Best Internet Plan For Andriod Users

Am very sure we all rocked the hell out of our free Mtn data
from ‘empty hen’ before the tweak was wiped out? If you did not, don’t worry,
more tweaks are still cooking. 
I have been trying to review the best data plan that will be
suitable for a normal Android user; according to experience, Android
device consume more data than Blackberry device. On this note, it will be
suitable to determine the best data plan for android device.

Let me first of dangle around Mtn network, Mtn blackberry subscription works perfectly on Android device but only accessible via the use
of VPN. There is something you need to know about VPN automatically compress
your data therefore enabling you to use more than expected. Take for instance,
some couples of weeks ago I subscribed for bbcday to check the data cap using
Droid VPN, but to my surprise I use up to 10GB for just that bbcday subscription
alone. In other words, you can use Mtn bis on PC, android and iPhone but with
the aid of a reliable VPN tunneling. 

Airtel  bis on the
other hand, works on all device including Java phone. You don’t need VPN to use
it on your android device. Just subscribe for their unlimited plan and use
their default settings that’ all. If you are lucky enough, you get 4GB for
#1,500; or 6GB for #3,000 that will last you for 3months.
Glo blackberry complete is currently #1,000 but only good
for blackberry phones not android or window phones. 
Etisalat bis currently does not work on android phone nor PC
except you are using it on your blackberry phone.  For me as a person, I will rather go for mtn
bbcday plan whenever I want to make endless download from the internet; and
Airtel unlimited bis subscription for my normal monthly android internet plan.
Just make sure you choose the best plan friends.
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46 thoughts on “Best Internet Plan For Andriod Users

  1. @Greg, just dial *440*161# and the 4GB will land on your phone. But you must make sure you have #1,500 loaded on your phone before you try that.
    @Ksamuel, you are must welcome

  2. Mr Lawrence, am really sorry for the error. I men't to say Open Vpn and not Viatun vpn. Viatun Vpn is for PC.

    You can get Open Vpn here

    Am really sorry for the error!

  3. Please Prof… Can Viatun or Droid VPN work on PC with mtn bbcday plan or which vpn can u recommend for download? Thanks

    • Sandwich Vpn is surely recommended for PC users. That's what i use to download upto 10Gb with my Mtn bbcday. But Viatun vpn equally works on pc. For Sandwich settings, click here

    • use as the apn

      You know Open Vpn is not like Droid that allow 100mb limit per day but Openvpn allow just for a day test.
      If you want to get the premium i think i have an idea of someone selling the openvpn premium and it goes for #500. You can contact [email protected] to get it.

  4. Hi yomi, this is my first time of actually commenting but have been following u here..about the mtn bis, i still cant use it on my samsung tab, i downloaded the droid and it says smthing about rooting so i read here again that i should download gae proxy which got connected but i still couldnt surf the net, pls what else can i do..thanks

    • Wow..! Nice to have you commenting for the first time.
      In order words, it means your Samsung tab is not rooted. Have you tried rooting it? or you don't want to root it;
      GAE proxy actually have a proxy problem so am trying all i can to get a new proxy settings for it.

      But if you said you don't want to root it, their is an alternative. Just follow this procedures carefully and you will be good to go.
      This configuration is for Android OS 4.0+

      1. Go to Playstore, search and install OpenVPN Connect (Root not needed).

      2. Download the VPN config filesHere

      3. Extract the files to your SD card.

      4. Set your apn to

      5. Launch OpenVPN Connect, tap option ==> import ==> import profile from SD Card,

      then locate a config file you extracted and select it to save as profile (do this for all config profiles).

      6. Select your desired server from the list.

      7. Enter your username and password, then connect.

      Username: test
      Password: test

    • Mr Paul Lawrence, sorry for keeping you waiting. Am going to give you a commprehensive comfiguration for the open vpn now. Just follow me carefully.

      1. Download the VPN config files Here and save on your desktop computer.

      2. Go to Appstore, search and install OpenVPN Connect.

      3. Set your apn to

      4. After installation, plug your iOS device to your computer and launch iTunes.

      5. Navigate to the Apps installed on your phone and select OpenVPN Connect in the file sharing list below.

      6. On the right hand side, there is a document box, Drag and drop the config files there.

      7. Launch the OpenVPN Connect app on your iOS device, you will see the config files you dragged waiting as profiles to be imported, press the "+" button on each one to accept.

      8. Select your desired server from the profile list.

      9. Enter your username and password, then connect.

      Test account is available and expires after one day.

      Username: test
      Password: test

    • Oladimeji, the first thing we should look here is firstly is the specifications of both

      looking at the O.S, Q1 OS 2.3.5 Gingerbread while L3 OS is 4.1 Jelly bean
      Q1 Price: #17,950
      L3 Price: #14,500

      I will suggest you go for Techno L3

    • Okay, i just got this settings from my friend For better results on iPhones n iPad pls use
      Avast VPN or secureMyline it's the best VPN ever

      It gives you unlimited access and one good thing about this VPN is, it connect you always won't disconnect for 1secs and it very stable. Visit Itunes to download it or download it here


  5. @yomiprof
    I heard d airtel #1500 doesnt work on android except that of #1000. pls how true is this. and what can one do 2 make it work. thanks.

    • Bro, it works wella without any interception. Just make sure your configure your apn well that's it. If you are using the #1500 Plan for the very first time, that's when you experience something like that but once you power it up with 10mb, by dialing *440*712*11#
      It will keep working.
      Airtel unlimited Bis works on all device including Java phones.

  6. Please prof, my MTN modem disconnects every few minutes when I'm using PD-Proxy. Also, is there a way to get a compressable VPN for pc like DroidVPN you mentioned above? I have to be loading multiple BBCDAY subscription every day to continue downloading(I get 2 GB for each one).

    Finally, I have been getting a lot of spam mails since I posted my email on your website. Is there no other way to submit our email to you without posting it here?

    Thanks alot for everything and God bless

    • First of all, i must sincerely apologise for all the spam messages you've been getting because it's so annoying most especially when you are expecting a life changing email and one nonsense spam message now arrive. I feel so bad for all this spam messages. But i beleive it's the work of spam bolt. if you should check my last post, you will notice that i have hidden all the comments that contains emails.

      A guy too sent me a mail out of anger two days ago complaining bitterly that why am i sending him advert because he placed his email on my site… I had to plead with him because i don't send people messages ooo aside of the tutorial they demand for. But i have an alternative to droping of emails and i believe it's going to help reduce spam messages drastically.

      Another thing to prevent this spam messages from coming inn is to do the following;
      ==> Open your email ==>open your inbox and check every mails that you know that are spamm messages, then send them to spam folder.
      Any time such kind of mails should come in again, it will go straight to you spam folder.
      Am really sorry about every inconviniency one more time.

      Back to your questions, I think PD proxy as a tunnelling vpn should be able to handle that froom disconnecting. It won't be nice if i you should install another vpn on your PC except you are going to stop the use of PD proxy.

      Viatun Vpn commpress 3GB data to something like 7GB; Sandwitch equally compresses data. Like you pointed out, that you use PD-proxy with bbcday but gives you 2GB while Sandwish compresses more that 2GB.

      I think my reply is too long so let me stop here. If you got some questions more, please feel free to ask.

  7. Oga prof i tot once i subscribe BBC(month) wit pdproxy i can download unlimitedly? Is there amount of data i can downlaod?

    • Yes, but not unlimited per say, but it will get to some point it will disconnect and connect. That's when you will notice that your data as elapsed. But you will be able to download upto 6GB++

    • @Prof, Pd proxy doesn't work with MTN BIS. It's like MTN programmed it to be disconnecting almost as soon as it opens a web page. I still have an active BIS subscription which i subscribed before MTN stopped it from working directly on PC although it will finally expire in 3 days time. I have tried it several times with pd-proxy and it disconnects almost immediately it opens a web page.

    • The PD Proxy you have installed on your system, is it the premium version? Premium version works but i will still suggest if you can try sandwich vpn St.Vics


    • Nice to have you around Ssonko, since it' rooted, i will advice you visit google play and download droid vpn.

      But what network do you make use of on your android phone?

  9. Thanks prof but with bis how many data do i hav using it wit pdproxy? And is there any proxy or plan that allow unlimited download?

    • O.. men, i can't really say ooo bcos sometimes you just get so lucky that you download upto 11GB… The reality of most of this vpn that i have tried is that it compresses data extensively

  10. Thanks prof but with bis how many data do i hav using it wit pdproxy? And is there any proxy or plan that allow unlimited download?

  11. For those that their MTN BIS keeps disconnecting with PDproxy, VPNplus, try this method;
    Load MTN BIS on your sim, instead of using a MODEM, use a phone with tether capability..ANDROID phone prefered.
    Configure your phone with
    Password/Username: Leave blank

    Tether your phone to your PC either using the USB (consumes less power) or WiFi hotspot tether.
    (TETHER simply means your are using your phone as a modem to connect to the internet)

    Once your phone is connected to the internet and your PC is tethered to it, launch your VPN software. Connect as usual. It will connect and should stay connected till you decide to disconnect.

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