How To Use Mtn Bis Plan On Android Phones Using Droid Vpn

This solution goes to Android users
whose bis has stop working; I have this solution for you. We are about to lunch
our first missile on Mtn network, so fasten your seat belt because you are
about to see the other side of bis settings on android devices.
I don’t want to talk stories this
morning because it is too early to be talking stories just do the following:

How Can I Browse with my Bis settings
on Android
Visit Google play store and download tun.koinstaller
Run the tun.ko and check the highlighted boxes
then click install
The tun.ko would connect to the internet to
download the modules for your Android phone;

meaning your phone must be
connected to the internet before doing this.

Once you
are done with the above, complete the steps below.

Droid Vpn

Download the app from Google play or Google Droid VPN to  download it from the site.
Register a username on droid vpn
Activate your droid vpn account.

4.       Go
to the droid vpn settings, click on connection protocol and select ICMP

5.  Make sure your Mtn blackberry plan is active
with as the apn
Open Droid VPN and connect. It will give you two servers you can use for free.

Once it’s connected, open your browser or any internet enabled app and connect.

NB: You can’t use more than 100mb per
day worth of data on droid vpn because you are a free registered  user. 
And this only works for rooted androids. If your Android phone is not
rooted, it won’t work for you.

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31 thoughts on “How To Use Mtn Bis Plan On Android Phones Using Droid Vpn

  1. please, my droid vpn is not connecting again o, it's saying connection timeout on mtn bis, while all the settings are intact

  2. Prof, please help
    im trying to set up my android tablet to use bis, but when i click apply on the setdns tab it does not give me the notification that setuser has granted me access. my network is picking up the 3g sign.
    Please please help.

    • Thank u for replying. I don't knw hw to check if its rooted. And there. Is no droid or tun on it. Bt I did install droidvpn and gaeproxy n tried those methods but no luck still.
      Is there anyway I can contact u privately? Email perhaps? I'm kind of useless with technology.
      I'm from south africa n using the 8ta network and have already activated the bis.

    • Don't worry, it's going to work, Your apn seems to be the problem, Just configure your apn to this:
      Service: Internet

      APN: internet
      username: guest
      password: guest

      That apn should work out for you, but if does'nt, just leave the username and password blank and try it again. Or are you confused? Drop your mail and am gonna contact you

  3. i just downloaded droid on my android it worked well but when i changed my apn to the internet signal refuses to come up and Droid is saying no internet access detected…. but when i put the normal mtn access it says no port found

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