Xiaomi Unveils MiTV 4, 30% Thinner Than iPhone

The number
once difference between Xiaomi and other OEM is that they do things differently. At the CES 2017, Xiaomi unveiled a mind blowing Mi TV  4 thinner than iPhone, a modular TV. It is
Xiaomi first product that supports the latest Dolby
Atmos standard for a truly cinema-grade experience.

Highlights of MiTV 4
1. Frameless with barely any
bezels; our thinnest TV yet at only 4.9mm at its thinnest point, 37% thinner
than Mi MIX, 30% thinner than an iPhone

2. Mi TV Bar integrated with 10
speakers, 2 wireless rear satellite speakers, and a beautifully designed

3. Supports latest Dolby Atmos
cinema-grade audio technology—one of the first TVs in the world to integrate
this; 2 up-firing speakers in Mi TV 4 give you an immersive 3D sound experience

4. Modular TV design separates the
TV display from the electronics, allowing you to quickly upgrade to get the
latest features and functionality by simply swapping out your Mi TV Bar
5. Mi Port – single cable that
connects Mi TV Bar to the display and carries all signals to and from the
display for a cleaner look

6. Understated transparent stand
makes Mi TV 4 look suspended in the air even without mounting on the wall
7. It comes in different sizes so you have the options to make a choice

– Well under $2000 or equivalent depending on the size you choose;
ships in China later this year.
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  1. With the latest tariff increase on luxury goods in Nigeria ??, this will be a no-go area for many people. The phone I'm using now was sold for N32,500 4 months ago. Today, because of the tariff increase, it's gone up to N52,000!


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