SHAREit – Fastest Way to Transfer Files, Videos & Photos on Any Device

With the introduction of this application, Bluetooth inter-phone
transfer  might soon be clear off the
mobile market because it does 60x faster what Bluetooth do..
Shareit is the world’s fastest way to share photos, apps,
videos and more across devices… without network charges or Wi-Fi connection.  It eliminates the need for cables to
wirelessly transfer information rapidly

between devices – either with friends,
or to take your personal content on the go.

Features of Shareit
Share everything with other devices –
pictures, videos, music files, documents, contacts… even apps (Android only)!
Devices with SHAREit can automatically
find each other when in range.
Transfer HUGE files and videos in
seconds… up to 60x faster than Bluetooth®.
Share without the need for Bluetooth,
phone network or active Wi-Fi network… you don’t pay a cent for network
charges. Devices wirelessly connect directly.
Even the app itself can be shared to
other devices wirelessly, and rapid sharing can begin immediately.
Who Can Use Shareit?
==>Every Android users, iPhone users, window users and PC
users. Blackberry users are not eligible to use this application except
Blackberry 10 devices that has the capacity to accept Android apps.
Where Can I Download this App?
==>For Android download here
==>For iPhone, download here
==>For PC users, download here
I call this application on-the-go transfer because it is faster, better and easier than Bluetooth.
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35 thoughts on “SHAREit – Fastest Way to Transfer Files, Videos & Photos on Any Device”

  1. Sorry for posting here.Sir.i have a problem with my tecno h5.the screen of the the phone will just off while the phone is on the volume key and the power key will be Woking as wel but the screen will be black.the home key,option key and exit will show light. Until I remove the battery and put it back. Pls what's wrong with my phone.does it brick or not?

    • Your phone is not bricked. Be sure your phone is virus free because virus could cause it atimes. Also make sure it's not the screen saver you set that is causing it to do like that. Cross check all settings to see if its been fixed.

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  2. Hi Prof. Need ur opinion. Jst wanna get an HTC one X+. Now am worried abt the subscription and all cos it wld be my 1st time with andriod. So pls I need ur opinion on the phone. Tnx a lot.

    • why are you worried? You don't have to be worried at all. HTC one x is a cool android phone with strong lasting built. Why will you be worried about the subscription when you have cheap data available everywhere. Just choose the strongest network in your location and I'll recommend the best cheap data plan to go for.

  3. Prof. Google AdSense doesn't show on opera mini mobile, do you know any other profitable ad network that will display in opera mini mobile. Already tried chitika but earnings too low

  4. I bricked my techno p5 and have tried to unbricked it by porting clock word mod on it ,it was successful and have also tried to flash new custom ROM on it but after I flashed new custom ROM on it,d phone still get stacked up at d boot logo and it even seem more worse than b4 cuz it just keep switching itself on and off till d battery die ….I really need ur assistance yomi

    • The custom rom you flashed is not compatible with your curernt device. I'll suggest you directly back up a P5 device and flash it again. The result of incompatible rom flash is what is happening to your device. So sorry about that friend.

  5. Hi prof, whats the best way to get a domain name on a blog site like yours and am a bit confuse, is there a difference in blog site and website?

    • The best way to get a domain name is from or you go to

      A blog site is a website that falls inbetween dynamic website. We have different website… this lecture is not for today.

  6. Prof,sorry for commenting on a wrong thread but I need ur attention.The MTN bis wt OpenVpn for android is driving me nuts.I downloaded and installed openvpn perfectly on my android,I also downloaded d MTN script but loading it unto openvpn has become seriously messy for me it keeps complaining that it has a backslash and % which is not there.I even renamed it,same problem.Someone said on the forum that probably UcWeb didn't download it well,I re-downloaded it with operamini(it even exceeded the 68Kb,it downloaded up to 70kb) I tried uploading it to openvpn,same complaint.Pls prof ,kindly help me out.God bless u.

  7. If yu stay at ogbomoso holla me if u need assistance on rooting,custom roms or any other help i can offer on 2go@temizeee,whatsappp@07069461846

  8. Its like this app was developed for me. For the 1st time ever, all my transfers frm PC to pc, PC to android, PC to apple tab is all done wirelessly and at great speed. Thanks prof for introducing this app to all. Stay strong.

    • Lol! Why do you want to take it back to window 7? instead I'll advice you wait for window 9 to come out. should be out in the next couples of month or weeks.


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