Airtel Lunches Unlimited Gigabytes For Just #1,500 – Compatible With All Device

Airtel is currently taking the lead in the game of internet
connectivity in Nigeria and other countries. My dream is gradually coming through and am still waiting for the time when Blackberry subscription will be #50.
Airtel  lunches UNLIMITEDGigabytes  on Blackberry, Nokia, Tecno,
Android, and for  Pc Users. You no longer
need to worry over any Nonsense fair usage policy or you have exceeded your
data plan when you still have weeks before the expiration period. With  Airtel 500GB and above tweak, you can surf the net
unlimited, download unlimited and even do more.

 Airtel Subscribers
are seriously going to enjoy this, no more paying N10,000 For Airtel to Enjoy
Unlimited Browsing and Downloading on Blackberry, Nokia Phones, using any applications.
How Can I Get This Airtel Unlimited Package?
Recharge N1,500 Airtime on Your Airtel sim for
After That, Dial *440*16# for Monthly plan
After that You will Receive A Confirmation
Rock and rock until you are tied of using the
Compatible Device With Airtel Unlimited Plan

Airtel unlimited is compatible with all device, Nokia,
Android, Galaxy Tab, Iphones, Blackberry and PC.

To check you data balance just dial *141*712*0#

Note: This is officially coming from Airtel and not from any unscrupulous sellers of illegal Gigabytes.

It is high time you pack all other network sim cards and
throw them away and Port straight to Airtel. Lol!
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36 thoughts on “Airtel Lunches Unlimited Gigabytes For Just #1,500 – Compatible With All Device”

  1. This is good news to me and bad news to all those people selling the illegal gigabytes. I think una eye don clear now abi?
    Tnk you Yomi for this info

  2. That unlimited Gigabytes only works for one month and i don't know about a week or daily. I got the text too last night but according to the text from airtel they said Get unlimited blackberry plan for 1500 so i don't know how comes the 1 day plan.

  3. Hey guys,…am always happy checking Ūя̲̅ blogs,..God bless all of us,..well am using Airteland have done the unlimited plan ,..but when I check my plan,I see (Ɣø̲̣ũ have 2.20 gig left and expires……)I just want to try and finish it and see what happen,…:) hope it real Ooooo!

    • Hope Airtel is not playing Pranks on us… The text i got from them yesterday says unlimited and now i am seeing 2.50gb left. Is this what they call unlimited?

  4. prof…help me ooo….i jus opt for it now…its not workin on my p.c..wat cn i do??? i hv used all the apn i kn,,

  5. Set this apn parameters on ur modem
    Username: internet
    Passwd: internet
    If it did'nt connect now then ur sim needs divine intervention.

  6. Airtel Unlimited is actually just 2gb and works only on BB, it does not work on android or PC so BEWARE DO NOT OPT IN TILL SOMEONE CAN CONFIRM ITD WORKING. I JUST WASTED MY 1500 NAIRA

  7. Make Airtel Unlimited BB Subscription Work On Samsung Galaxy

    Load airtel recharge card worth of 1500 naira and then Subscribe to the airtel unlimited blackberry monthly plan by dialing *440*16# if you are just trying to subscribe.
    Wait for the confirmation message of successfull subscription.
    Now get another airtel sim and load the recharge card worth of just 100 naira.
    After loading it Now dial *141*712*11*AIRTELNO# on the second airtel sim that you just loaded the 100 recharge card on.
    NOTE:- Change the word AIRTELNO in the above code to the airtel number you subscribed the blackberry plan on.

    After dialing that code 10mb will be transferred to the blackberry subscription sim which will be added to the previous blackberry subscription.
    Now try to connect with your samsung galaxy
    Thats all you can start enjoying your internet connection on your samsung galaxy.

    N.B: This trick was only tested on samsung galaxy dont know if it works with other andriod device.
    But you can try it and post your results here lets share the knowledge.

    – See more at:

  8. Please i need quick response does it work on android devices… i want someone to testity before i subscribe… Thanks

  9. To make it work on your Laptop, Just look for another airtel sim and transfer 10mb to the sim subscribe. Once it is done, it will browse on your Laptop, Android etc phones.

    • It will ping, it will even allow you to reg at least 10 emails and gives you access to blackberry protect. It will browse on your Android device anytime any day.

  10. Scot Breezy are you sure you wannat do this? Okay i'm quickly going to show you how you can easily do this Using The CF Auto Root Method. first of all, ensure you have all the below items in place

    1) Install USB Driver for Samsung Galaxy S4 to transfer files between the Android device and the computer.

    2) Enable USB Debugging Mode on the phone to connect it with the computer and use Android SDK with it. [Press Menu>> Settings>> Applications. From there navigate and click on Development option and ensure the USB Debugging Mode is turned on.]

    3) As the tutorial might wipe out all data of the phone, create a backup. If the device is having any custom recoveries such as ClockworkMod/TWRP already installed, then back up data using the recovery.

    4) The Galaxy S4 should have above 80 per cent of battery charge.

    5) The phone should be factory unlocked and not locked to a particular carrier.

    6) Rooting the phone will void it of manufacturer's warranty. However, users can reclaim the warranty back by unrooting the handset later.

    7) The CF-Auto-Root file works only on Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500. Flashing this on any incorrect variant might brick the device. Therefore, verify the model number of Galaxy device by navigating to Settings>> About phone>> Model number.

    Now let's Begin…

      Step-1: Download CF-Auto-Root package for Samsung Galaxy S4 to the computer

      File name:

      Step-2: Download Odin 3.07 which will help to root the Jelly Bean firmware on the phone

      Step-3: Extract the CF-Auto-Root as well as the Odin 3.07 zip files using winrar/winzip or any other extracting tool like

      Step-4: Switch off the Galaxy S4 and boot the device into Download Mode. Press and hold Volume Down and Home buttons together and then press Power button until the construction Android robot and a triangle appears on the screen. Press the Power button again to continue to enter Download Mode

      Step-5: Open Odin on the computer

      Step-6: Connect the Galaxy S4 to the computer using USB cable while it is in the Download Mode. Wait for some time until Odin detects the device. When the phone is connected to the computer successfully, the ID: COM box in Odin will turn yellow with the COM port number. Also, the successful connection will be indicated by an Added message in Odin

      Note: If the Added message does not come, then try another USB port; try the one located at the back side of the computer. If Odin still fails to detect the device then reinstall USB driver.

      Step-7: In Odin, click the PDA button and select the file

      Step-8: Ensure the Auto Reboot and F.Reset Time checkboxes are selected in Odin. But uncheck the Re-Partition option

      Step-9: Finally click the Start button in Odin. The installation process should begin now and would take few minutes to complete

      Step-10: Once the installation process is completed, the phone will reboot automatically into Recovery Mode and install the root package. The ID: COM box will also turn green. When the home screen appears on the phone, unplug the USB cable from the device to disconnect it from the computer

      Troubleshooting issues

      Sometimes the device does not boot into Recovery Mode automatically and root the device. If this happens, then do the following:

      a) Once again perform the entire tutorial but ensure that in Odin Auto Reboot option is not checked. Then after step-10 do the following

      b) Pull out the battery to turn off the phone forcefully

      c) Boot the phone into Recovery Mode by pressing and holding Volume Up, Home and Power buttons together. This will start the installation process of rooting the phone

      Samsung Galaxy S4 should be now rooted successfully. Open the app drawer of the phone and check for an app called SuperSU from the list. Also, to ensure the root status, verify with the Root Checker app from Google Play Store.

      though the process is long but you just have to follow it carefully bro. happy rooting

  11. hi, i ve been using this for few months now, but my current subscription is yet to reach the expiry period/date and still has a data balance of 814mb but it has stop browsing, not showing the downloads signal except for the uploads which usually is an indication that either the plan has expired or theres no more data in it. Any idea o whats happening with it, kindly suggest.

  12. Hello prof yomi. I subscribed fr unlimited data and I was given 2. G data, but the tin right now is I can't use it to browse , what should I do

    • Sorry for not replying you on time. it seems this is the first time you are subscribing for this package so you need to sub for extra 10mb by dialing *141*712*11#
      100 naira will be deducted from your acct. Set your apn to
      Password and username: internet

      Then connect and surf with it.


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