How To Be Eligible For Airtel 4GB BIS Data Plan

I can really tell when I’m enjoying internet surfing with
the fastest internet speed; and I can tell when it’s slow. I make up this post
because of those that are in one way or the other finding it difficult to
subscribe for the Airtel 4GB. Surprisingly, I noticed my Airtel Gigs is not
actually moving as in excessive zapping  of data for the past few days as it used to..
May an adjustment have been made, but I can’t really say.

So many of us have wondered why on earth Airtel will select
those they share the 4GB data plan with. Why won’t your sim be eligible for the
plan? Ideally, dialing *440*161# should let you know if you are eligible or
not. Unfortunately, many are not eligible. 

Early hours of this morning, a committed blog contributor in
person of Mr Ben share with me this method of easily getting eligible for the
Airtel 4GB; after Airtel told him that he’s not eligible for the plan. Two
weeks later, he tried the code below and he was told Eligible.
How Can I Be Eligible For the Airtel 4GB Plan?

It’s so simple; it’s all wrapped up in a code. Dial
Once you dial the code above, if you are lucky enough, you
will get an eligible message. And if you didn’t get an eligible message, keep
your SIM for some couples of weeks and try it again.
Mind you, this Airtel 4GB for #1500 works on all device
including Java phones
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32 thoughts on “How To Be Eligible For Airtel 4GB BIS Data Plan”

  1. Yomi my sim that I dropped for over two weeks now after entering the code isn't yet eligible. So something else must be the secret

  2. yomi i tried linking my firstbank MasterCard to my paypal account but it says dat me bank dosent authorize d transaction help

  3. please prof have bin trying 2 b a member of this blog by registering… am finding it difficult 2 register, plz can u hlp me wit a link or a way 2 do dat? Tnkx

  4. @Anoymous that wants to link firstbank MasterCard to PayPal, just go to your bank and tell them to enable online payement on it. You will be given form to fill, and after 24hrs you should then be able to link it to your PayPal. And make sure your billing address you input on your PayPal is the same with the Adress on your First Bank account that your MasterCard is linked to

  5. Prof..I suppose maybe you don't know that your commenters are passing through hell before they can get their comments visible. It will be a win win situation for you and your commenters if you kindly remove the long old image verification process before moderation. You can achieve that by going to your bloggers comment settings section. Thank you

  6. A friend of mine shared this to me, i dont know if it will work……..

    Etisalat Magic Sim
    STEP 1= Load #250 Recharge card.
    STEP 2= Send IFBUP To 229 .
    STEP 3= Dail *229*3*5#
    STEP 4= Switch off ur phone and remove
    the sim for just 5HRS .
    STEP 5= After that insert it back and dail
    *229*0# .
    STEP 6= Goto Any Application u wished to
    and start flexing Unlimited

  7. Edwin, tnx but i tink my first bank mastercard has already been activated for online transactions cos i used it to pay for my domain name on webafrica so i dunno wat else could be d problem but when i get back to sch i will visit their branch office and complain to them tnx

  8. hello prof, please how does one do hard reset on TECNO phantom A+, also, how does one backup one's ROM. thanks so much i'ld be so grateful if you can help me with this.

  9. To back up ur rom, go to play store and download Titanum back up. Install it and every other procedures can be easily followed.

    To hard reset, Remember to backup your important stuff as usual then turn off the phone and press Volume UP + Power Key simultaneously till the phone reboots into the new menu, then release both buttons.

    Select data wipe/factory reset

    On the next menu, scroll down and select delete all user data

    Sit back and wait

    On the next menu, scroll to reboot phone and select it.

    Use volume keys to scroll through lists.

    Use power key to select an option.


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