How To Use A BIS Plan On An Android Phone Or Tablet Rooted Or Unrooted

This tutorial goes to all my Android users who has been
finding it difficult to use their BIS plan on Android device. This tutorial was originally written by CJ1080 and all kudos goes to him.
It is time to fastened your seat belt because I am about taking you on a
journey of 70kilometre per… Lol!

So these are what you will need on your android phone or tablet.

For Rooted Android Phones or Tablet.

1.Download superuser if you don’t have it, if you do, then download SetDns from Google play or market.

2. Pay for Blackberry  plan, wait for the
text message saying that your blackberry plan is active.

3. Go to Mobile network settings on your android.

4. Create a New Access Point. Name it anything. But in your apn tab, put

5. user and password, Put web.

6. Scroll down to the option APN  type,
then  enter “default”.

7. Save your APN, select it, and switch off your phone or tablet.

8. Switch on your phone, and check your notification bar. if the 3g or edge
sign is showing data coming in and going out. then you are  good to go. This means that the BBC or BIS  plan is working as an internet access point.
But you will notice that no app will connect to the internet yet.

9. This  is where SetDns comes in, open
setdns, scroll down to where a tab says googledns, you will see two input boxs
below it. Leave them, and go to the tab that says apply.

10. Click Apply, A notification should show up saying superuser has granded
access to setdns.

11. Minimize it. and try any internet app. It will connect

12. Did I mention that SetDns also speeds up your internet speed.

Non Rooted Phone or Tablet.

1. Use a standard internet plan for this; Look for GAE proxy app and Droid VPN
from google Play. and install them.

2. Open GAE proxy, scroll down to the place it asks to download additional

3. After the download.

4. Activate BBC or BIS plan, and create your blackberry apn.

5. Open GAE proxy and click enable network.

6. Open any internet enabled app and enjoy.

Using Droid VPN

1. Use a standard internet plan for this; Download the app from Google play or
google Droid VPN and download it from the site.

2.Register a username on droid vpn

3.Activate your droid vpn account,.

4.activate the app.

5. Pay for your BB complete plan, and activate the blackberry apn,make sure you
get the message that your plan is active.

6. Open Droid VPN and connect it. it will give you two servers you can use for

7. Once its connected.

8. Open any internet enabled app and connect.

If you want to use a modem on your tablet remember to turn off the wireless
access before the tablet can see the modem

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86 thoughts on “How To Use A BIS Plan On An Android Phone Or Tablet Rooted Or Unrooted”

  1. Remember me, I'm the one who used my last 1k to subscribe for etisalat BB plan that doesn't work. Am using this post I read here to send you this comment right now. Thank you bro God bless you.

  2. Woooow!!! I don't believe this. I can't believe this. I checked my account balance my N1000 had been refunded. The patient dog eats the fattest bone indeed . God od bless you once more again brother.

  3. Hey Yomi I cnt see we're I'm asked 2 download additional files I am using GaeProxy on my Galaxy Note 2 though I dwnloaded the GaeProxy thru my bb and installed on my phone. Help!

  4. I dnt think it will work on ipad since it's proven stubborn to work on system. For now it may not work but Glo, Mtn and Airtel will work fine on Ipad. But you can still give it a try. Just use thesame apn: without password and username.

  5. Hello Bro, I use techno n7 but I'm having issues accessing ♍♈ internet base applications when I use other networks other than etisalat although I can browse with ♍♈ opera mini. How can I deal with this please.

  6. Bro, is your n7 rooted or unrooted?
    What you need do is to change the default internet settings to the current network you are using. This in some cases will warrant you to do some manual configuration for your n7. Just get the apn parameters right.

  7. Mr Yomi, thnks for this tweak, please I need that of glo bis to work on Android. Please kindly explain how I will do it.

  8. I doubt if Glo Bis work on Android phone but Go to Mobile network settings on your android.
    and set the APN to and the password to 'gprs' and username 'gprs'. Try it lets see if it will connect.

  9. Pls sir, i have followed all the procedures for etisalat bis on ANdroid, but the 3G sign appears on my Android but i cannot browse/2go/whatsapp or anything web based.. Pls help. My N1000 was deducted without getting anything. My email is [email protected]|08186476897

  10. Please will glo bis work on samsung galaxy note(Tablet)? If so how do I go about it..I was using mtn and its exhausted aspa threshold limit and it expires 30th june so I need to port another network asap..please help thanks

  11. hi, i am using galaxi note N8000, network vodacom, country mozambique. i folow all your steps, i and manage do get the edge symbol, i installed setDNS (device routed) but i can not connect to internet using browser. can u pls help me!

    • I still don't get you friend.. but do you normally see the network sign like Edge or 3g symbol? if yes, what kind of browser are you using. Your quick reply will help me profer a reasonable solution to the ungoing problem.

  12. Hello Prof,
    Im in S.A and on Vodacom network. Followed all steps and getting a 3G sign. After switching off and back on, on the setDNS, I click "apply" and the message I get is "setDNS not active (mobile).
    Please assist.

  13. not working.i try to use d new airtel unlimited and also mtn bis but all apps is connecting even wen granted setdns super user.still not working.wat do u think is wrong.

  14. hi there i downloaded a different vpn app from the google app market and am connected on internet without the GAE proxy app am currently using Samsung galaxy S4 is this working fully ?

    • also using a s4 ..could you please send me instructions on how to use the bis on my not too good with phones so your help will be really appreciated. Thank you or you can email me
      [email protected]
      Hoping yo hear from you soon. My net work is vodacom


    • To know if your Android phone is rooted, do the following

      ===>Open your app drawer by tapping on its icon. The Android app drawer is usually represented by a square icon that is divided into several smaller squares; on some devices the icon will contain an Apps label.

      ===>Look for an app called Superuser or SuperSU. Either app will be installed during the rooting process; which one is on a rooted Andriod depends on the device. If either of these apps is on your device, it is rooted.

      You can download Super user HERE

      Yes, you have to download setDns from Google play.

    • Hi. Neither of these were on my android tab. Bt I have downloaded setdns and superuser from the playstore. Tried all the methods bt no luck.

    • This simply means your phone is not rooted. So you need to download GAE Proxy app and and Droid Vpn from google play instead of the SetDns that you downloaded.

  16. please help…mine doesnt seem to be working…i have followed all the steps but still no luck!!

  17. @Anonymous, just relax, we will trash this out together. What type of Android are you using? is your Android rooted? What type of Bis Plan are you using? Waiting for your replies

  18. Hello bro…tanx for ur tutorials,its been wonderful cuz its an eye opener.I have a simless android tablet,I wish to Find out if the steps given above can be applied if I use a modem on it. In essence I mean can I subscribe my BB then in turn use the sim in my modem and still enjoy the MB awarded for the BB via the sim? Thanks so much, God bless.

    • hello Gam, Airtel Network bis plan will work on iPad mini. It is the only network bis plan that works without any interception at the moment.

      once you subscribe for it, just configure your apn on your iPad to "" and the password and username should be "internet".

    • My Galaxy S4 recently got upgraded to the 4.3 Jelly Bean so I now have APN settings which was initially blocked as the phone is from the Sprint network. Once I downloaded and installed the GAE Proxy Server app I have been able to use the BBM and WA feature. The only problem is I can't get the data to work on any of my apps nor can I browse unless I connect to the app's browser.

      Thanks a lot for the tip.

  19. using a s4 ..could you please send me instructions on how to use the bis on my not too good with phones so your help will be really appreciated. Thank you or you can email me
    [email protected]
    Hoping to hear from you soon. My net work is cell c

  20. Hi! I am desperately trying to get Vodacom (South Africa) BIS working on my Samsung Galaxy S5. It is rooted and I followed all the instructions except I used 'DNS changer' and not 'SetDNS'. After I followed all the instructions it is still unable to connect to the internet. I have internet access if I change the APN to 'internet' but that uses up all my airtime! As a student buying data from Vodacom is just so expensive! Please help if you can, my email is [email protected]

  21. Hello there, does anybody have the etisalat bis for bbz10? i'm buying data but it does'nt last. there should be a solution somewhere pls HELP!!!

  22. Good day

    I would like get some assistance on how I can use Bis on android, I'm using Cellc(South-Africa) and the Network makes use of 3 Bis plans;

    1) Blackberry social (R27 pm with 1Gb data allocated)
    2) Blackberry social and email (R37 pm with 1Gb data allocated)
    3) Full BIS (R57 pm with 2Gb data allocated)

    Which plan should I take and how do I need to configure the Android tablet/phone for this hack to work.

    I would also want to know to how use the BIS hack on the Vodacom Network(South-Africa) as well.

    You can inbox me at [email protected]

    Need help please.

  23. can you please help , I followed all the steps on the rooted procedure yet in my notification bar , the network icon is stil showing "H" although I got the notification "superuser granted…" I really need help Mr yomiprof

  24. I have re-done the process , got notification superuser granted access to setdns but edge symbol not showing , 'H' symbol showing , please what do I do


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