Tweakware VPN Upgraded to 2.9 Rocking With Etisalat BB10 Package

TGIF! I guess you’ll have enough time for yourself this
weekend. So I tried the Airtel 1.5GB for N50 and the speed was superb, it doesn’t
zap like the normal Android plan… only that it can never be compared to the
scrapped unlimited night plan. For those of you who have something large to
download, you can take advantage of this plan and it will work best for you.

I even prefer it to MTN N25 for 500MB… This is indeed a vigilante
Etisalat BB10 Plan is still rocking very well on Android. If
you own stopped working with tweakware, just go straight to Google Play store,
and download the latest version of tweakware vpn 2.9 or download it here.
To Subscribe For Etisalat BB10 Plan

For Daily Sub Text Dlite to 399 cost N70
For Weekly Sub Text Wlite to 399 cost N350
For Monthly Sub Text Mlite to 399 cost N1000

To deactivate Etisalat BB10 Plan Dial *399*2# 
>>Install the downloaded tweakware vpn on your device
and choose Netherland or any server location of your choice
>>Go to settings as seen in the image
>>Click on bundle settings>> Select bundle
>>Choose Etisalat BB10
>>Go back to your tweakware vpn and hit the connect
Enjoy it while it last.
Remember, this is weekend make sure you extend hands of love to someone today. Happy weekend guys!
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50 thoughts on “Tweakware VPN Upgraded to 2.9 Rocking With Etisalat BB10 Package”

  1. Good morning prof
    Can I sub for this plan why my airtel bb plan is still active. I want to download some files bt don't want to use my bb plan

    • Ordering from AliExpress works wella. No any issues with them at all. But before you order, make sure you read reviews from the supplier you are ordering from.

    • Aliexpress works well but avoid sellers that shipped orders by Seller's Shipping method. Orders shipped by Aliexpress Standard shipping,Singapore Post and Netherlands Post do arrive in Nigeria within 3 weeks.

  2. I did the airtel night browsing, they took my money but d browsing wasn't going… i called customer care they said they hv bot yet launched d product that they will refund me my money… i don't really understand them..

  3. Pls wizy i tried bt the other locations aint connecting just the free server… Wen i choose oda servers it doesn't connect… Pls help me out….. Appreciate ur work

  4. Yp pls need ur help it doesnt connect with the oda servers jst the free server that is limited…. Help me out…. Love ur work


      1. Select the premium server you wish to use
      2.connect any of the premium servers selected. Connection will be on for the next 10secs.

      3. go to Settings >> VPN settings and tick the “compression” box.

      4. After that, go back to Settings menu >> Account settings and then input success as the username and password. You might get duplicate login error, simply check back and input unregistered as username and password, then remove any letter from the word “unregistered”.

      5. Go back and connect.

    • It is simple. just follow my guide below

      1. Root your fone
      2. Download device ID changer from playstore
      3. Launch the app and grant it root permission
      4. once you’ve reached the tweakware daily limit using the free server, simply disconnect tweakware and then go back to device id changer.

      5. Back up your original android id
      6. Generate a random id
      7. Connect your tweakware vpn and enjoy.

  5. This tweakware suppose to be free like psiphon. At list the owner has made enough money with it.

    Mean while I have opt-out from Airtel 2g subscription that seized my sim from working with bb subscription.
    So anyone can try it too. Dial *482*4# and u will receive invalid request message. Then reply with * then reply with 3. You will now receive "you have cancelled ur 2g data subscription"

    • Wow! Thanks R&B, this will help alot of people. Yomi Please make this as a post so that others who have opt in can easily opt out with the guide r&b posted.

  6. Na this cheat is going to be blocked,cos each time u paste cheat of recent they block,pls stick to phone review,guys have been rocking this since,na u want to put an end to it,thank you

    • No, it only deducts from the night plan. When the night plan is exhausted, it continues with the BB plan. However, ensure that the night plan has been activated by checking your BB data balance after browsing for a while, the rest you know.

  7. Prof….plz help me….I subscribed to the airtel bis on my samsung note 8 after I successfully tweakd it with a q5 imei….New airtel sim but it is not working. …D 3gb is just dere staring @me…..I followed all the steps involved….even if I dial *#06# I will see d blackberry q5 imei….plz what can I do …..

  8. Airtel network has always being very slow for me. I can not even download anything. I don't know where those people thst say airtel network is fast for them are. Their download is very poor. Always stopping along the line.

    • Hello Mabel,
      Dial *123*5*1# and reply with 2 to view all your active subscriptions

      Reply with serial number of any active subscription and follow the instruction that will be displayed to unsubscribe.


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