’t display once the update is done
without the SDcard inside your phone.

Is it Safe to Upgrade For Those Running
Android 5.0 & 5.1?

Yes, it is safe. No more bugs in this
March edition update release. Please check to be sure it’s the March edition
update release you are downloading.

What if I Get Error installing After

Then you’ll need to upgrade your device
via SP Flashtool. It’s very easy to upgrade; just use the comment box and
request for it and guide will be provided on how to go about it.

Once your upgrade is complete, all your
contacts, memory space and everything will be back to normal. Now you can enjoy
Android 6.0 Marshmallow update on your device.
Use the comment to tell us if you like the updates.

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23 thoughts on “Android 6.0 Bug Fixes Update is Available For Infinix Hot 2 X510 – Update Includes Ram Booster”

  1. Just did and truly there are no bugs in this upgrade at least none that I've detected yet. Thanks for the Info at Yomiprof.

  2. Out of topic pls. i got the message "windows license expires on saturday, april 30, 2016. contact your system admin to get a product key" on windows 10 today. And am beginning to wonder wat happened to d free activation been promised. Plz wats d way around dis problem. Thanx

    • I had this same problem. There is only one way to fix it. You won't like the fix.

      Well, actually there are 2 ways – the free way and the expensive way. The expensive way is to purchase a new Win10 license from Microsoft. If you have the Home version the license is $119. If you have the Pro version it is $199. If money is of little value to you then the expensive way is the way to go.

      Otherwise you have to use the free way. There are only 2 steps you have to do:

      1. Format your boot drive and install either Win7 or Win8 on it.
      2. Using the system you just installed, perform a free upgrade to Win10. The version of Win10 you upgrade to has to be the same as the version of 7 or 8 you previously installed.

      The reason for this is that MS has totally and completely changed how Windows is activated. Starting with Win10 they have done away with those pesky 25-character codes. Instead they create and store on one of their serves a hardware hash code that is based on your specific hardware configuration. Apparently/supposedly this code is unique for every PC out there. I assume it uses the MIC address from the network card as part of the code, but no one knows this for sure.

      Your Win10 has an expiration date because you installed it on a system for which MS does not have a configuration code. When this happens you get a 6-month "grace period" (mine ended 20 Jan 2016) during which time you are supposed to either do the free or expensive option above.

  3. At for d explanation ova dia. Bt plz wat if i refuse to do any of the two before it expires, will i lose all files? Y am askin is bcos i dnt av external drive 4 backup nw unless i wait till may. I jst want to knw if all my files will stil be embeded in .old windows or wld b erased. Thanx

  4. I already have the formal update on my phone but have not install it yet. How do I delete it and download this latest update.

  5. just install the formal update and its done also. just did mine tonight. after that u can still check for system update.


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