How To Make Your Data Cap Last Longer

This tutorial will explain why your data cap (Megabytes or Gigabytes) finishes on time and how you can make it last longer. You will bear me witness that the rate at wish data cap
finishes this days is becoming alarming. I was amazed few days back when a guy
sent me a mail that he subscribed for one month bis subscription and to his
surprise, it exhausted after three days; i was surprised and perplexed. But there
are many factors that could make your data cap exhaust without your prior
Windows Update: Most a times, when your windows update is set
to automatic updates, it will not only sap your data cap but totally cripple and
crumble your data cap as it will be downloading

unnecessary  updates. The best way to optimize this is to
set the windows updates to ‘never update’.  Windows update most a times is usually up-to
if not more than 300Mb; the worst aspect of it is that  

whenever you connect to
the internet, it will just be downloading new updates without you knowing.
Imaging your window updates downloading new updates every time you connect to
the net, that simply means that your data cap will finish that same day. To me,
windows don’t need to update. Help yourself and save your data cap.

To automatically deactivate windows  updates;
Go to Start Menu = = = > Control Panel = = = => Windows Update
Click on change settings and select “Check for updates but
let me choose whether to download  or
install them”
. And if you automatically want to do like me, you can choose “Never
check for updates”
Ok it and you are good to go.
Antivirus: Normally, your Antivirus is set by default to
automatically update; but this is not advisable. I remember my ESET Antivirus,
whenever I connect to the internet, it will just start downloading files of
over 23,000Kb; before you know it, my Airtel data cap was exhausted. Though your
antivirus is supposed to be updated every now and then in order to keep your
system secured, but why must you use your subscribed data cap to update your
Antivirus when you can easily walk down to a Cyber Café and pay for an hour to
updates your Antivirus.
It is advisable to set your antivirus to manual updates
instead of automatic updates. To those using Avast Antivirus, you can easily do
that by following this simple steps;
Go to Settings 
=====>  Updates. For the
Engine and Virus definitions – Choose Manual updates
Program – Choose Manual updates.
Click ok and close your Antivirus window. 
With this, your
Antivirus will not be automatically updating itself but will allow you to
choose when you want to update it. You can always do this for every other Antivirus should in case you are not using Avast Antivirus.
If you are using a different Antivirus, and you don’t know
how to set it up, you can always hit me up for the settings.
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  2. Anyibest, send me ur mail, let me send u a tutorial on how to use guru tunnelling. Concerning how to design a blog, this nt d best place to discours that. But send me a mail.

  3. Hello YomiProf, thank u very much and God bless you for ur inputs. I appreciate u guy. Please wat data plan on Etisalat wld u advice I go on? Any unlimited data plan? My bar dey go all almost on Internet things. Any buffer to reduce cost burden on me?

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