How to be Eligible For Airtel 4GB & 9GB

Unfortunately, It’s not everyone that fall in love with
Airtel network. I have used it over and over again and I love it for the
speed of accessing the internet  and
doesn’t zap my data on PC. I know many still want to sub for the airtel Android
1+1 package but are not eligible for this offer which is so super annoying. It
sounds too good to get 9Gb for #3,500 or 4GB for #2k and it will last you for

Those of you using PC, just go to your computer and disable
window updates completely; set it to no update. I don’t know what your system want to
update to… abi is it to window 9.5?
Any way, this post is majorly put up for those who want to
subscribe for Airtel 2in1 Android package but are not eligible for the offer.
Just follow me carefully and I bet we’ll arrive at a safe destination
How Can I be Eligible For Airtel Android 2in1 Offer?

I got this from a colleague and it has got some
individuals eligible for the Airtel 1+1 offer; so you too should be eligible after trying it.
==>Send a simple message to this number 08022266653 e.g “kindly
make my number 080*** to be eligible for 1+1 offer. Or type a short message and
you’ll be sent an eligible text message.
Atleast this offer will suite the Airtel diehard fans. Give
it a try and enjoy your luck.
But remember, it works on all device.
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28 thoughts on “How to be Eligible For Airtel 4GB & 9GB”

  1. Prof i sent the airtel 1+1 offer eligibility message dis evening to dat number you posted but i got no reply….should I resend d message or still wait

  2. Hey,i saw in a previous post that only a bold5 or 10 can tether glo bis, why exactly is it so? Anytime i tether with my bold 6 it zaps my credit,what does bold5 has that other os7.1 don't have? I'm just curious sir,thanks

    • You mean the normal 2GB for Android or BLackberry? the normal 2gb for android is 2k and this is the code *437#
      but for that of blackberry which is 1,500 and the code is *440*16#

  3. pls prof, i want download notification light for my tecno f5, will it work on it? pls send me the link to download it pls, i really need it. thanks my Prof.

  4. Thanks very much Prof. Yomi, this actually worked for me I have been sent a confirmation message after the second day I requested for it.
    You are great!!!

  5. Yomi sorry am not posting at the right place but please how do I get my glo bis on bold 5 to work on my laptop Win7. When it connects its says "No network access" when I try to load a page it takes me to Glo hsi page/portal.

    Please help me


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